Hanover, Germany: a youth, 47 occurs-Year-old on an escalator going down

He wanted to help and was himself injured In Hannover, 47-Year-old, who rushed to a attacked man to help has been from youth an escalator to a metro station, down trodden. You have taken three Suspects between the ages of 15 and 18 years, police said.

According to previous investigations, these were part of a group of young men that were there on the Wednesday evening with a 37-Year-old in dispute and on those struck. The Passerby wanted to help the Attacked, but was attacked himself and fled. One of the young men caught up with him on an escalator, and kicked him in the back. He crashed, according to police down and broke his shoulder.

For help, called police arrests later, the three Suspects. Who attacked the 47-Year-old on the stairs, was still unclear. The officials in the capital of lower Saxony evaluated, among other things, the records of surveillance cameras, in order to clarify the question.

Darmstadt: body parts in the apartment discovered

investigators of the criminal investigation police discovered in an apartment in Darmstadt (Hessen) body parts. The police officers were, therefore, at noon, a 34-Year-old has been switched on, the living in the apartment together with a 40-year-old woman.

Whether the grisly discovery of the Remains of the 40-Year-old, must now show further investigation. Currently, you will lead questioning and search of the apartment on the tracks. The body’s to be an autopsy.

Mönchengladbach: Unknown set car on fire

A nasty Surprise has experienced on new year’s morning, a motorist in Mönchengladbach (NRW). The man was according to the police, with his vehicle in the city, as a sudden flame from the engine compartment. The driver stopped immediately and the fire brigade alerted. The Car is a total loss in the amount of 10,000 euros.

Opposite is also informed police the man later admitted that he was shortly before the outbreak of the fire, apparently about some dangers. A statement that could confirm an eye-witness of the incident. This was observed, as two on a sidewalk, single men for a still unknown object in front of the passing car threw before this immediately started a fire. The two men, one of which is a bright sweatpants wore, had fled after the fact to walk in the direction of Kors, Chen broicher road.

Now the police are looking for the suspects, against the because of dangerous interference in road traffic in connection with damage to property is determined. Information can be submitted to the officials at the phone number 02161-290.


the vehicle, a property damage in the amount of 10,000 Euro.

©police Mönchengladbach, Mülheim/Ruhr: man throws dog in the river

The police in Mülheim an der Ruhr in NRW is currently looking for an unknown man who threw last Saturday night a dog over the railing of the castle bridge into the water, and so killed. Two witnesses to the crime and alarm observed the rescue workers, the could mountains of the animal is, ultimately, about 100 meters away from the bridge just yet lifeless out of the river.

officials hope for clues to the man for violating the animal protection set is determined, and is described as follows:

about 40 years altetwa 185 centimetres tall and of a slim figure of red jacket, an orange led leash-colored dog and a collar with the

to anyone Who can provide details to the suspects, or the 50-centimeter and a light brown dog, under the number 0201/829-0 with the competent Criminal police headquarters.

Germany: the driver of the armored trucks set to continue strikes continue

The truck driver in Germany on the Morning of their strike. In the town of Ratingen, in North Rhine-Westphalia took part in the morning, some 450 people at a rally, as a spokeswoman for the NRW-country district of the trade Union Verdi said. They were kicked out early in the Morning in the meeting and then to the seat of the employer Prosegur pulled, a security service provider.

The employees would have to be sent with your rally a “message to Berlin,” said Verdi spokeswoman. There, around noon, the tariff should be continued negotiations. The employees were not ready, “to strike for a good result,” hoped but we have an agreement. Also in other Federal States should be on strike on Thursday.

Rendsburg: 27-trying Years, to fill up his bike with petrol

A bike ride ended with a 27-Year-old in the state of schleswig-Holstein in Rendsburg on new year’s day in police custody. As the Portal “Retter.tv” reports with reference to the police, had tried to the man earlier in the morning, to refuel his bike at a petrol station with petrol. In doing so, he would have doused himself with petrol. The alerted police met the man strong room of the gas station drunk in the Fund. He said he believed to be travelling in the car. A breath alcohol test resulted in a value of 2.44‰. The officials took the excursionists in protective custody. According to the report, a statement of 0.74 Euro remained for the petrol in the open.

Weener: collision of two cars – one dead, several seriously injured

In the case of a serious car accident in the East Frisian Weener three people are life-threatening and a man has been fatally injured. Belongs to the injured a one-year old girl, the police announced on Wednesday night. Two cars were collided on Wednesday morning from unknown causes at the state road 436 and into a ditch has been thrown. A 43-year-old motorist died on the spot from his injuries.

In the second car, a 26-year-old man, a 23-year-old woman and the toddler were sitting. The police is a speaker, according to the fact that it is a family. All three suffered life-threatening injuries and had to be freed from the forces from your car. The girl and the man were flown by helicopter to a hospital, the woman arrived with the ambulance to a different hospital. The Federal road was blocked for three and a half hours.

news of Wednesday, 2. January

Frankfurt/Main: Truck driver rescues injured prior to death by fire

A tractor trailer driver who saved three seriously injured accident victims early Wednesday morning from her burning car. After the car was collided in his trailer, had caught up to both vehicles on fire. The man and the two women without burn injuries from the burning car came, to be alone, “thanks to the spirit of the current truck driver,” said a fire Department spokesman.

As the car drove into the rear part of the saddle that train, remained the driver in his cab unharmed. “After the Truck came to stand by this accident, the driver tried to open the doors,” said the spokesman. In order to free the three victims from the burning car, he had to be back for the semi-trailer. Then, the arrived rescuers brought the injured to nearby hospitals.

The car burned down completely. Also the one with the shredded wood-Laden tractor-trailer was damaged by the flames. How it came to the accident is not yet known. Also, the condition of the injured was initially unclear.


forces the fire Department to stand close to the totally burnt-out Cars

©Keutz TV-News and DPA, Antwerp/Bremerhaven: cargo ship loses containers in North sea

Because of the Storm, “Zeetje” has lost a freighter that was on the way from Antwerp, Belgium to Bremerhaven, 30 containers in the North sea. As the Central command for Maritime emergencies said, drove some of the containers to the Dutch Islands of Terschelling and Vlieland. The command was looking for with an oil monitoring airplane to the fallen overboard containers, in which, among other things, the car were parts.

Saalfeld: cyclists with drugs, fleeing police and taken to

is poison With drugs and illegal firecrackers in the bag, a 39-year old in Saalfeld (Thuringia), to flee by Bicycle in front of the police – in vain. As the police said, caught up with the officers with the car quickly. Then the man ran away, but was caught eventually. A cigarette box, which he had discarded, contained small amounts of illegal narcotics. During the search, another drug bags and the firecrackers came to the fore. The officials refunded due to violation of the narcotic drugs and the explosives act.

Schwetzingen: a 66-Year-old masturbating in the pool

In the baden-württemberg Schwetzingen determined by the police against a 66-year-old man who pleasured himself in the shower of a swimming pool in front of the eyes of two children. According to police, the man had noticed the children’s father, because he played to his private parts around and this behavior “was not part of the shower process,” write the officials.

to be looked in Addition, the 66-Year-old have during the fact, always the children. The father reported the Situation to the Lifeguard, informed, in turn, the police. The man had been questioned then, still in the pool. The investigations run against him.

Bersenbrück: 74-Year-old collides with the car against a tree and dies

A 74-Year-old is in Bersenbrück (lower Saxony) with your car against a tree, rebounded and were killed in the process. The woman had veered off in a curve to the right of the roadway, police said on Wednesday in Osnabrück, Germany. She died after the accident on new year’s day still on the scene of the incident.

Plößberg: man injured Ex-girlfriend with a sword

Because you made a new year’s eve with him, in the upper Palatinate, a 20-Year-old on his Ex-girlfriend with a sword went off. As the police said, was injured, the 22-Year-old in fact, in Plößberg (Bavaria) early Tuesday morning. She had informed the man that she will separate because of her new boyfriend from him.

The 20-Year-old then went home, took the sword and went in order to the woman’s as well as their new Partner. The 22-Year-old was wounded in the Hand. The woman and her 27-year-old friend managed to push the 20-Year-old out of the house. There he a rampage for a while, and later he was apprehended in his apartment by the police. Against him being investigated for trespass, damage to property and grievous bodily harm.

Hamburg, Germany: cyclist of the captured Truck and heavy

injured were A 19-Year-old cyclist is in a traffic accident in Hamburg-long horn of a small truck and seriously injured recorded. According to initial findings, the young woman wanted to travel in the night to Wednesday across an intersection and crashed into the right-of-way authorized Transporter, police said. The 64-year-old driver of the little truck I still have to Dodge all tried in vain. The cyclist suffered multiple fractures. She was taken to the hospital and hospitalized. Danger to life is not, there it was. The 64-year-old driver remained unharmed.

Herne: man beaten Ghost train-staff

A curious case, engaged the police in Herne: There is an eight-year-old was during a Funfair with a Ghost train hazards, the visitors are also of costumed, real people frightened. During the journey, crack a “living spirit” the young girls of the hat from the head, and it frightened you. To reported home in tears to her father of the incident, the on 29. December happened. The police announced on Wednesday morning, went to the father then, with a Related to the Fair staff. “After a verbal argument, the people present were solid to each other. As a result, the 25-Year-old from Hannover had to be transported to a hospital. Now the police are investigating the father.

the North of Germany: a Strong storm keeps emergency responders busy

In Parts of Northern Germany has engaged on new year’s eve storm “Zeetje” the use of force. In Hamburg, the fire brigade had to lift two large fallen trees with a crane from the street, like a fire brigade spokesman said on Wednesday night. The trees had damaged several cars. In addition, the use of force brought an overturned tree from a power line. In an eight-story building in the port city scaffolding and protective had to plan to be secured by the fire Department. Overall, the fire Department was one of the Hanseatic city of over 30 weather operations until late in the evening.

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern were injured in the early hours of the morning two people in cars in case of accidents slightly, as they drove on country roads against fallen trees. They were taken by ambulance to hospitals. Also in Schleswig-Holstein the police of weather reported operations, no one was initially hurt.

news of Tuesday, 1. January

Mönchengladbach: five years of listening to the fire crackle and saves parents house

A small child from Mönchengladbach has his family on new year’s eve, obviously, and a devastating fire in the house preserved. According to the fire Department, the five-year-old girl heard shortly after midnight, a rustling noise from the direction of the conical bottom in the house and made his Father’s attention. As a result, the child had saved his parents ‘ house, it said. All of the house residents remained, therefore, intact. It is a loss of about 30,000 euros, according to police.

The could have been, according to the fire information to be even higher, if the little girl hadn’t reacted so present in spirit. It was just managed in time to extinguish the fire. Otherwise, you would have been able to spread the fire quickly to the roof timbers and lead to a fire of the whole house, on Tuesday, it was reported.

As a cause, the police did not rule out that new year’s eve the rockets have hit the house.

Frankfurt: the man in the track bed and on the climb Out

detained bumped In the night to new year, a 22-met with-Year-old to the Frankfurt main station, apparently, a 28-Year-old just before a train pulled into the S-Bahn track bed. As reported by the police, it was a palpable conflict between the two came in. After he had pushed his opponent to the rails, should have tried the Younger one even, be the victim there. Thanks to the quick reaction of the security personnel and the railway guide, the entry would have been the end of the S-Bahn in a timely manner, write to the officials. The Background of the fact, is still unknown, the 22-Year-old was arrested.

Hamburg: Angry Mob attacks rescue workers

In Hamburg, has a group of people in the new year’s eve rescue workers prevented from to help a Person with a knife in the back on the sidewalk. As reported by the police, came to the firefighters after a other use on the spot, when they discovered the victim on the sidewalk. Since they were from the Mob with objects thrown at, they remained until the Arrival of the police in the use of car seats. These dropped in with 15 officials and was able to calm the Situation. The injured Person was afterwards supplied by an ambulance and taken to the hospital. The background of the crime remained unclear.

Selb: 13 cats and a parrot from a degenerate flat

rescued 13 cats and a parrot has been rescued by the police in the Same from a severely neglected apartment. Neighbors have complained about an unbearable stench, police said on Tuesday. Through a window on the ground floor, the officials were able to see several cats in the apartment. As the Keeper of the animals had not been seen for days and the Animal appeared to be endangered, they called the fire Department. This opened the apartment door. In collaboration with the shelter, the cats and the parrot were recovered, which had neither food nor water. Against the animal’s owner is now determined for violation of the animal protection act.

Aichtal: a ten year old, dies in pile-up, another dead, 20 injured

In the case of a serious accident in the state of Baden-Württemberg in the new year’s eve night, two people died and nearly 20 other have been injured. At least six cars were involved in the collision, a police spokeswoman in Reutlingen, Germany, on Tuesday told the news Agency AFP. A ten-year-old Boy and a 39 died, therefore,-Year-old. The accident occurred according to the figures, around one o’clock in the morning on a bridge in Aichtal between Stuttgart and Tübingen. Nine people suffered serious injuries, ten others were slightly injured. The national road had first to be fully locked, was released in the Morning.

Winsen on the Aller: 38-Year-old Hand-off

blows himself up In an accident with a firecracker were injured on new year’s eve in Winsen on the Aller (Kreis Celle) two people. A 38-Year old blasted away after the first findings of a Hand, said a spokesman for the police in the night to Tuesday. A 54-year-old man have suffered in the accident injuries to the face. He could, however, leave an out-patient treatment from the hospital. How it came to the accident, which occurred already at 19 o’clock, was still unclear. Maybe it was the firecrackers to a self-made explosive devices.

Oberhaid: new year’s eve firecrackers in the pocket

ignited With a new year’s eve accident in the style of a chain reaction is in the district of Bamberg in Bavaria, a 23-Year-old seriously injured. A 26-Year-old had thrown, according to police information in Oberhaid is a small firecracker that landed unfortunately in the pocket of the man. Therein, again, tracer was ammo stashed away, which had exploded due to the heat, police said. The 23-Year-old was brought in with severe injuries to the leg and a Hand in a special clinic.

Iserlohn: man from the neighbors with crossbow attacks

a crossbow, a man in Iserlohn is shot in the Sauerland to its neighbors, and it slightly hurt. On Sunday evening, of the 48 have occurred-Year-old to the front door of his victim, and an arrow with the crossbow shot, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Monday. The 31-year-old victim was wounded in the neck slightly and was able to push with a well-Known the attacker out of the apartment. The alarmed police could Protect overwhelm in the house. He was under the influence of alcohol or drugs stood. An investigative judge issued an arrest warrant for attempted manslaughter. A possible motive for the attack was initially unclear.

Dortmund: police officers with missiles

the police in Dortmund have been shot at in the night to the new year with a new year’s eve rocket, and bottles pelted. Out came the attacks on the officials, it is close to the city centre from a group of persons, the police announced early this Morning via Twitter. The situation, however, can be quickly calmed down. No one hurt, a police spokesman said. The man who had fired the rocket, had been taken into custody. More people should be displayed.

Nürtingen: A severely injured after a dispute about a woman

In a dispute over a woman injured a man his rival with a sharp object hard. The two opponents were caught early Sunday morning in Nürtingen (district of Esslingen) violently with each other, as the police in Reutlingen, Germany, and the Prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart said on Monday. The 31-year-old victim was in surgery at the hospital. Meanwhile, no life danger. The alleged offender at the age of 30 years, initially fled, was caught. A judge issued an arrest warrant for suspicion of attempted manslaughter.

Magdeburg: fireworks thief caught in the act, because the store owner is in the business slept

a suspected thief from new year’s eve fireworks in Magdeburg, probably did not expect: The 37-Year-old was in the police in the early Monday morning red-handed egga Store caught – because the 50-year-old owner of the business had stayed there the night before new year’s eve. According to police reports, the 37-year-old man a bag with new year’s rockets and firecrackers worth around 150 euros, as well as burglary tools were seized.

Travemünde: woman of the port basin saved

A woman is like pool in Lübeck-Travemünde in the vicinity of the near ferry terminal into the port. Passers-by managed it on Sunday night, the mountains 53-Year-old with the help of a rescue ring and a rescue rod out of the water, like a police spokeswoman announced on Monday. The woman had broken in the fall, a leg and was taken to the hospital.

news from Germany from the 31. December 2018:

Kiel: shopping cart trains lahm

On the railway line between Kiel and Eckernförde has once again placed on the tracks, parked the shopping cart of the train traffic to a standstill. Just past a railroad crossing in Kiel ran over by a train on Monday morning, the shopping cart, such as a Federal police announced the speaker. Since metal had wedged parts in the underbody, was the train, ready to drive. The ten passengers had to continue their journey according to the police, with Taxis. Until the damaged train was towed away, the train route is locked.

Already on Thursday, had been the car in the same place a purchase, which was also created by a train crossing and rail traffic was impeded. Whether there is a connection between the two incidents, checks the Federal police.

Bad klosterlausnitz: Wolf on the A9 hit

On Saturday evening, was run over on the A9, close to the East Bad klosterlausnitz a Wolf and killed. As reported by the police, had reported a motorist first of all, a dead dog, an on-site assessment as a Wolf. The animal will now be examined in detail. The drivers, which with the animal was hit, and not reported previously to the police. It could be a Polish flag in the vicinity of the dead animal is found, according to the officials.


This Wolf was found run over on the edge of the A9

©police Schönau in the black forest: driver jumps in front of the accident out of the car

With a Stuntman-the qualities of a motorist in the black forest saved itself. The car of the man was on a completely icy road surfaces in the district of Lörrach into the Slides. Just before the car crashed, a slope down, and several times rolled over, opened the 65-Year-old out the door and on the road, rescued, police said on Sunday night. The man was unhurt – his car should be to repair, however, too much: It is a property damage of around 20,000 euros. “That sounds like a total loss,” said a spokesman on Monday morning.

Heidelberg: Three people burnt food easily

injured Due to burnt food, three people have suffered in a Heidelberg apartment flue gas poisoning. A resident of the apartment building alerted late on Sunday evening because of the heavy smoke smell from under him, lying flat on the forces, the police announced. The residents of the affected apartment were able to extinguish the burnt fat, therefore, but before the Arrival of the police. Three residents were treated for injuries in a hospital. Several people had to leave the house as a precaution. They could return to their apartments.

Heppenheim: 18-Year-old mother goes to the Parking lot dead

On the run from the highway police, 18 injured-Year-old in a Parking lot in Heppenheim with his car a woman one and their son hard. Also, the accident the driver suffered serious injuries, the police announced. Police tried to control the young driver on Sunday night on the highway 5 – but the 18-Year-old miss of it stayed the signals and raced.

Finally, he drove to a Parking lot and rammed a parked car, which was pushed by the force of another car. In the rammed car, a 39-year-old woman from Düsseldorf, and her ten-year-old son sat in the father had gone to the toilet. The mother died a little later in the hospital from her injuries. The Boy with serious injuries was taken to a hospital.

As it turned out, the 18-Year-old had no driving licence, the Prosecutor’s office ordered a blood test.

Eibenstock: six-year-old falls from chairlift

A girl in the ore mountains from a chair, about nine meters lift plunged in the depth. The six-year-old child had been brought after the accident on Sunday afternoon in eibenstock with a rescue helicopter to a hospital, said a spokesman for the police in Chemnitz. On the state of health of the girl was initially nothing is known. Why the six-year-old was out of the Lift toppled, was also still unclear. According to information from the “Free press” had been set, the operation of the Ski-Arena temporarily.

Reutlingen: night bus hit a traffic light system due to a Fox on road

A bus has rolled over in Reutlingen, Germany, a complete traffic light system and destroyed. The police announced in the Morning, trying to Dodge the 38 – year-old bus driver in the night to Sunday, a Fox in the process, he lost control of the vehicle. The injuries were in the accident. The damage to the police numbered around 65,000 euros. The ready-to-drive Bus was towed.

Gotha: 14-Year-old with fireworks Couch on fire

fireworks have easily set intimate young in Gotha one illegally dumped a Couch in flames, by the Smoke from a 14-year-old girl suffered a slight smoke inhalation. The girl had come, as the two 12-and 16-year-old boy under the open sky threw a firecracker on the Sofa, which caught fire. The police announced on Sunday, caught officials, the boy is still in place. The fire brigade have extinguished the fire on Sunday in addition to quickly. A doctor had treated the slightly wounded girl.

Hannover: arrest warrant after an incident at the airport in Hannover

The man who is penetrated to the Hanover airport with the car on the apron, sits in custody. A court issued on Sunday an arrest warrant, police said. The man had settled on Saturday, the entire air traffic for hours is lame. The captured-in-law first, however, to the fact, as a spokesman for the Federal police said on Sunday. His motives remained, therefore, for the time being, Hidden. The 21-year-old Pole without a German residence should have been at the time under the influence of drugs. Despite the unclear Motives there is “no evidence of any terroristables backgrounds,” said the police.

sources: “Retter.tv” /portal

news from Germany the week of January 24. up to 30. December you can find here:


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