Palestinian Militants in the Gaza strip have fired on Thursday, according to the Israeli army, at least two rockets at the greater Tel Aviv area. In the city and its suburbs were heard in the evening, warning sirens and explosions.

The Israeli army announced that, contrary to media none of the projectiles was intercepted by the defense system Iron Dome (iron dome). It has, however, been neither injured nor property damage. There is also no special instructions for civilians. The last was in Gaza to come to war in the summer of 2014, a similar attack on the greater Tel Aviv area.

According to media reports in Tel Aviv, mayor Ron Chuldai and at the offices of the Opening of public protection in the city. The head of government and Minister of defense Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to stop the Reports in the face of new attacks an emergency meeting in the military headquarters in Tel Aviv.

The conflict between Israel and the militant Palestinian organizations has heated up since a year back. In the case of partly violent protests on the Gaza border, 30 since. March, according to data from the Ministry of health in Gaza, more than 260 Palestinians and thousands more wounded have been killed.

Since the beginning of the month had fired at Palestinians several rockets on the Israeli border area on the edge of the Gaza strip. Israel’s air force bombed then targets in the coastal strip on the Mediterranean sea. A at the end of last year, the Egypt-negotiated ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza strip’s ruling Hamas has become increasingly fragile.

At 9. April is elected in Israel, a new Parliament, and the leading candidates have called for a harder line against Palestinian militants in the Gaza strip.

The Hamas is classified by Israel, the US and the EU as a terrorist organization. Israel has imposed more than ten years ago, a Blockade on the coastal territory, which is supported by Egypt. Both countries justify this with security interests. In the Gaza strip, approximately two million people live under difficult conditions. There is a lack, among other things, drinking water and electricity.