The Short messages in the Overview:

parents fight for children’s tournament – referee calls the police (11.24 PM)Bundesbank warns of Facebook-currency (10.56 PM)rescue fire seven animals from the Bungalow (9.08 PM), Istanbul: a repeat of the mayoral election begins (7 p.m.), Magdeburg: weapons and drugs discovered (0.21 PM)

The news from Sunday:

+++ 12: 15 PM: Protestant Church Congress with the conclusion of worship completed +++

The Protestant Church Convention ended with a final mass to end. Thousands of people came in the Morning to the divine service, to the Dortmund football stadium. 37. Protestant Church Congress, which this year is under the biblical slogan, “What is a trust”. Five days of Dortmund in the meeting. More than 2000 events were held for visitors of the Church Convention. Also Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and other leading politicians came to Dortmund.

+++ 12 hrs: Bassist with the Balaclava police in neo-Nazi Festival has had to intervene a +++

The far-right rock concert in the ostsächsische Ostritz, the police late Saturday night. The appearance of a Band the bass player had dragged in the Assembly of the logged-in event, a storm hood over the head. The police announced today, is the beginning of a suspected violation of the Assembly act. After the appearance of the person have been taken, therefore, alien to the 33-Year-old. The Assembly has not been dissolved.

according to The figures, many visitors left during the evening event, the neo-Nazi Meetings and traveled. The police gave the number of participants in the extreme right-wing “shield and sword Festival” yesterday, with 500 and less.

+++ 11.49 am: mining Garzweile according to the police +++

vacated by The police on the morning after the eviction of the brown coal open cast mine Garzweiler. All the protesters that had stormed the premises yesterday, had in the meantime been carried out, or voluntarily left, said a spokeswoman for the police in Aachen. A spokesperson for the organization at the end of site said to hard-to-reach locations in the mining site, the protesters were still, their number is in the “low double-digit range”.

+++ 11.35 PM: Boris Johnson is due to silence to fight with girlfriend in criticism +++

The favorite in the race for the office of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is due to unanswered questions to a police operation at his apartment in the criticism. Several Sunday Newspapers in the UK, the title of the refusal of the 55-year-old Tory politician, to comment on the incident position. He had refused in the case of a regional conference of the Conservative party yesterday in Birmingham on several occasions to comment on the Reports about a loud argument between him and his partner to. Even arch-conservative tabloids like the “Sun” that sensed, behind the known of the incident to be a “left-wing conspiracy”, joined the criticism of Johnson’s Silence. The “Sunday Express” headlined: “Why, Boris, tell us what happened?”

British Premier-in-waiting

Wild fight with girlfriend: police have to be at night when Boris Johnson Fitzpatrick

He is probably on the verge of Prime Minister of great Britain, now had to move in with Boris Johnson, the police. Reason-ordination of escalated argument with his girlfriend.

AFP +++ 11.24 PM: parents fight for children’s football tournament – referee calls the police +++

At a children’s football tournament in Ludwigshafen, Germany, are the parents in dispute, that the referee from the fear of violence has called the police. Preceded by a controversial decision of the referee was gone, as the police Bureau of the Rhine-Palatinate announced in the morning. Some of the reasons for the dispute yesterday with a “missing video would have been evidence,” it said further. The two arrived police, it was succeeded with an appeal to the healthy spirit of sport, to reassure in the E-youth-game the minds again. The outcome of the game informed the police.

+++ 11.11 PM: Ethiopia army chief in coup attempt shot +++

In a coup attempt against a Regional office in Ethiopia, the President of the Region and the chief of the Ethiopian armed forces was according to the government, killed. The attacker would have yesterday tried night, to seize Power in the administrative region of Amhara in Northern Ethiopia, said Nigussu Tilahun, the speaker of Ethiopia’s head of government, Abiy Ahmed in Addis Ababa. Behind the head of the security forces of the administrative region was, therefore,. The President of the Region, as well as a consultant had been killed in the regional capital, Bahir Dar. The chief of the Ethiopian armed forces had been killed in the capital, Addis Ababa by his Bodyguard. The two incidents were related, said government spokesman Nigussu.

The exact Background of the incident was initially unclear. Ethiopia was ruled for many years with a hard Hand. In April 2018 Abiy came to Power and introduced many reforms: He freed many political prisoners and lifted the ban of some of the opposition groups. In addition, he completed a 20-year-long conflict with the neighboring country of Eritrea.

+++ 11.02 PM: Iran wants to drone because drone legal action against United States work +++

Iran is due to the alleged violation of its air space by a US also now legally against the US action. The Vice-President and head of the legal Department in the office of the President, Lejla Dschonejdi announced. “A spy drone into the Iranian air space, is a clear violation of Washington against international law, and therefore, we are also considering legal steps against the USA.” However, all the sites should try to avoid an escalation of the crisis or even a war.

The conflict between the United States and Iran had come to a head on Thursday dangerous after Iran had shot down a US reconnaissance drone. Iran specifies that the drone had violated its own air space. According to the US government, the drone flew in international airspace.

+++ 10.59 PM: Many inserts to the severe weather in Bavaria – flight operation is interrupted +++

the severe weather with heavy rain and Lightning moved over large parts of Bavaria, and have in many places caused flooded basements and flooded roads. Alone in the area of the police headquarters, Swabia, North of the helpers went up in the night to 195 operations, as a spokesman for the police said today. In the district of Munich, the fire brigade helped as possible in the case of 50 inserts the cellar and to free streets from the water. At Munich airport mustte of the flight operation due to bad weather in the evening for more than an hour to rest. 23 flights were, according to a spokeswoman. A music festival in Munich has been terminated due to bad weather the organisers in advance.

+++ 10.56 PM: Bundesbank warns of Facebook-currency +++

The Bundesbank, warns of the risks of the proposed digital currency, Libra from Facebook. If the 2.7 billion Facebook users, only 100 million were battling it out, would have Libra already has more customers than the entire German banking market, said Bundesbank Executive Board member Joachim Wuermeling of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”. “Facebook could be the world’s largest asset managers, and thus relevant to the system.” Since Libra is supposed to be covered by government bonds, could Facebook become one of the largest creditors of States. “I think it would be a cause for concern where nation-States would be in this way dependent on a single group.” Bundesbank Executive Board member Burkhard Balz said the “Welt am Sonntag”, he can see the danger with Libra, especially in the cross-border payment rules to money laundering and the financing of terrorism bypassed could be.

Facebook has announced that its own crypto currency in the first half of 2020 at the Start. Libra will enable all Facebook users to send money to each other, and buy Goods from the company.

the curse and blessing of the brand

Libra: Facebook’s new currency shows the great Dilemma of the group

With the monetary Libra Facebook wants to develop his own money. With the brand, customers should not connect to the but – and for good reasons.

By Malte Mansholt +++ 10.33 am: power consumption reveals the garden to be the tenant of the Cannabis-cultivation +++

A high electricity bill, the Cannabis-cultivation of two garden tenant, in Thuringia busted. The owners of the garden, the unusually high level of electricity consumption was noticed in the plot; they informed the police, as a spokesman for the police said. The officers discovered in the gazebo in the special lamps for growing plants. In addition, they noticed the distinctive smell of marijuana. The two 18-Year-old denied first of all, to have the drug grown.

Later, the police found 13 Cannabis plants in the garden plot. In the case of a house search, the police found more drugs. The two young men growing now expects a complaint for illegal Drugs.

+++ 10.29 PM: for the First time, more than a Million SUV-new vehicle registrations this year +++

The Trend for SUV is expected in spite of the climate debate in Germany continues unabated. For the first time, the number of newly registered premises will dare to 2019, the threshold of one Million vehicles crossing, reported the “Welt am Sonntag”, citing an extrapolation of the University of Duisburg-Essen. Accordingly, the share of SUV registrations in the first four months of the year, with 31.3 percent for the first time above the 30 percent mark. For the full year, the number of 1.05 million newly registered SUVs is apparent, thus, expected to,.

The Trend for “Sport Utility Vehicle” has accelerated, according to the Figures, in the last few years. However, the SUVs are getting smaller and smaller. “52 percent of all in the first four months of the newly approved SUVs in Germany, had a Golf-length or less,” says industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the University of Duisburg-Essen. Although 75 percent of the SUV be wider than a Golf. But “SUV with the giant monster equivalent, is simply wrong.”

+++ 9.08 PM: the fire Department saves seven animals from a burning Bungalow in Hanover +++

The fire Department has five cats and two dogs from a burning Bungalow in Hannover saved. The building began yesterday evening due to a previously unknown cause of fire, how the fire and rescue services today. The two occupants of the house were unharmed into the open. The forces supplied some of the rescued animals with oxygen. Four cats and a dog were reported to be with a special animal rescue of the fire truck in a clinic of the Veterinary University of Hannover. The building is not according to the Brand livable.

+++ 8.18 PM: tens of thousands participate in Gay Pride Parade in Santiago, Chile, + + +

In Santiago, Chile have participated in tens of thousands of people at a Gay Pride Parade. The organizers of the Parade spoke of around 100,000 Participate, demonstrating, dancing and celebrating went through the centre of the Chilean capital and for the rights of Homosexual, Bisexual and Transgender. Everywhere rainbow were to be seen flags as a Symbol of the Homosexual movement.

The Gay Pride Parade in Santiago de Chile, organized for 19 years by the movement for the Integration and liberation of Homosexuals (Movilh). This year, the participants demonstrated, particularly for the same-sex marriage, the Chilean Parliament debated for quite some time, and adoption rights for same-sex couples. They also called for a tightening of laws against discrimination and homophobic violence. Under Ex-President Michelle Bachelet of Chile had already 2015 registered partnerships for homosexuals. In the conservative South American country, the Catholic Church has still a great influence.

+++ 7 p.m.: a repeat of the mayoral election in Istanbul begins +++

In the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul have opened for the election of the mayor of the polling stations. To close to 17 PM local time (16 GMT). First partial results are expected in the evening. Around ten million voters are called to around 31,000 ballot boxes to cast their vote. A total of four candidates compete. However, it is already sure that it will be again a race between the rising star of the centre-left party, CHP, Ekrem imamoğlu (49), and the Ex-Prime Minister Binali Yildirim (63), the commencement of the Islamic-conservative government party AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

questions & answers

the vote

More than just an office: Why the mayoral election in Istanbul is so important for Erdogan


imamoğlu had in the municipal election on October 31. March won a close one. Because of alleged irregularities, the electoral authority YSK annulled the results but later and there is objections of the ACP. The met with international criticism. The election will be watched across the country and even abroad attention.

+++ 5.22 PM: the clearing of the open pit Garzweiler of +++

After the Intrusion of hundreds of protesters in the opencast mining in the Rhenish Area, the police has continued in the night the evacuation of the premises. The removal to take more, said a representative of the police Aachen early in the Morning. On Twitter, the police informed, the activists in the open pit would be supplied with food and drinks. Several hundred activists had gained in the early Saturday afternoon, “under force” access to the site. New according to police reports, more than eight police officers were injured.

+++ 5.16 PM: Drunken truck driver with more than three alcohol on-the-go +++

The police in southern Hesse yesterday evening two hard drunk Truck driver taken off the road. A 43-Year-old on fell because of his unsafe driving on the motorway A67 in pfungstadt, and was stopped in a Parking lot, the police announced. His breath alcohol level was 3.18 per thousand. Already 20 p.m., a 53-Year-old truck driver was seen on the A5, the wavy lines went. The motorway police stopped the tractor-trailer shortly after the Darmstädter Kreuz. The man reached 2,06 per thousand in the breath alcohol test. Against the two men, a criminal case was initiated, the police kept your driver’s licenses

+++ 5.10 PM: swarm catcher mountains, lots of bees +++

firefighters and beekeepers Federal need to currently capture enhanced Mr loose colonies. In the swarm time, the peoples multiply, the cuttings are looking a new place to live. Now this happens even in big cities like Berlin, where there is a veritable bee-Boom. Most beekeepers try to prevent swarming. “But absolutely we will not get a handle on it,” says the Chairman of the beekeepers Association, Benedikt Polaczek. Some New beekeepers with the experience of lack just. And even colleague of many years, could it happen that a people’s flocks. Polaczek calls for qualifications for beekeepers. According to the Berlin administration of justice, this is not planned. Rather, the training should be expanded.

world bienentag: The world bienentag eight tips for bee rescue Fullscreen

This is one of the honey bee

Jürgen Tautz, Tobias Hülswitt

The perfect introduction to the world of bees and the recently published booklet: “the honey bee”. Short, clear, exciting facts are structured around the bee presents: a knowledge bite. Where the reader gets into the book, it doesn’t matter. Each of the 66 topics and is always so exciting, that the reader is still guaranteed to “stick”. How to recognize bees sleeping? Why are the older bees, actually the Younger? Like bees to map their environment with the help of scents. So, with the Knowledge charged, you can Shine in any small talk about bees, the insects die and sustainability. The E-Book version, it is free to book. And since the book is square format and has a High, it fits as an E-Book on a Smartphone screen.

©Springer +++ 5.03 PM: More elk in the state of Brandenburg +++

In Brandenburg observed can be seen more moose. This year alone, four animals had been reported to the forestry competence centre in Eberswalde, said Kornelia Dobiás, head of the research centre for wildlife ecology. The representatives of the world’s largest kind of deer are in the district of Barnim as well as in the country, Potsdam-Mittelmark, Teltow-Fläming and Or circles have been a Spree on-the-go. Probably the number from Poland, incoming animals will rise, said the researcher. So far there is no evidence that moose had permanently settled in the Mark. “We believe that, at present, three to five moose by Brandenburg strips, a certain amount of time to stop, and then further West or back East Hiking,” she said.

last year, a young bull Moose has been equipped according to the Dobiás in southern Brandenburg with a Transmitter collar. Currently, he is in the nature Park Nuthe-Nieplitz southwest of Berlin on the go.

+++ Trump-Ticker +++

media report on cyber attack

By drones firing: USA computer systems of Iran

AFP +++ 4.34 PM: Trump announces new sanctions against Iran at +++

In the escalating conflict with Iran announced by US President Donald Trump new heavy sanctions against the country. On Monday significant additional sanctions would be announced “” wrote Trump on Twitter. He was at the same time, in view, to set the penalties to be in force as a condition for he had called earlier, that the leadership in Tehran to permanently to it would commit not to build any atomic bomb. Trump wrote that he was looking forward to the day when the sanctions would be repealed, “the sooner, the better”.

+++ 4.30 PM: Russian environmental activist flees to Germany +++

for fear Of a prison sentence in Russia, the environmental activist Alexandra Korolewa fled to Germany. “I was afraid that I will be imprisoned,” said the Director of the Russian Ecodefense, the German press Agency in Moscow. Against her five criminal cases had been initiated. According to the information of your organization Korolewa has already applied for political asylum in Germany. She said: “Ecodefense is in need of protection, and here in Germany, we hope to find him.” The organization was founded in 1989. She claims to be one of the oldest in Russia, which campaigns for the protection of the environment.

Since 2012 do not need to register-governmental organizations in Russia as “foreign agents” if they are financed with money from abroad. Otherwise, penalties and closure threatening. Many organizations complain that their work has become much more difficult. For many, the registry is a Stigma, because the word “Agent” is occupied in the Russian negative.

+++ 4.05 PM: 100 days after cyclone “Idai”: people there is a lack of food +++

100 days after the devastating destruction caused by cyclone “Idai” in Mozambique-the worst for more than a Million people possibly even. Around 1.5 million inhabitants of the country were expected to be until April next year for food aid dependent, said the head of the world food programme (WFP) in Mozambique, Karin Manente, the German press Agency. “We are probably going to end up with a significant hunger season.”

Foundation star donations for Mozambique

Here you can help. We will forward your donation to: IBAN DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00

BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “Mozambique”;

cyclone “Idai” was pulled in the middle of March through Mozambique and had there, as well as in Zimbabwe and Malawi is a picture of the devastation left behind. In the three countries data for around three million people were affected according to the UN, hundreds of people died. Short Time later cyclone “Kenneth also drew” on the North of Mozambique borders. The tropical cyclones were just getting to the main harvest time. Large parts of agricultural production have been destroyed, said the head of the relief organization Care International in Mozambique, Saul Butters. “The people have nothing.”

Here you can help directly Online. We will forward your donation. IBAN DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00 BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “Mozambique”;

+++ 3.44 PM: Ethiopia’s chief of the General staff of ball-hit +++

In Ethiopia, the chief of the General staff Seare Mekonnen of a ball has been hit. The the in a military uniform-clad head of the government, Abiy Ahmed said in the television. For further information on the condition of the Army chief, he did not. A few hours earlier had informed the government that there had been a coup attempt in the North-Western Amhara Region, one of the nine Autonomous regions of the country in the Horn of Africa. The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa published after Reports of gunfire in the capital and clashes in the town of Bahir Dar in the Amhara Region, a warning.

+++ 1.15 PM: 60 inches of new snow at the beginning of summer in the U.S. +++

weather conditions in the United States: just in Time for summer, the beginning of the state of Colorado are like in the US-close to 60 centimetres of snow. Solstice and almost July, “that’s why mother nature seems to take care of, hardly,” said the news channel CNN. The snow surprised the residents of the higher regions, for example in the Steamboat ski area, to the North-West of Denver. The local weather service warned, the magic of winter could last until Sunday. The last had been registered in the summer of 1928, such an unusual snowfall, it was said on CNN.

+++ 0.21 at: weapons and large quantity of drugs in Magdeburg discovered +++

The police in Magdeburg, has ensured in a use of drugs to the value of 150,000 euros, several weapons, and 10,000 euros in cash. Four suspected drug dealers to be involved in the drug trade, were arrested, the police announced yesterday evening. Because it could not be excluded, that the men were armed, moved on Friday evening, a special operations command, the men to grow in an apartment and in a Shisha-Bar fixed.

The police turned to safe searches from six objects to several kilos of amphetamine and a Kilo of Crystal Meth and cocaine. In addition, officials found a sharp knife, an assault rifle with ammunition and a firing device for explosive shells. A judge issued against a 27-Year-old, a 35-Year-old and a 19-Year-old warrants. A 21-Year-old released, because against him, no probable cause exists.

+++ 0.07 PM: Kim receives Mail from Trump +++

North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un has received a letter from the U.S. President Donald Trump. Kim had taken personal letter, reported the state news Agency KCNA early in the Morning. A satisfied Kim had praised the “excellent content” of the letter, without Details. He will examine the interesting content of “seriously”, praised at the same time, political judgment, and the extraordinary courage Trumps.

in Spite of direct talks at the highest level, the ratios of the two countries are tense still. The second summit meeting between Kim and US President, Donald Trump had failed by the end of February in Vietnam. Both sides could not agree on the key issue of nuclear disarmament of North Korea. Pyongyang called for an easing of international sanctions. The US government wants to maintain the sanctions as long as the North Korean nuclear program, the risk associated is not banned.

+++ 0.05 PM: Merz concerned about AfD sympathizers in the police and military +++

The CDU-politician Friedrich Merz warns of a Drift of police officers and soldiers to the right-wing populist AfD. “We seem to be parts of the Bundeswehr in the AfD. We lose parts of the Federal police to the AfD,” said the former parliamentary leader in the Bundestag of the “picture on Sunday”. To counter the Trend, must be the CDU is a party, the stand and behind the security organs. “Only with clear support from the policy, you can combat political extremism successfully.”

In his estimation, more and more soldiers and Federal police officers to be followers of AfD-based Merz, according to the report, on discussions with members of Parliament from the defence and interior Committee. Also his private environment have referred him to appropriate grievances: “I have close relatives and very many friends and Acquaintances who are in the army and the Federal police. Tell me, how the mood is there, how many feel your service gentlemen left in the lurch.”

The news from Saturday:

+++ 19.10 PM: Two pumping stations in the opencast mining area in the fire +++

Unknown set set on Saturday in Mönchengladbach-Wanlo on the edge of the Days building area of Garzweiler in the Cabinet, a pumping station of the operator of RWE in the fire. The police of premeditated arson, a spokeswoman said. It cannot be excluded that the fire had been laid in connection with the climate demonstration, it said. People do not come to harm. The fire brigade put out the control box.

+++ 17.23 PM: strike on ferries disabled Corsica vacationers +++

Because of a strike at a cruise line vacationers have to expect obstructions in the ferry services between the French mainland and the Mediterranean island of Corsica. According to the news Agency AFP reported on Saturday, to continue the actions of the seafarers of the line La Méridionale. The employees criticized a disadvantage of the line, the tender of Connections between the mainland and the island.

La Méridionale has confirmed on its website that until Monday, two to three Connections per day, between Marseille and various Corsican ports fail. The company advised people to contact other lines such as Corsica Linea or Corsica Ferries.

+++ 15.32 watch: activists storm mining police reports of injured officers +++

After several Hundred activists of the Alliance”, have stormed the grounds that” the open-cast mines Garzweiler, speaks to the police for the first time from the injured officers. In the case of Twitter, the Aachen police said that the activists would continue to move in the direction of mining. “Our colleagues were addressed solid & partially injured.” The number of injured or the Severity of the injury, the press office of the Aachen police could not. According to information of the police Union, which, among other things, with your country Chairman Michael Mertens is in the Rheinland area-were injured until early afternoon at least two officers. You probably were toppled during the onslaught on the open pit.

+++ 15.10: a Young man is injured Cousin to the car races down +++

Two Cousins have been delivered in Bavaria, a car racing one of the two crashed into a lantern, was injured and was left behind by his Relatives. The Cousin noticed in the night aden Crash in Memmingen, although more went to police information but just. A Passer-by chose to the emergency. Rescuers freed the Trapped out of his car and brought him with injuries to the hospital. The investigators found the vehicles of the two 18 and 19-year-old men for sure.

+++ 15.07 clock: first responders rescue Victim from burning cars +++

After several serious accidents have rescued helpers the victim out of burning cars. In Hesse, a 52-year-old man in Bebra was off the road and head-on against a tree, the police announced today. His car immediately caught fire. Only through the Intervention of accident, witnesses, the injured could be rescued, according to police in a timely manner. Three men aged 45, 54 and 76 years, moved him last night from his car. He was taken to a hospital. According to the first findings of the officials, the low sun had blinded the driver.

In Rostock, a 78-year-old woman came in due to health problems with your car off the roadway and crashed into two trees. The car had also caught fire immediately, it said. First responders freed the woman from the vehicle, she was only slightly injured.

In the baden-württemberg top-box, a drunk 25 accident-Year-old with his car in the wreck burned down completely. The 24-year-old passenger, and several first responders would be able to rid the man out of the car before the car went up in flames, police said. The passenger remained unharmed, and could independently be rid. The 25-Year-old was slightly injured.

+++ 14: 46: 80-year-old woman in Slovenia by a bear, injured +++

In Slovenia, a bear attacked a 80-Year-old and injured. The animal attacked the Elderly woman, according to the authorities in the Morning on the edge of the village of Vrh, which is located about 20 kilometers South of the capital Ljubljana. The woman was taken to the hospital, she floats according to the civil protection, in danger of their lives. The news site reported that the woman only suffered minor injuries.

In the great forests of Slovenia, estimated to have thousands of bears, in the last ten years, the Population doubled almost. Attacks on humans are rare. For more than ten years, there has been no single death more. On Thursday, the Slovenian Parliament had adopted a law for the shooting of bears and wolves. Previously, there had been in Slovenia each year, a fixed firing rates.

+++ 13.47 watch: toddler dies after window fall in Düsseldorf +++

From a window on the fourth floor, a small child has fallen in Düsseldorf. The 18-month-old Boy died in the hospital, police said. The first investigation, the Boy had been last night with his four-year-old sister alone in the room when he fell out of the window, so the WDR. The police did not want to confirm the date. “We go from a tragic accident to happen,” said a spokeswoman.

+++ 13.21 PM: thousands to protest on strip mining for climate protection and carbon +++

The open-pit Garzweiler began more protests against the coal and for more climate protection with Thousands of participants. A protest March of the movement “Fridays For Future” joined by not only students, but also families and older people. They were on the open pit along the path in the village of Keyenberg – one of the last villages in the Rhine region to be razed to make way for the open pit.

tens of thousands had demanded the previous day in Aachen at the International day of the strike, the student-protest movement climate protection. A part of them had stayed in Aachen, Germany, to be then on open pit mining in the process.


in The case Lübcke and the hatred in the network – such as the police and the judiciary now

+++ 13.12 PM: Several Hundred people at the vigil for Walter Lübcke +++

to proceed In a vigil for the murdered Kasseler government President Walter Lübcke in his home town of wolf Hagen, several Hundred people have participated. “The market place was full,” said the Dean of the Evangelical Church circle, Gernot Gerlach, to the memory. There are far more people came than expected. To be had of the vigil of the Church circle, wolf Hagen, and the city called. “He was murdered, as a Christian,” said Gerlach, who knew Lübcke personally. “These politicians are characterized by the fact that he has introduced with a clear attitude of the Christian faith politically.”


“Against hatred, violence and xenophobia”: vigil in wolf Hagen on the occasion of the murder of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke

©Swen Pförtner DPA

Lübcke was in the night of the 2. June on the terrace of his residential house in wolf Hagen-Istha been shot. Strongly suspect Stephan E., the 45-Year-old is sitting in detention. The U.S. attorney’s office classifies the crime as a political assassination with a right-wing extremist Background.

+++ 13.10 PM: fire brigade loader saves ducklings with telescopic loader +++

Heavy equipment for a chick With a telescope, a type of a retractable forklift, freed the fire brigade in the Sauerland Iserlohn, a small duck from a Gullyschacht. The chick had fallen, according to the fire Department through the Manhole. The cover would not lift, because it was tilted. The fire, which had marched with ten men and several cars, and took advantage of finally, the telescopic loaders “Manitou” to the lid and to release the animal.

+++ 13.08 PM: One dead in shootout in front of a discotheque in Slovakia +++

is injured In a shootout in front of a nightclub in the North-West of Slovakia in the Morning, a man was fatally wounded. Two other men, aged 19 and 20 years were with head and abdominal shots brought in critical condition to the hospital. The television station, TV Markiza reported, citing the use of force. The 35-year-old alleged shooter was charged after a lengthy manhunt in a wooded area and taken into custody. The weapon was illegal in his possession. The incident occurred in the village of Horovce on the Eastern edge of the White Carpathians. It has around 800 Residentsr and 170 kilometres to the North-is located just to the East of Vienna.

+++ 12.54 PM: 5-Year-old An unusual use of wait with ice cream in Hand, on liberation from the pack station +++

but the victim kept his cool: an ice-cream in the Hand of a five-year-old Boy in Bochum has waited until the fire had freed his other Arm from a pack station on a supermarket Parking lot. The five-year-old had not plugged in the Arm, according to the fire brigade in the Morning so far in a receipt output slot that he got him. “The Boy was deeply relaxed,” said a fire Department spokesman. Someone gave him an ice-cream in the Hand, and so he waited patiently for ten minutes until rescuers freed him again. The firefighters expressed a flap inside of the shaft to the top and moved the Arm gently.

+++ 12.27 PM: the police sets a new driving ban in Tyrol by +++

In the Tyrol, the police has started to enforce the new bans. The holiday makers tended to react with understanding, it was with the land transport Department of the Tyrol in Innsbruck. “There has been no major difficulties,” said a spokesman. Since the Morning controlled, officials, motorists wanting to exit from the highway and only local residents or tourists with a destination in the environment. Thus, the Land of the Tyrol wants to prevent motorists to avoid congestion on secondary roads through the increasingly polluted villages.

of the Tyrol, had triggered the fierce dispute between Bavaria and Austria. The CSU Chairman and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder calls, even filed a lawsuit against the neighboring country. “The behavior of the Tyrol, is discriminatory and in contravention to European law,” said Söder the “Münchner Merkur”. “Thus, the freedom to travel in the EU is made more difficult solid. The Federal government must now respond, and against such a behavior in Europe to file lawsuits.”

+++ 11.54 am: the suspicion of the exhaust gas manipulation: Mercedes needs to call you back 60,000 Diesel +++

The Federal motor transport authority (KBA) has ordered an official recall of about 60,000 diesel cars of the model Mercedes-Benz GLK 220 CDI. A spokesman for the Daimler group, today confirmed a report the “Bild am Sonntag”. Therefore, the car manufacturers in this Diesel to sports grounds, the Euro-5 emissions standard cars have used an illegal switch-off device for exhaust gas manipulation. Daimler denies this. They wanted to fight back legally against the fraud allegations, the spokesman said.


nitrogen oxide value in 2018 in 57 cities too high


According to the report of the “Bild am Sonntag” and wants to expand the KBA, the investigations against Daimler, because the alleged fraud software could be located in many other models. For this purpose, the company spokesman said it was also still the authority on the topic in the conversation.

+++ 11 am: Dortmund closes the shelter due to a heat wave for three days +++

Because of the expected heat wave, the city of Dortmund closes your shelter in the coming week for three days – from Tuesday to Thursday. For the animals the public visiting times are often very exciting, it said in a statement. This additional burden is to avoid the shelter at the high temperatures. Friday is regular closed. On Saturday, 29. June, will open the shelter back to normal. The city stressed that Fund animals can be picked up by their owners day-to-day.

+++ 10.47 PM: Every third Greek 2017 of poverty +++

In Greece threatened were threatened in the year 2017, around 3.3 million people out of poverty or social exclusion, equivalent to 31.8 percent of the population. The country is in the same group of countries, such as Bulgaria and Romania, reported the Greek daily newspaper “Kathimerini”, citing the latest Figures of the Greek Statistical office. For comparison: In Germany, 19 percent) was threatened in the same year, according to the Federal statistical office, almost one in five-of-poverty or social exclusion (.

The value for Greece have improved, however, say the statisticians. He was in the year of 2016, at 34.8 percent. According to the EU Definition of a human being at risk of poverty when he has less than 60 percent of the median income of the population. Among the indicators, among other things, arrears in rent, electricity and other bills, but also the ability to afford each and every second day a full meal, or even once in a year a week’s holiday away from home.

+++ 10.22 PM: Nine people die in plane crash on Hawaii +++

The crash of a small plane in Hawaii, has according to the authorities of the nine people on Board killed. The twin-engined machine of the type King Air had been in the North of the island of Oahu, near an airfield from as yet unknown cause to the ground, informed the transport authority of the state of Hawaii-Hawaii DOT – on Friday evening (local time). Apparently, there had been no Survivors. Initially, the authority had reported that rescuers on the spot would have recovered six Dead.

“In my 40 years as a firefighter here in Hawaii, this is the worst plane disaster that we had here,” – quoted by a local subsidiary channel of NBC, the fire chief Manuel Neves. The machine had crashed close to the airfield, Dillingham Airfield. Further Details are not yet available.

+++ 9.58 PM: Three Dead in fire in the centre of Paris +++

in a fire in Paris three people have been killed. One Person was in the fire in a six storey house in the 11. Arrondissement of the French capital is seriously injured, as the fire and rescue services. 27 people suffered minor smoke inhalation, including a firefighter. According to firefighters, a young woman died in a leap from the window, two more people died in the burning house.

The fire was, according to the fire Department at around 5 o’clock, in the building broken out, in addition to apartments also has a Restaurant and a Hammam are located. The fire brigade was with 200 personnel on site. On ladders they rescued about 15 people from the burning house. The emergency workers brought the fire after nearly four hours under control. The cause of the fire is still unclear.

+++ 9.18 PM: the police released two years from superheated car +++

The police are exempted in the case of Aschaffenburg, a small child from an overheated car. The 38-year-old mother of the boy had left in Alzenau, when Stowing purchases in the trunk with the keys in the car and the vehicle was not able to open then, the police announced. The officials noted that the two-year, due to the high temperature in the car already sweating, and “in a panic crying”, said a spokesman. They beat on it a side window, and the child is brought out. A rescue service took care of the Small and handed him a little later, again the mother. A COP pulled when you Smash the glass wounds to cut.

Why exactly both the trunk as well as doors of the car in the incident on Friday closed, was initially unclear. As the woman to organise a second key and also a car club could help, she had called the police. At the time of the event, the temperature was 26 degrees in the shade.

+++ 8.50 PM: a man celebrating his birthday too loud and ends up in prison +++

thanks to a noisy Party, the police became in Erfurt, Germany on a warrant, searched the man’s attention. The 53-Year-old celebrated in the night loudly, his birthday, police said. Neighbors complained. When the police arrived, she noted that the birthday child a warrant. The officers arrested the man and took him to a cell.

+++ 7.32 PM: Trump has reportedly arranged a large-scale RAID against 2000 migrant families +++

US President Donald Trump has instructed according to media reports, the immigration Agency ICE, in a large-scale RAID on Sunday around 2000 deportation the immigrant families to arrest. The RAID will start with night-time house searches in up to ten cities, including Houston, Chicago, New York and Miami, reported the “Washington Post” and the TV channel NBC and CNN.

immigrants in USA

Trump wants millions of illegal immigrants out of the country


Trump’s throw had announced on Monday the expulsion of the “millions” of illegal immigrants. The immigration Agency ICE will begin in the coming week, “millions of illegal aliens who have found an unauthorized manner their way into the United States,” to bring back, he tweeted. “You are sent back quickly as they came.” Details he called.

+++ 6.57 PM: a Serious traffic accident in the United States for at least seven death calls for victims +++

In a collision between a small truck and several motorcycles have come in the U.S. state of New Hampshire for at least seven people were killed. Three other people were injured in the village of Randolph on Route 2 and taken to hospitals, police said. The motorcycles and the trucks were driven in opposite directions, as it came to a collision. About the cause of the collision, there was as yet no information.

+++ 6.46 PM: a dispute between Boris Johnson and partner raises police use of +++

A violent night a dispute between Boris Johnson and his partner established the London police on the Plan. As the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported, alerted a concerned neighbor in the night the police and reported a loud argument with screaming and slamming Doors in the apartment of Johnson and his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds. According to the report, was to be heard, such as Symonds, the former London mayor and Ex-foreign Minister, shouting that he should “leave it alone” and “out of my apartment disappear”.

The call was received shortly after midnight local time, said the Metropolitan Police. “The caller was concerned for the Welfare of his neighbor,” said a police spokesman. The police then spoke with the residents of the relevant apartment, the were all doing well. The police had seen no cause to Intervene.

+++ 6.04 PM: beverages dealers expect customers to rush to the heat wave +++

The drinks traders expect a customer stampede for the upcoming heat wave in Germany. “The bottling manufacturers is running at full speed. Our people, set on special shifts,” said Günther Guder, managing Director of the Federal Association of German beverage wholesale trade, the German press Agency. During the hot days “explodes” after his words of the paragraph: It will handled according to our experience, the range of 140 to 180 percent of normal.

weather Hammer

40 degrees! Meteorologists warn of “extreme” heat wave in Germany – the end is not in sight


summer days were especially when bottled water sales is noticeable. Beyond 25 degrees, the demand to move into the area. This was felt in the beverage wholesale in the past weeks. Strong sales growth there in the heat, even in the case of alcohol-free Beers and alcohol-free beer-based mixed drinks.

+++ 6.05 PM: strawberry harvest is running – consumers need to be running more numbers than 2018 +++

The strawberry season, and offers nationwide for the consumer a good deal, even if at higher prices than in the previous year. So was strawberries in the past week, the average consumer price 4.38 Euro per kilogram, 5 percent more than a year ago, said market expert Michael Koch of the agricultural market information company in Bonn. The beautiful weather have taken care of in 2018, in a short sequence for a lot of goods on the market with favourable prices. This year the Situation look different. Weather the offer was not so great, and from the producers ‘ point of view, so far have been better distributed, said Koch.

+++ 5.20 PM: Several people Dead after building collapse in Cambodia +++

The collapse of a seven-storey building in Cambodia for at least three construction workers were killed and 13 more injured. “We have a dead body recovered, we can see two more,” said the Governor of the southern province of Preah Sihanouk, Yun Min, the AFP news Agency. More than 30 people could be buried under the rubble, according to the Ministry of information, citing eyewitnesses in the Online network Facebook.

The accident occurred early in the Morning in the resort town of Sihanoukville. The collapsed building was still under construction. On photos was to see how excavator rubble cleared to one side. Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia and is known for lax safety rules and work protection measures.

+++ 4.45 PM: climate activists will spend the night on the tracks +++

The railway line for the supply of the RWE power station Neurath in Grevenbroich is also busy early in the Morning of several Hundred people. Around 800 activists blocked since yesterday evening, the tracks, the police announced. The coal opponents had already announced in the evening that I would like to stay in a place. Around 500 people had broken in the early evening hours, a police chain and in the direction of the power plant moved.

+++ 3.56 PM: police get driver’s license loose tank fraudsters +++

Driver’s license and with geklautem number plate on the car has managed a 41-Year-old in the state of Hesse, to refuel since the beginning of the year, a total of eight Times, without having to pay the bill. At the ninth try, the man was caught now in Biblis, the police announced. Officials of the motorway police spotted the man, after he had cheated at the petrol station on Friday night is 55 Euro, on the motorway A5 at the Darmstädter Kreuz and stopped him after a chase at the connection point to the city. According to initial investigation, the 41-Year-old for his tank should have used trips always with the same stolen number plate. The man confessed to all the crimes and stated that he had lunch on drugs.

+++ 2.57 PM: Trump nominated Mark Esper as U.S. Secretary of defense +++

US President Donald Trump has nominated Mark Esper for the office of the US Secretary of defense. The White house said in Washington amid the heightened tensions with Iran. The appointment of an Esper to a Pentagon chief needs to be from the U.S. Senate approved. It is the second change at the top of the Pentagon in about half a year. The former Minister of defense of Jim Mattis had resigned in December in Protest against the Trump announced a withdrawal of troops from Syria, and the reduction of troops in Afghanistan. Thereafter, the Deputy Shanahan took over provisionally the position.

+++ 1.34 PM: Seehofer sees right-wing extremism on a par with Islamist Terror +++

right-wing extremism is, in the words of the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, on a “level with the Islamist terrorist and the danger of rich citizens”. If the assumptions are confirmed in the murder case, Lübcke, was “the development of fire hazard,” said the CSU politician of the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The right-wing extremism had become “for our society to be a real danger.”

the work of The security authorities to combat right-wing extremism and in particular violent individuals and networks should be considerably strengthened, announced Seehofer. The rule of law should be given “more bite”. The murder case Lübcke motivate him “to pull out all the stops in order to increase the security”.

+++ 1.04 PM: Stiftung Warentest recommends mobile air conditioners for apartments ab +++

Given the expected heat wave, the Foundation advises not to test before buying portable air conditioners to cool of their own four walls. “The mobile air-conditioning systems consume a lot of electricity. If anyone could have been in Germany such a device at home, we would need some new power plants,” said a spokesman of Stiftung Warentest of the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. He recommended to look for Alternatives.

The best air conditioner is a good building insulation, said Norwich Rüße, spokesman of the parliamentary group of the North Rhine-Westphalian Countryside. “Who can not do without air conditioning, or wants to, should inform themselves of, the power consumption of the device, and the refrigerant used,” said Rüße. Both is important for the life cycle assessment and the follow-up costs.

+++ 0.41 PM: major fire in U.S. refinery +++

A major fire in a refinery in Philadelphia, has kept the forces in the US-East coast city in of breath. In the night had broken out on the site of a fire. Videos showed a huge, explosion-triggered Fireball that shook the Region about kilometres.

to have The fire brigade, the flames contained, but not initially deleted, shared with. Seriously injured, it was not the first evidence. The cause of the fire in the Oil and gas refined is yet unknown. The local health authority gave the all-clear: that There is no evidence for dangers due to toxic gases. In the complex are employed according to the TV channel ABC about 1000 people.

+++ 0.10 PM: number of forest fires in Germany drastically +++

In German forests has increased, it has to be distilled in the extreme weather of the year 2018 according to a new report more than 1700 Times. The were four times as many forest fires as in the previous year (400). The Figures emerge from a response by the Federal government to a Minor Interpellation of the FDP parliamentary group, which is the “Rheinische Post”. Accordingly, the fire destroyed more than 2,300 hectares of forest – almost six times as much as in the previous year (just under 400 hectares). The fire brigade had to move out, according to the report in the East of Germany are much more frequent than in the West: by far The majority of forest fires was recorded in Brandenburg with a good 500. It is Saxony (200) and Saxony-Anhalt (180) followed.

In comparison to 2016 – the last year with a comparable hot summer has doubled the number of forest fires solely on areas of the Federal government in 2018 and nearly (150). Was destroyed more than twice as large in area as of 2016.

+++ 0.05 PM: Söder coal wants to exit is already to 2030 +++

The phase-out of coal energy is to be made according to the will of CSU leader Markus Söder already in 2030 and, thus, eight years before the previously agreed date. “We are honest: The German climate targets are to be reached by 2030, only if we speed up the Coal phase-solid,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister, the “Münchner Merkur”. “In the end we would have to get off actually, in the year 2030.” Söder had already expressed at the end of may for an accelerated Coal phase-out, but no time.

Up to 2038 to get the coal country 40 billion euros of Structural funds from the Federal government. On the distribution Söder wants to talk again. “It can’t be used for 40 billion euros as a compensation for the mining regions. The money is in the research for renewable energies better and would keep Jobs in Germany”, said the CSU leader. On Monday, the CSU wants to address the Board with the climate policy.

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