For his criticism of the selection of the advertising faces of the railway Tübingen-Green mayor Boris Palmer approval of the AfD.

The Bundestag Faction leader Alexander Gauland said on Wednesday that he was Palmer’s “grateful that he had initiated this important debate”. Of the web the advertising, for the “only persons with a migration background” is selected, not about the reality on the trains map, “but rather to position themselves in a socio-political debate, politically one-sided and “show attitude””. This is not your task.

Palmer had commented on pictures on the website of the web, people with different skin colors. Among other things, the star chef Nelson Müller, presenter Nazan Eckes and the former formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg, also on billboards and in commercials advertising the railway. “I don’t think it’s comprehensible criteria according to which the “Deutsche Bahn” has selected the individuals on this entrance page,” wrote Palmer on Facebook. “What kind of society the map?” He had been criticized sharply, the railway had defended.

Nelson Müller wrote on Facebook that he was “deeply dismayed that someone “cheer for in such a responsible Position,” the discussion in such a negative way. “I feel as Schwabe, who grew up in Stuttgart, Germany, personally discriminated against because I never had the feeling that I am something other than my friends and neighbors in my home country of Germany,” wrote the chef, who has Ghanaian roots. Ex-racer, Rosberg threw Palmer on Twitter that he wanted columns and bounds. “I’m the son of a Finnish and a German. International diversity in my genes.”