The salaries of some 20 million pensioners in Germany to rise to 1. July felt. In West Germany, the pensions increase by 3.18 per cent, in the East, even to 3,91 percent. The Federal Ministry of labour announced on Wednesday in Berlin.

A monthly pension of 1000 euros, which is only based on Western contributions, increased by 31,80 euros, the same level of pension with Eastern contributions 39,10 Euro. The automatic pension adjustment costs of around 3.8 billion euros in the second half of the year 2019.

The increase in pension benefits is exactly as in a forecast the autumn forecast. Now, because data from the Federal Statistical office and the German Federal pension insurance, the existence of, among other things, on wage development.

At the same time, the Ostrenten continued to approach the Western references. The pension value in the East, rising to 96.5 percent of the Western value. Up to the year 2024, he is increasing due to a legal requirement from the year 2017, gradually to 100 percent. The pension value is specifically in the Euro, how much is a pay item in the annuity value; a charge point is calculated using a complicated formula and is decisive for the amount of the pension.

The level of pensions increases slightly to 48,16%. There is as a ratio of pension to average wage information about the hedging power of the pension.

Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD), said that the pensioners have benefited pensioners by the good situation on the labour market. “The state pension remains the Central pillar of old-age security in Germany.”

the President of The German Federal pension insurance, Gundula Roßbach, said: “With the pension adjustment in this year, we are experiencing in 2014 an increase of the pensions in the West, 15 percent, and in the East by 20 percent.” The sun well above the price increase in this period.

in addition to the wage developments, the so-called sustainability factor has a positive effect on the pension and is a share of plus 0.64 percent points for the increase to this situation. This shows that in the good economy, the number of contributors is more increased than that of the pensioners. In the coming years, the relationship with the Reaching of the age limit in the case of the baby-boom generation will be for the pension Fund unfavorable.

the DGB-Board member Annelie colorful Bach called for, also in the long run, the course would have to be made so that “a stable pension level for tomorrow’s generations can bring good pension increases”. The President of the social Association Germany, Adolf Bauer, said: “a long-term Level of protection is 53 percent, in order to strengthen confidence in the statutory pension insurance.” The President of the social Association VdK Germany, Verena Bentele, said the pension increase was just “a drop in the ocean”. Should the basic pension for low earners.