The British Parliament has on Wednesday is not an Alternative to the Brexit-the agreement of the Prime Minister Theresa May. Different variants of a closer connection to the EU, the deputies rejected in the late evening as a second Referendum, or a exit without any agreement.

The developments of the day can here are some for you to Read:

+++ 22.47 PM: Parliament, all eight options from +++

rejects The British Parliament has an Alternative to the Brexit agreement of Theresa May. During the voting, all eight of the applications were rejected.

+++ 22.46 PM: Parliament voted against leaving the EU without agreement +++

The house gave a majority against leaving the EU without agreement.

+++ 22.34 PM: Parliament approves regulation for future EU exit date +++

The first vote relates to the proposed shift in the EU’s exit date. The Parliament agreed. So the current date of 29 may. March will now be changed also in accordance with national law. The EU offered to London in the last week, a displacement of the Brexits to 22. May. Condition for this is, however, that the agrees with the lower house later this week to the exit of the contract. Otherwise, the extension applies only to the 12. April. In the case of London to say before this date, how to go on.

+++ 22.10 PM: DUP rejects may’s Deal from +++

The Northern Irish DUP does not officially supports the termination agreement of the Prime Minister May with the EU. May’s minority government relies on the votes of the DUP.

+++ 20.36 PM: The vote on the eight options presented by running +++

The members of a list with 8 of the 16 options, the President of Parliament, John Bercow has previously selected. For this purpose, the proposal module, 12. April without agreement from the European Union, several versions of a closer connection to the EU, a second Referendum and a move away from EU exit, to prevent a No-Deal-Brexit.

+++ 20.00: Boris Johnson now wants to purport to support the Brexit agreement +++

this Is a sign that Mays resignation-shows maneuvers effect? Boris Johnson, is now ready, allegedly, to support Mays-Brexit Deal. The former Minister of foreign Affairs gets a whiff of a may morning air for the own career opportunities.

+++ 19.55: The General debate is slowly coming to an end, soon the votes +++

start this is It. The MPs in the British house of Commons begin with the eight votes. In the meantime will continue to be debated.

+++ 19: 42: The Northern Irish DUP rejects apparently Brexit Deal from +++

The Northern Irish DUP seems to want to hold on to the resignation offer by Prime Minister Theresa May for the time being, in their rejection of the Brexit agreement. The reports all agree on the British television station UTV and the BBC. Mays party, the Tories, form a minority government and relies on the support of the DUP. This rejects the regulations for the Irish border in the exit contract.

+++ 19.37 PM: Labour leader Corbyn argues in the case of Mays resignation for a Referendum before any further decisions +++

may’s announcement changes things: The Chairman of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn argues in the case of a replacement by May, make sure to let the people in a Referendum on the further procedure to the vote.

+++ 19.10 PM: Boris Johnson should be happy about Mays announcement +++

Boris Johnson, one of the sharpest critics of Theresa May for the Tories, should have left with a broad Grin, the Meeting of party members where the Prime Minister has offered to resign. He sees his Chance to be able to May possibly follow.

+++ 18.40 at May announces resignation prior to the “next Phase” of Brexit negotiations +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced, according to information out of your party for your resignation. May have said at a Meeting with members of Parliament their conservative party that they’ll give up their Posts prior to the “next Phase” of Brexit negotiations, said the Tory MP, James Cartlidge. They have, however, made no indication of when exactly you are going to resign.

May has made media reports of its cancellation in view, should Parliament accept their Brexit Deal. You are not going to lead the next Phase of the Brexit negotiations, said May, therefore, in a speech to members of her Conservative party.

+++ 17.26 PM: Bercow made provides the third vote this week in question +++

The British Parliament speaker John Bercow has a third vote on the Brexit-the agreement of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, this week, again out of the question. He reminded the government that only substantial Changes to the Deal may justify a third party vote in Parliament, the debate on Alternatives to the Brexit-the agreement said at the beginning of the. Bercow had caused recently a stir when he included a new vote on the Deal citing a 415-year-old rule, first of all, exclusive. Bercow should not convince, would be a shift in the Brexits to 22. May, as suggested by the EU, is hardly possible. Brussels has made a condition that the Deal be approved this week. Otherwise. the extension only up to 12 April take.

Brexit On these Alternatives will be voted:

Parliament speaker John Bercow has selected from the original 16 Alternatives the following eight, about at 20 o’clock will be voted:

No Deal: Brexit-hard-liners are calling for an exit from the EU without an agreement on the 12. April. the Soft Brexit: A cross-party Grouppe EU-friendly MPs calls for the UK to remain close to the EU bound, including membership in the internal market and customs Union. the Norway-model: the UK should be according to the will of those members, similar to Norway, a member of the single market, but not in the customs Union. the customs Union Influential Conservative and Labour politicians are calling for the UK to remain in a customs Union with the EU. the customs Union and not binding on the internal market: The official proposal from the opposition Labour party, the UK remains in the customs Union and the rules of the internal market-oriented. In other areas, a close cooperation with the EU is provided. the Brexit withdrawal as No-Deal-emergency: , it Should exit to two session days before the EU-no-Brexit-agreement to be accepted, must hold the government to vote on whether the country will retire without a contract. Which is rejected, to London, to call the exit statement, calls for a nonpartisan group. the Second Referendum: dozens of MPs from different parties, that the Brexit-the agreement is submitted before the withdrawal of the population in a second referendum. the transition phase without agreement: Brexit-hard-liners want to keep after the withdrawal of the benefits of EU membership for the time being, until the new relationships are negotiated. +++ 16.49 PM: So the Brexit-evening +++

can be submitted After the British Parliament speaker John Bercow has 8 selected from the 16 options for Brexit-Alternatives to the vote, the members of a list, you can specify multiple preferences. The vote is scheduled for 20 o’clock, the result could have up to 23 clock. It is unclear whether any of the proposals can unite today, an absolute majority of the votes. Otherwise, the process might be on Monday continued.