The British house of Commons has rejected the Brussels negotiated Brexit agreement, in spite of improvements again. With 391 242 votes the MEPs voted on Tuesday against the contract package. It is already the second heavy defeat for the Deal, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, last year the EU had agreed.

The EU deplores the renewed rejection of the Brexit agreement””. The vote to increase the probability of an unregulated outlet “clearly,” said a spokesman for EU President Donald Tusk in the evening. EU negotiators Michel Barnier wrote on Twitter, the Brexit-the Problem could only be in the UK solved.

In the hours-long debate, May be able to speak in front of hoarseness hardly, the Parliament in London, urged had to vote for the repaired Brexit agreement. “If this Deal is not accepted, it may be that the Brexit is lost,” warned the head of government of the members. “I am sure that we have achieved the best possible Changes.”

the Sharp criticism of the new Brexit-agreement

Many members of her Conservative party and the Northern Irish-Protestant DUP, whose votes may’s minority government relies, criticized the improved agreement with sharp. The necessary progress had not been achieved, and criticised the DUP.

it is Planned that the country of the European Union on 29. March leaves. May had announced, in the event of a defeat on Wednesday vote on whether the UK should departure without agreement from the EU. A so-called No-Deal-Brexit would fall and harm the economy and millions of citizens into insecurity. Also, this Option should work as expected is rejected, there is expected to be on Thursday, a third vote on the question, whether the outlet is to be moved.

it is Not the first defeat for Theresa May

May was failed with their Deal already in mid-January in the British house of Commons with a Bang. She had then led to renegotiations with Brussels. On Monday night, they travelled surprisingly to Strasbourg and introduced with EU-Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the new agreements. A legally binding supplementary Declaration and two other documents should convince the most skeptical members that the UK can not be held by the exit agreement against his will in a close relationship with the EU.

great Britain

Brexit to all eternity? What the vote in Parliament on the game


However, the British attorney General Geoffrey Cox destroyed is made on Tuesday afternoon, may’s hope of a majority for the Deal with a blow. The UK have no legal means to terminate the Backstop designated warranty clause for an open border between British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland, said Cox in a report.

of border controls in Ireland to prevent

The Backstop regulation stipulates that the UK should remain in a customs Union with the EU, until the Problem is resolved with the Irish border and elsewhere. Checks between the two Parts of Ireland want to avoid all of the pages, otherwise a resumption of the conflict in the former civil war region is expected.

Within a customs Union, no checks at the borders are necessary. But this also means that the UK can close in this time, no free trade agreements with third countries, such as China or the United States – one of the most important arguments in favour of exiting the EU. Brexit-hardliners had demanded, therefore, a time limit or a unilateral termination right for the Backstop. Brussels, but refused categorically.

tune in

May wins in the last second concessions from the EU


Juncker, the deputies, had warned that the EU would make no further concessions. “There will be no third Chance,” said Juncker. This contract will not be accepted, will not take place, the Brexit might not even. An extension of the withdrawal period is only up to the European elections end of may, otherwise, had to attend Britain in the election.

narrow majority for Brexit

The British had voted in a Referendum in 2016, with a narrow majority in favour of withdrawal from the community. May since a botched election in 2017, a minority government that needed the support of the Northern Ireland party, the DUP.

The London Parliament is divided in terms of Brexit hopelessly. Mays plans to exit the EU have led to numerous resignations of Ministers. Including the Brexit-Ministers David Davis and Dominic Raab, as well as foreign Minister, Boris Johnson.

Not only Mays Conservative party is in the Brexit course divided, but also the largest opposition party, Labour. A total of a dozen disgruntled members from both parties founded recently, own “Independent group” and encouraged more parliamentarians to join them.

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