shock and dismay all over the world: The famous Parisian Cathedral Notre-Dame is like a great fire. The flames brought in on Monday evening to the Church tower to collapse and destroyed large parts of the roof, such as the fire and rescue services. President Emmanuel Macron after several hours of fire fighting cautiously optimistic: “The worst could be prevented,” he said. The Prosecutor’s office determined because of negligent arson. It will followed the track of the accident – the office of the public Prosecutor spoke of “unconscious destruction” by fire.

Macron stressed that the facade of the Gothic Cathedral from the 12th century. Century, and the two bell towers had not collapsed, thanks to the courageous efforts of the fire brigade. “The battle is still not won completely,” said the visibly moved the head of state. “We are going to build Notre-Dame again,” promised the President, cancelled a planned televised speech to the “yellow West”protests because of the fire.

Notre Dame fire: Work on the roof of the trigger?

the Cathedral is about 400 firefighters were in the large-scale operation and fought with the fire truck against the fire. According to the head of operations Jean-Claude Gallet the structure of the Gothic Church could be “saved”. The Church could be preserved “in their entirety”, said he after about four hours.

The fire brigade according to the fire against 18.50 erupted on Monday on the attic of the Cathedral, and had spread rapidly. The Brand could, according to the office of the public Prosecutor with Work on the roof of the Cathedral. The fire seemed to come from the scaffolding that had been installed on the roof.

Notre-Dame in flames

a fire broke out in the attic: What so far, everything about the background is known


The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, spoke of a “terrible fire” and a “terrible test” for the city, which has experienced since 2015, a series of Islamist attacks. She called on the people via Twitter, to respect the safety barriers.

On the banks of the Seine, Paris bridges, thousands of people came together. Visibly shocked Parisians and tourists gathered, some crying, others praying. As the 93-metre-high Church tower collapsed in on itself, grabbed a lot of audible air.

“Paris is a disfigured”

“This is crazy, I can’t believe it. I feel like crying,” said Nathalie, a 50-year-old Frenchwoman. “Paris is disfigured. The town will never be the same again,” said Philippe, a mid-thirties.

The tragedy of the consternation caused in the world: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) hurt left over, a government spokesman, Steffen Seibert, explain, do it “, to see these terrible images”. Notre-Dame is a Symbol of France and of the European culture. Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) tweeted, “the burning of Notre-Dame hits us in the heart”.

U.S. President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter that it was “terrible”, the “massive Brand” watch. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May expressed her condolences. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan spoke of the “heartbreaking SzenMenschen are horrified at the Parisian bridges, over the city centre, a huge smoke is swaths. From the world-famous Cathedral of Notre-Dame-meter hit a high flame.

Notre-Dame in the flame: The images of a devastating fire Fullscreen

The “heart of Paris” is in flames – Notre-Dame is on fire. As one of the First evening, the President and Emmanuel Macron, who writes on Twitter, responding on Monday, he parts the “feelings of a whole Nation”.

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The Vatican said that Notre Dame was “a Symbol of Christianity in France and all over the world”. The tragedy occurred just a few days before Easter, the most important Feast in Christianity. The Director-General of Unesco, Audrey Azoulay, said on Twitter, the Unesco’m going to stand by France to the side to save this “world heritage of inestimable value”.

The Cathedral had just been renovated for eleven million euros of public funds. Notre-Dame is one of the most popular attractions of the French capital. Each year, the Cathedral to visit is between twelve and 14 million people. The Foundation stone of the Catholic house of God was laid in the year 1163. The famous Cathedral was mainly due to the novel “The hunchback of Notre-Dame” by the writer Victor Hugo in 1831.

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