The Parliament in London votes today in the early evening on the further approach to the EU exit. It is the second round of voting since the noise is already a defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May with her Brexit agreement in mid-January.

unlike the first Time, at the end of January to be given to the previously introduced Amendments to the members, however, little chance of success. At the time, had argued the MP for renegotiations with Brussels, negotiated contract over the EU exit. A Brexit, without the agreement, they refused. The vote has no binding effect.

Before the next round of voting-EU-great-grandson Donald Tusk has appealed to Britain, new ideas to present. “No news is not always good news,” said Tusk on Wednesday evening on Twitter. “The EU27 are still waiting for concrete, realistic proposals from London, such as the Brexit Blockade broken.”

May had already on Tuesday, a third round of voting for the 27. February in the prospect of, and more time for the renegotiation with the European Union asked. Brussels rejects so far, but Changes to the Brexit agreement strictly. The UK wants to on 29. In March, the community of States to leave.

to snatch A cross-party group of deputies postponed, according to media reports, an attempt by the government to the control of the Brexit process. The Plan is to force May to Move the Brexits, should have them by the middle of next month, no success with your exit agreement. The Showdown is to come from now until the end of February.

May threatened on Thursday although there is no danger of the EU-friendly rebels, but there are reports that the Brexit-hardliners could teach her a symbolic setback. Consequently, parts of the conservative MPs refuse to support the draft resolution of the government. Because of this, confirm indirectly the non-binding vote of the last round of voting against a No-Deal-Brexit.

Should reject the Parliament the draft resolution of the government on Thursday, would be may’s ability to win a majority for Brexit agreement, more out of the question.

to flay critics like Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn throw May anyway, with the, in his view, futile renegotiations of the time. She wanted to put the Parliament at the end of March, shortly before the EU-exit in front of a ride-or-die vote on their slightly different Brexit agreement, so the accusation.