1. March: parents of Otto and warm beer Trump

The parents of the deceased U.S. students Otto and warm beer have objected to a statement by President Donald Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un for the death of your son. talk “Kim and his evil Regime are for the death of our son, Otto responsible,” it said in a message from Fred and Cindy warm beer, the widely used, several US media on Friday. “No excuses or exuberant praise can change that”, it said.

Trump said after the summit with Kim Jong-Un in Vietnam, said he expected that the North Korean rulers have known of the detention Warmbiers in his country. Trump said on Thursday about Kim: “He tells me, that he knew nothing about it, and I’ll take him at his word”. It was terrible, what had happened. “I really believe that it (warm beer) something terrible is about to happen, and I really don’t think that the senior leadership knew.”

the warm beer was taken at the beginning of 2016 after a group trip to North Korea for departure and convicted of “hostile acts against the state” 15 years in a labour camp. A few days after his return to the United States in June 2017 he died – he had then been for 15 months in a coma.

27. February: trump’s Ex-lawyer Cohen eight hours of senators

The longtime attorney of the US President, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, interviewed is eight hours long in the US Congress, been interviewed. The hearing before the intelligence Committee of the Senate took place behind closed doors. Senators wanted to make no specific references to Cohen’s statements. Trumps years of sweeper self-expressed satisfaction about the survey. He got the opportunity, things are almost back, and “to tell the truth,” said Cohen. Cohen will testify on Wednesday before the oversight Committee of the house of representatives – the gig will be broadcast live on television and, therefore, with special anticipation. Finally, a re-examination of Cohen’s follows on Thursday behind closed doors, in front of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives. Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, has announced the “terrifying” statements about Trump.

26. February: Ex-lawyer Cohen is willing to testify that Trump should have in office is criminal behavior

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer, Donald Trump, wants to testify at his hearing in the US Congress, apparently, publicly, that the U.S. President in office of a crime accused. The “Wall Street Journal” reported. In addition, he should plan according to the sheet, to provide insights into trump’s private finances. The alleged criminal act related to the contribution, according to the hush-money payment to the porn actress Stormy Daniels. Michael Cohen, a longtime Confidant of Trumps had broken with the US President and was sentenced in December to three years in prison. From Tuesday on, he says for three consecutive days before committees of the U.S. Congress. A public hearing will be held on Wednesday.

25. February: campaign worker complained about the unwanted kiss from Trump and enough to suit

The White house has rejected accusations by a former campaign staffer Donald trump, according to which the current President in 2016, against their will, kissed. The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, described the accusations on Monday as “absurd”.

The African-American Alva Johnson, 43, told the “Washington Post” that the incident had occurred in August 2016 at a campaign event in Florida. Trump took her Hand and bent forward to kiss her on the mouth. You have turned away then, her head and the kiss landed on the side of your mouth. It was “super creepy and inappropriate,” she told the newspaper.

Sanders said that there had been no incident and several very credible witnesses, contrary to the representation. According to the “Washington Post”, consisted of two supporters of the President, had identified Johnson as a witness, to have the kiss seen.

reported, such As the newspaper, submitted Johnson, in the meantime, a lawsuit in which they demanded compensation. You accused Trumps the election campaign, bearing, therefore, also have less paid than their white, male colleagues. Several of the women accusing Trump to have you in the past, sexually harassed. The President rejects.

19. February: Due to presidential satire: Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump starring in the US Comedy Show “Saturday Night Live feel of Donald Trump threatened to” feel because of its role threatened. Last weekend, the actor had taken in his parade role of the emergency speech from the President on the shovel and then an infuriated reaction from Trump harvested. The language of the “corrupt media, are the enemy of the people”. The (re -) harsh attack on the President, prompting Baldwin to a worried Statement on Twitter: “I wonder if a President-in-office, the referred to me because of my role in a Comedy TV show to his followers as an enemy of the people, a threat to my safety and my family?” Baldwin satirized Trump since his presidential candidacy and criticized so often by the President.

Saturday Night Live

“retribution”: Trump rages because of a Sketch in cult-satire show

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin has been parodied in the Comedy show “Saturday Night Live” Donald trump’s state of emergency Declaration. The US President, the did not fit at all.

By Marc Drewello 17. February: next point of contention: Donald Trump calls for Europe to accept prisoners IS fighters on the

US President Donald Trump has the European allies of the United States to capture and conviction of hundreds of prisoners of the terrorist militia Islamic state fighters called. Otherwise, would have compelled the United States to put the fighter on free foot, tweeted Trump. One of the States that Trump spoke in his message, and even Germany.

“The U.S. request, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other European allies, about 800 ISIS fighters that we have taken prisoner in Syria, to withdraw and to place before the court n,” wrote Trump. The Caliphate, which was just in front of the case. “The Alternative is no good, we would be forced to release you,” tweeted Trump in the first part of his message.

The United States would hate to see how this IS fighter penetration in Europe, since this expectation wanted to go under there. “We do so much and give so much,” wrote Trump in the second part. “Now it is time for others to step forward and get the Job done, the best we can.” Finally, Trump confirmed the withdrawal of the United States after a victory over the Caliphate.

15. February: Pence greets from Trump security conference responded with silence

Sometimes the breaks fall in Talk – in a short speech of US Vice-President Mike Pence on the sidelines of the Munich security conference. The Deputy President Donald Trump spoke on Friday evening in the Bavarian Parliament, in the presence of a large U.S. Delegation, and many of the guests at the award ceremony of a newly-endowed John-McCain-and-price. Striking: As Pence said he will convey the greetings of “the 45. The President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump”, there arose no applause. Instead, Nearly five seconds of silence – before Pence made his speech.

15. February: Trump under state of emergency-Declaration

US President, Donald Trump declared to the funding of the wall on the Mexico border a national emergency. Trump signed on Friday in Washington, the appropriate Declaration, such as the White house announced. With the emergency Declaration to give Trump the financial resources for the construction of the wall, to him by the Congress denied. The Declaration of hard political and legal disputes are to be expected. Trump himself expressed the expectation that the dispute will ultimately end up in the Supreme court of the country. “Hopefully, we will get a fair Chance to win before the Supreme court,” he said in a speech at the White house shortly before the signing of the emergency Declaration.

The US President continued with his signature, the new budget law in force, adopted by the Congress on Thursday. By law, a new financial is avoided lock, as she had put on the year for five weeks by the Federal authorities to partially lame.

15. February: Donald Trump announces national state of emergency

US President Donald Trump has announced in connection with the Situation on the border with Mexico, the national declare a state of emergency. So Trump can use, according to the White house on Friday, funds in the total amount of around eight billion dollars, of which large parts for the construction of a border attachment can use.

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Trump spoke of an “Invasion”, the would be exposed to the United States. The budget chief of the White house, Mick Mulvaney, said that the money guarantee that “we can do what we want to do”. This means, first of all, the construction of 234 miles of border fortification.

Trump justified by the alleged necessity of the construction of the wall for months with an unsustainable Situation on the border. The border guards would have to fight crossings with tens of thousands of illegal Border. Many of the migrants from countries of Latin America were Criminals, drug and human trafficking actively.


U.S. President calls a state of emergency

Trump cuts a cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution – and could still be very regret

By Marc Drewello

critics against Trump is that much of the border crime happens at border crossings, and not where the construction of the wall is planned. Trump contradicts the. The Democrats say, Trumps scenario of a national crisis was artificially conjured up.

The national emergency has to Trump the last resort, by him in the election campaign, promised the construction of the wall to enforce. Parliamentary, he was failed with the project, although he stood up for the 35 days the longest government is still in the US history in the purchase had taken. The Democrats had already announced, against Trumps action legal action.

The emergency Declaration allows him to collect without parliamentary consent, financial resources to Fund the project.

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