5480 square feet in a Prime downtown location, award – winning, In-and Outdoor-garden, light-filled pavilion’s architecture, entering by a Chinese Prachttor in the pagoda style: Panda in Berlin, be.

Nine million Euro cost of the enclosure, almost a Million euros per year, Berlin Zoo, pays for the presence of the bears, 30 to 45 kilograms of bamboo will be delivered every day. So far, the self must have a feel for the two bears. And if a Bamboo blades of grass cross stood, ran Meng Meng, a 5, which was recently awarded as the “Panda personality of the year” with the silver Giant Panda Global Award, a couple of days backwards. Then advanced Panda experts and were attempting to bring the Panda world back into balance.


The Pandas tried it a classic (on the left), the Zoo went better with modern methods to be on the safe

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Meng Meng’s hormone curve riding on a roller coaster, it’s over but with the life in Paradise. Chinese reproductive medicine physicians have come. The “love tunnel” between Meng Meng’s chambers and the Department of Jiao Qing, 8, was opened. Dominant they should be, the complement Panda-lady, said a statement by the zoo. Shy the Lord. By “squeal” have you signaled readiness, he “Complain” to be of interest.

Ejakulator leaves nothing to chance

however, Since the Pandas are more than just personal happiness is at stake, to the Zoo, Berlin, Germany, and China, the chance of an accident. The Panda-diplomacy requires new talent. So a Panda-treatment room with Panda-the ventilator and the Panda-electric-were prepared prior to the start of the 72 conception prepare hours Ejakulator.

Jiao Qing then tried, including him, Meng Meng was animated, in a room that looks like an Elevator shaft, before the eyes of the reproductive doctors, to the experts, not to the capricious nature left.

age to be proud of!

the Oldest Panda in the world died – China mourns the loss of a mother bear Basi


The affair of the cuddly giants ended up on the operating table. The anesthetized Jiao Qing was robbed of seeds and with the help of the electro-Ejakulators in the case of Meng Meng was introduced. A photo of this unromantic procedure shows the on the back-lying Panda female with her legs spread, surrounded by at least seven men, the Director of the zoo Knierim for the photo itself lays a Hand on the bear. A gentleman with grey hair and reading glasses is a device in the presented body opening of the animal.

Panda-Sex-business, including animal porn

it is human to Help the endangered Pandas in China’s breeding stations is the rule rather than the exception. Nevertheless, The photos of copulating and for the purpose of insemination, then downed the bear can hardly, under the heading “species protection”. The crazy Panda-Sex-business, including animal porno – the love of a bear loud as a Download for the media, however, is not finished yet. In or about June, is to recognize for the first time, whether Meng Meng is pregnant, or just a false pregnancy. And also in case of a possible birth of science is to leave nothing to chance.

in 1860, Large adult Pandas to give it according to the most recent census in the world. Two of them were on loan to Berlin. Your offspring will be China. It was a matter of protection of species, would be repealed and the animals in their native environment better, strictly guarded by the Chinese government. But it comes to location factors, trade agreements, Marketing concepts and unique features. And a lot of money.


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