Two months before the European election, the CSU has sworn-in-chief Markus Söder and his party to a clear pro-European course. What is needed is a Signal of the determination for Europe”,” said Söder prior to the start of a small party rally in Nuremberg.

“It’s a question of whether we allow ourselves to divide us further in Europe, and that Europe can be exploited thus far from the other and manipulated,” he said. “We experience the Yes: The Americans are threatening the Chinese buy, and Russians to infiltrate.” Europe is so far, but not really in the position to develop a counter-strategy. “That is why it is important that we continue with the present day, a Signal of bridge-building.”

Söder distanced itself clearly from previous CSU-positioning – and the EU-critical campaign under his predecessor Horst Seehofer five years ago. Europe is “at a crossroads”: “The world around us has changed faster and more dramatically. This is also the reason why the CSU do not look different than five years ago now to Small, but the Large in the eye,” he explained. The challenges from the outside are now so clearly, that there is in the party a large base of consensus. What is needed is a clear course: “Since 2014, we have not had such debates, front – to-back-was only in Europe.” Now, the CSU members were grateful that “there is a clear line, not a Both-and and a Before-and-back and a left and a Right”.

Söder called for a free, modern, innovative, forward-looking and competitive Europe, the protect his people. This wanted “a Europe that protects, and benefits,” he said. In addition, Europe is to bring in climate change and Ecology, “a powerful contribution”.

A percentage-goal for the election on may 26. May Söder was. The “actual target”, that the CSU-Vice and EPP top candidate, Manfred Weber, the new EU Commission President, he said.