The 64-year-old Parisian Paul* lives in close proximity to the Notre-Dame. He reported a star Reporter of his brand experience. This description we give here is from his point of view again:

When I heard the sirens, I rushed immediately to my window. The fire was already in full swing-meter-high flames from the roof. Actually, our street is one of the quietest in Paris: the Seine, on the right, Notre-Dame, and pulls over a barge. Sometimes our road for turning will work of comedies or historical films, cordoned off.

When I saw the flames, walked me all through my head: Could it be an assassination? In September 2016, the police had finally, several terrorists (three women, a man, note. d. Red.) the so-called Islamic state, had parked a car full of gas cylinders next to the Church.

What Notre Dame for the French

For French people, it means Notre Dame is a Symbol. First of all, the Symbol of Christianity, together with the Vatican. And then a Symbol of our Nation. Wars, Misery and disasters, Notre Dame has weathered the storm. Even the second world war could harm it. There are certainly people smile on such symbols, but they give a Stop, especially in difficult times. It is the idea that my grandfather knew the father of Notre-Dame and the Eiffel tower and that my grandchildren will know these monuments.

I Thought of the Hôtel Lambert in my neighborhood whose roof is burned out six years ago. And to my neighbors: the owners of the cafes, the Hotels, the young Monsieur Terrail, who runs the fine dining Restaurant “La Tour d’argent” to my Right. Your customers come for the views of Notre-Dame. How will you in the future? Due to the protests of the yellow West and the riots on the Champs-Elysées you will have lost already a lot of customers.

What do you have? Why has apparently no one thought to a Brand? Why are there no sprinklers, no water connection on the roof? In such moments, one feels small. There’s nothing you can do, I can do nothing. I was sad and angry at the same time.

Why should you go with the reconstruction

Almost 45 minutes, I waited at the window until the first firefighters arrived. It looked to me as if they were ill-equipped. Their heads were nearly on the roof. It was absurd: As a Symbol of our city, and two burns, three firefighters aim desperately to the top, without a real Chance to reach the fire really. Alone the flames on the roof were determined from 15 to 20 meters high. Shortly after eight, when the fire attack on the North tower, I had lost hope. Now everything burns, I said to myself.

The Moment reminded me of the 11. September in New York. Two towers, one of them in flames, a high column of smoke, unconscious firefighters. Eventually, the situation calmed down. To the left of my apartment had gathered quiet a lot of people on the Pont de Sully. Some sang, some prayed, made the most permanent photos with their Smartphones. They remained until two o’clock in the morning. It was an Assembly in silence, something that we know in Paris no more than funerals.

As I stood up, were the outer walls of Notre-Dame at the old place. Everything seemed amazingly normal. On the Radio someone said that the billionaire Francois Pinault 100 million for the reconstruction. The billionaire Bernard Arnault and his luxury group LVMH to donate 200 million. The former culture Minister Jack Lang, says that the restoration of Notre-Dame will be rapidly as a national project driven. Three or four years, then you could stand again. I am quite of his view. If no one passes through, to be alone offense for expert opinions and feasibility studies for a few years. The landmark of Paris would be in ruins.

*Paul did not want to read his name in this report, his real Name is known to the editors