The British Parliament is to vote this Wednesday on the next steps in the EU-exit. Prime Minister Theresa May still be expected despite the concessions with defeats.

A Rebellion in Parts of its group and of the Cabinet you could turn away but expected, by promising on Tuesday to let the members on a shift of the Brexits to the vote. It should be up to 12. March with your withdrawal agreement to fail, want May provide the members the choice between a termination without agreement, or a “short extension”.

The deputies had threatened, May the control of the Brexit-wrench method, in order to a withdrawal without an agreement on the 29. To prevent the March. Dozens of deputies and some members of the Cabinet had announced to vote for an appropriate resolution and, hence, against the government.

A bipartisan group of congressmen announced, however, May vote on Wednesday on its promise to pin down. Another group wants a media report, according to the requirement of a second Brexit Referendum vote. It will be interesting, especially, as leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn positioned to a second referendum. He had announced on Monday that his party will back the call for a Referendum, should not shift the government on the Labour line of a close relationship with the EU. He could already in the morning, under pressure to make that announcement come true.

at the beginning of the debate is expected to be in the afternoon at 14 PM (CET). The votes will be counted from 20 clock. What amendment will be voted on amendments to the draft resolution of the government, decides, as always, the President of Parliament, John Bercow.

could be moved As long the EU-exit, May. The head of government stressed, however, that a shift of the Brexits about the end of June, was not possible. Otherwise, should participate in the UK election to the European Parliament by the end of may. The but in the light of the Brexit vote of the population unemployable. A second shift is then excluded.

The votes on a No-Deal-Brexit and a displacement of the leaving the EU should, at the latest on 13. and 14. March to take place. May: “The United Kingdom on the 29. March only with the Express consent of the lower house without a Deal leak out.” A subsequent unregulated outlet but more is possible. “If we have to, we will make a success out of a No-Deal-Brexit.”

EU-Deputy head of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis indicated on Tuesday, the openness of the EU to move the Brexit, “an agreement or necessary to achieve clarifications to the agreement,” he said. “If this amendment is now put formally, we are ready to consider it and to potentially support.”

The extension of the withdrawal period the power of article 50 of the EU Treaty, only a few requirements. It means that the outlet will be consummated, “unless the European Council decides, with the agreement of the member state concerned, unanimously, to extend this period”. At the time nothing is called. The European Council – i.e. the body of EU heads of state and government, meets regularly a week prior to the Brexit-date – on 21. 22. March in Brussels.