in view of the expensive pension laws of the coalition, the President of the pension insurance, Gundula Rossbach demanded, in the planned basic pension is financed from tax funds.

it is Important that “the coalition agreed in the basic pension on a proposal that is properly funded,” said Rossbach, the German press Agency in Berlin.

In the case of the planned increase in low pensions if it were a power, were expressly not contributions, so Roßbach. The performance would be financed “in full” from tax funds. The Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) wants to present in may a draft law on the basic pension – that is, the higher rating of small pensions after 35 years of contribution.

Also, for the since the beginning of the year current advanced mothers pension Rossbach called for a tax financing. “The legislature already implemented reform projects are associated with significant expansions in service volumes, which has led to a significant increase in costs,” said the Head of the German Federal pension insurance.

“Alone, the cost of the mothers’ pension II amounts to around € 3.8 billion in the year.” The pension will continue to strive to ensure “that the mothers pension is fully funded from tax revenues, since it is in the upbringing of children, a task for the whole society”.

Roßbach pointed out that the statutory pension protects especially after decades of contribution payment in a high degree to be due to fuse dependent. “The development of the use of basic security benefits in old age is a serious issue, its further development must be kept in mind,” she said. But current pensioners would be in comparison to other groups of the population relatively well. “About 97 percent of the over 65-Year-olds do not have an income in the amount that you take in addition basic protection,” said Rossbach. “Among the pensioners with 35 years of contribution and more there are even 99 per cent.”

allowances in the basic security you can strengthen the readiness for your own retirement, suggested Roßbach. This was already made in private and occupational Pension and voluntary payments into the statutory pension insurance. Worried Roßbach, showed because of the greater risks for a financial slip in expensive Metropolitan areas. Here is a look at the living worth the money.

Positive is the pension the President appreciated the government’s Plan, a mandatory retirement plan for those self-employed that are not hedged mandatory. According to the data in the old-age security report, the risk of the self-employed to age due to fuse dependent, twice as high as in the case of employees. “We are confident that this agreement will be implemented in the coalition agreement.”

The social Association VdK supported the requirement to Finance the basic pension from tax revenues. To do this, there must be a “fair tax policy”, demanded VdK-President Verena Bentele. With a digital tax, and higher taxes for the Wealthy, as well as the plug Tax loopholes, funding would be the basic pension is possible without any problems, said Bentele.