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Pakistan releases Indian pilots (16.53 hrs) Saudi Arabia revokes Bin Laden’s son nationality (15.39 PM)seriously injured after an accident with the tram and the Truck in Karlsruhe (10.05)20 years in prison for magician Jan Rouven in child pornography-process (2.53 p.m.)grants report: Ministry of defence, the serious mistakes of the “Gorch Fock” (2.04 PM)

the news of The day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 22.21 PM: BMW sold in February in the USA, a little more vehicles +++

The car manufacturer, BMW, has deposed in February in the United States of its master brand, something more vehicles than in the corresponding prior-year period. The sales had risen by 0.2 per cent to 23 558 vehicles, the company said. Due to planned new models such as the Z4, BMW is well-positioned for future success, said Bernhard Kuhnt, North America chief at BMW.

+++ 21.28 clock: track cyclist Weinstein loses the world Cup final in a pursuit +++

the European champion Dominic Weinstein has in the UCI track Cycling world Championships in the Polish Pruszkow silver in the 4000-Meter individual pursuit brought. In the final, the 24-Year-old from Villingen-Schwenningen subject to significantly the Italian Filippo Ganna. Weinstein was in 4:12,571 minutes approximately four and a half seconds slower than Ganna (4:07,992). Previously had won in Pruszkow already Miriam Welte and Emma Hinze on Wednesday in the team sprint, as well as Stefan Bötticher on Thursday in the Keirin, each Bronze.

+++ 20.50 PM: Taliban kill more than 20 soldiers on a military base in southwest Afghanistan +++

In an attack on a military base in southwestern Afghanistan have killed Islamist Taliban fighters at least 23 Afghan soldiers. A spokesman for the defence Ministry in Kabul said the number of injured soldiers, also, with 15 of the killed Taliban with 20. The military base Schorab in the province of Helmand is one of the largest in the country and is used by Afghan and US military together.

According to the provincial government, a suicide bomber penetrated a minimum of seven on the military site and blew themselves up there in the air. A representative of the U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan, the AFP news Agency, not a U.S. soldier injured or had been killed.

+++ 20.16 watch: brother of Strasbourg assassin because of Facebook Posts +++

Due to the alarming Facebook Posts, a brother of the Strasbourg assassin Chérif Chekatt has been taken arrested. On his alleged Facebook account news had been published that indicate a possible attack plans, were reported by several French media, citing police sources. On the account of threats and a photo had been seen with weapons. The man had been arrested on Friday afternoon near his home in Strasbourg.

The stop in Strasbourg, on 11. December 2018 crack, five people from the life, several were injured. The police well-known Islamist Extremist, Chérif Chekatt was killed two days later in the Alsatian border city in an exchange of fire with the police.

+++ 19.54 PM: at Least 19 killed in attack the Shebab militia in Mogadishu +++

In the case of an attack by the Islamist Shebab militia in Somalia at least 19 people have been killed. At least 112 people were injured, according to rescue forces in the case of the suicide attack and the ensuing hour-long firefight in the capital Mogadishu. Meanwhile, the United States stated that in the course of the week several dozens of Shebab fighters killed.

First of all, was blown up on Thursday evening, a Shebab militants with a car bomb in front of a large Hotel in the air. Then, a command of Islamist fighters entrenched in the “Maka Al-Mukarama”Hotel adjacent to the Restaurant and provided hours-long shootout with the security forces. After almost 22 hours, the authorities announced on the evening of the “last terrorist attackers” had been killed.

+++ 19.44 at: OPCW confirms the use of chemical weapons in Syria +++

In an internationally controversial poison gas attack in Syria discussed has been used according to the findings of the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), which is actually poison gas. There is to accept “reasonable grounds, that toxic chemicals as a weapon in the attack on 7. April 2018 were used,” said the OPCW in its final report on the incident in the city Duma. It was very likely to be chlorine gas. the

In the attack in the rebel-held city, were killed, according to the UN human rights Council, more than 49 people and up to 650 have been injured. The attack with chemical weapons internationally, there have been a lot of Controversy. The Syrian Opposition and the West have made the Syrian government forces are responsible. The United States, France and Britain bombed because of the incident, Syrian government positions with cruise missiles.

+++ 19: 20: 16. Day of protest of the “yellow West” in France +++

In France have been announced for Saturday new demonstrations of the “yellow vests”. It is the 16. Protest-Saturday since the beginning of the movement in mid-November. Rallies are expected, among other things, in the capital Paris and in Toulouse in the southwest. Last participation was back up: last Saturday, the interior Ministry was far approximately 46,000 participants, nearly 5000 more than a week earlier.

+++ 18.15: Maas will start with a replacement machine from Mali +++

Federal Minister for foreign Affairs Jochen Maas is started after a failure of the government aircraft on Friday evening, with almost a one-day delay on Board, a replacement machine from Mali in the direction of home. “We start!”, tweeted Maas. The machine took off at 18.10 hrs. The Airbus A340 had been placed from Germany to Bamako in March, because of the smaller government jet of type Airbus A319 on the eve of a hydraulic leak had been discovered. Maas and companions were expected shortly after midnight in Berlin.

+++ 17.40 PM: concerts of American musician Ryan Adams cancelled after harassment allegations +++

After harassment allegations against the American musician Ryan Adams, whose tour through the UK and Ireland have been cancelled. Ten scheduled concerts were cancelled as the concert ticket retailer Ticketmaster announced on Friday. The BBC had previously reported that several Fans would be required because of the allegations against Adams to a refund of your purchased Tickets.

+++ 17.29 PM: great Britain declared Salisbury to poison attack for decontaminated +++

A year after the poison attack on the Russian Ex-double agent Sergei Skripal in the UK Salisbury has GroBritain declared the city for decontaminated. Skripals house, and eleven other places in the South of England city is exempt from the Remains of the Neurotoxin Nowitschok to the government. This includes, among other things, the Park Bank was on the Skripal and his daughter at the 4. March of last year found. Both survived the attack only barely. London, the government in Moscow for the fact responsible. A 44-year-old British woman, the poison later on, the nerves came in contact with, died.

+++ 16.53 PM: Pakistan allows Indian pilots free +++

After the recent military confrontation between Pakistan and India, Pakistan has released on Friday and a on Wednesday captured Indian pilots. The Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian air force was handed over on Friday evening (local time) to the Indian authorities at the border crossing at Wagah in the Punjab province, to see as television images.

+++ 16: 00 PM: once Again, mass protests in Algeria, President Bouteflika +++

In Algeria are once again gone, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The people chanted against a fifth term in office, the 81-Year-old. Since 20 years, the ruling Bouteflika had announced that the presidential election again in April to compete.

In the capital, Algiers went to the Friday prayers, thousands of people took to the streets. The security forces had already prepared since the Morning on the demonstrations and important places and government buildings in Algiers, occupied. Eye-witnesses reported isolated cases of use of tear gas in the capital.

+++ 15.55 PM: Maas missed because of a plane breakdown, his son’s birthday +++

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas missed because of failure on his government plane to an important private appointment at home. “The most Painful for me personally is that I miss the birthday of my son,” said the SPD politician on Friday in Mali. “But he has, thank God, understanding.” After more than 300,000 trouble-free kilometres Maas was on Thursday evening due to a hydraulic loss at its Airbus A319 in the Malian capital of Bamako in West Africa remained. He was supposed to fly back on Friday afternoon, a day late with a replacement machine. The landing in Berlin was scheduled for shortly after midnight.

+++ 15.39 watch: Saudi Arabia deprives the son of Osama bin Laden nationality +++

Saudi Arabia has withdrawn from the son of the former Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden nationality. The Saudi reported cal newspaper, Okaz, with reference to the state’s official Gazette Umm al-Kura. Therefore, the Saudi Ministry of the interior of Hamsa bin Laden had already withdrawn in mid-February by the decree of the nationality. Previously, the U.S. had suspended on Thursday (local time), a bounty in the amount of one Million dollars on Hamsa bin Laden. The US state Department assumes that Hamsa has taken after the death of his father, a leading role in the terrorist network Al-Qaeda.

+++ 14.57 PM: delays and cancellation of flights to Terminal Räumungin Düsseldorf +++

At the airport Dusseldorf, it came because of the eviction of a three-flight climb to delays and flight cancellations. The Federal police acknowledged on Friday morning, the Terminals, because three of the passengers were in an uncontrolled manner passes into the security area. After a two-hour search, the police gave the all-clear. About 6,500 passengers were affected. According to the airport operator, several flights were cancelled until the evening and was expected impairments.

+++ 14: 28: Kramp-Karrenbauer against restrictive rules on arms exports +++

In the debate on the German-French agreements on the facilitation of arms exports CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer opposed to restrictive regulations. Otherwise, this damaged the defence industry in Germany and dangerous jobs, said Kramp-Karrenbauer, the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany. Background differences in the coalition on the arms export ban against Saudi Arabia.

+++ 14.28 PM: Drunken Frenchman is popping almost 300 car tires +++

A whole series zerstochener car tire has provided in the West of France for the uproar – now the person in charge is taken: A 27-year-old man confessed to the judiciary information, in a drunken state, nearly 300 car tyres slashed. Thus, the investigators came to the man through DNA analysis. The man stated that he had been drunk and acted out of anger over a dispute with an unknown passer-by. He came tentatively. Before a procedure, now the total damage would have to be determined, it said. At the police station of Cholet almost 200 messages were received.

+++ 14.25 PM: coalition partners support Netanyahu, despite the prosecution’s recommendation +++

decreased, Despite the planned corruption were against Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the members of the government coalition, and other right-wing parties support him. “I firmly believe that after the hearing, everyone will understand that Fake cases is spoken,” wrote culture Minister Miri Regev of Netanyahu’s Likud party on Twitter. “Our Prime Minister is an honest man.” The party, The New rights informed said: “As we, from the beginning, for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the presumption of innocence applies as for every other citizen in the country.” You’ll be the President after the parliamentary elections on 9. April recommend to entrust Netanyahu with the formation of the next government.

+++ 14: 15: FDP, greens and the Left want to pull out because of the sections 219a to Karlsruhe +++

the FDP, Left and greens want to tilt the reformed sections 219a to the so-called advertising ban by a constitutional complaint. The FDP in coordination with the Left and Green to give an opinion on a standards action to create, such as FDP parliamentary group Deputy Stephan Thomae said the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany from Friday. Left-Boss Katja Kipping was pleased about the joint project. “We need to bring this absurd paragraph 219a to the case,” she told the AFP news Agency.

+++ 14: 05: another democratic presidential candidate-to-candidate throws hat in the Ring ++++

The field of the presidential candidate of the Democrats for the elections of 2020, continues to grow. On Friday, the Governor of the state of Washington, Jay Inslee, announced that it crystallizes in the primaries in a year. Thus, there are now a total of twelve candidates for the Democrats. Inslee said that to make the fight against climate change the top priority of his election campaign. The 68-Year-old in 2013 as the Governor of West coast state and has a long policyHey career. However, he is one of the few better-known names among the candidates and is in the polls in the back.

+++ 13.16 PM: Russia to Venezuela’s massive aid deliveries to +++

The Russian government has said Venezuela further deliveries of aid. says Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the Venezuelan Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez stated in a Meeting in Moscow on Friday of “massive grain supplies” and medicines aid in view. So Russia wants to support the government in Caracas in addressing the “economic and social difficulties”.

+++ 13.09 PM: Alexander Klaws is the new Winnetou +++

The first of the “Germany searches for the Superstar”-winner and Musical performers Alexander Klaws is the new Winnetou at the Karl May festival in Bad Segeberg. The 35-Year-old the 29. June said in the piece, “Among vultures – The son of the bear hunter” as the Apache chief, as the organizers on Friday. He will receive prominent support: the Model and actress Larissa Marolt (26, “Germany’s Next top model”) assumes the role of the actress Tiffany O’toole. The son of the bear hunter, Raúl Richter (“Good times, bad times embodies”).

+++ 12: 40: Lukashenko, according to the majority of the white Russians rejects Union with Russia, + + +

A majority of the inhabitants of Belarus rejects, in the words of President Alexander Lukashenko to an Association with Russia. Today would held a Referendum, would vote 98 percent of the white Russians against a unification of the two countries – “or against what many Russians as a connecting Belarus to Russia”, – said Lukashenko. The inhabitants of white Russia wanted to “be with Russia, but they want to live in their own home”.

+++ 12.12 PM: Unicef is alarmed because of the rapid rise of measles disease +++

The UN children’s Fund, Unicef, fails due to the rapidly increasing number of measles Alarm cases in some regions of the world. Alone in the first weeks of this year, 24 000 people in the Ukraine would have with the dangerous Virus infected and almost 13 000 in the Philippines, reported the organization on Friday. In Madagascar, more than 76 000 people with measles were infected since September.

the World had recorded 98 countries to 2018 more cases than the year before. Many countries have reported cases in the year before the measles were free, including the first in Brazil, where last year more than 10 000 people with measles spread the contagion.

+++ 11.41 PM: Margot Käßmann own magazine +++

gets The theologian Margot Käßmann own magazine. Starting in April, the former Bishop will publish a monthly publication with the title “in the Midst of life,” said the Herder-Verlag in Freiburg. The 60-Year-old will write about “Personal and Political”. The project was something like the “notebook” of Käßmann.

+++ 11.38 PM: the prosecution in the case of Lügde to. prior to may +++

in Spite of the growing scandal of the mass sexual abuse on a campsite in Lügde in East-Westphalia, the office of the public Prosecutor Detmold is sticking to your time plan “The prosecution is supposed to be before may,” said senior public Prosecutor Ralf Vetter . A possible process could then begin in June. So far, three men from Lügde, stone home, and Stade sitting in lower Saxony, at the age of 33 to 56 years in detention. You the investigators throw serious sexual abuse of children and possession of child pornography.

The investigation into additional Victims and possible perpetrators have not yet been completed. This also applies to allegations against employees of youth welfare offices and the police, responding to reports of sexual abuse may be incorrect.

+++ 11.23 PM: the case of Sami A. – application for leave to appeal +++

The Tunisia deported suspected Islamist Sami A. more made deals with the German justice: His lawyers have filed, as announced in the night of Friday, an application for leave to appeal. Your Fax arrived, according to a court spokesman to 23.29 PM in the administrative court of Gelsenkirchen, Germany – 31 minutes before the deadline.

The lawyers want to force a new negotiation, after the administrative court of Gelsenkirchen on 16. February had overturned the deportation the prohibition against Sami. The administrative court will pass the request to the higher administrative court of Münster, the need to decide on the admission of the appeal.

+++ 10.57 PM: earthquake of magnitude 7.0 in Peru +++

In the Andean country of Peru has occurred an Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0. This is the German research centre for Geosciences (GFZ), confirmed in Potsdam. The earthquake was measured at a depth of 252 kilometers. “Earthquakes of this depth to come to the surface is significantly weakened,” said the press Secretary of the GFZ, Josef Zens. Reports of damage there was.

+++ 10.44 PM: Herrmann: Incorrectly discharged weapon was the cause of death of a police officer +++

The death of a police student in Würzburg, goes back, according to Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU), probably due to a wrong discharged service weapon. The exact cause of the deadly incident on Thursday evening, although not clarified yet, but presumably, the police have to forget students when Unloading a bullet in the barrel of the gun and the magazine removed, he said on Friday during the welcome of new police officers in Munich. “That was probably the cause.”

the young policeman Herrmann appealed: “Take everything you have learned in your training to Discharge their weapon, very, very seriously.”

+++ 10.20 PM: A year after the attack on Ex-spy: Salisbury free of any neurotoxin +++

A year after the poison attack on the former Russian double-agent, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, the English city of Salisbury is officially Nowitschok-free. A total of twelve areas on the tracks of the extremely dangerous Neurotoxin had been checked and cleaned – the last time the house of the Ex-spy, reported the British news Agency PA.

fighting substance Nowitschock

case Skripal: Investigating police officer was mitvergiftet and then lost everything

He was wearing protective clothing, but helped nothing. Nick Bailey, under the house of Skripals was looking for and was also poisoned with Nowitschock. As the Ex-Agent and his daughter, he survived. But he paid a high price.

+++ 10.18 am: Two persons after clearance at the airport in düsseldorf identified +++

The Federal police after the eviction, at düsseldorf airport, a traveler has triggered the Alarm Accidentally. After the first knowledge he had an emergency door to the security area opened, and two more passengers behind then went. Two of the three persons were identified and were now being questioned, said a police spokeswoman. Fixed-do not be taken. Probably the door out of ignorance had been opened, said the spokesperson.

By the Opening of the emergency door had been triggered on Friday morning, the Alarm, around 6500 passengers had to leave the security area of the airport. Numerous flights were heavily delayed.

+++ 10.05 PM: seriously injured after an accident with the tram and the Truck in Karlsruhe +++

The collision of a tram with a load of at least four people in Karlsruhe were seriously injured, one of them life-threatening. At least 15 people were slightly injured. The tram derailed. It’ll take hours to put them back on the rails, said a police spokeswoman. Details of the accident, as well as to the exact number of the injured could not call the police first.

+++ 10.01 PM: Greta Thunberg demonstrated with 3000 students in Hamburg +++

The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg for the first time for a school strike to Germany. Together with around 3000 students, the 16-Year-old in Hamburg demonstrated for a better climate policy. On posters and banners, the students demanded that “The climate can’t wait” and “Make the earth cool again!”. The demonstration should be increased from the goose market, on the virgin and the Mönckebergstraße to the town hall market. There Thunberg wanted, the holiday, and in demonstrations in Brussels, Paris and Antwerp participated in a short speech.

+++ 10.00: unemployment drops slightly in February to 2,373 million +++

The number of unemployed in Germany in February to 2,373 million. The 33 000 job seekers less than in January and 173 000 less than a year ago, as the Federal Agency reported for work in Nuremberg. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.3 percent.

+++ 9.53 PM: rye wants to compete, according to speakers again in the fall for the group’s presidency to run +++

The Chairman of the AfD group in the Bundestag, Alice rye, despite the party affair of their party donations again in the autumn as a group boss. “Mrs rye wants to run again for the group leadership, preferably as a double peak with Mr Gauland”, the spokesman said the Newspapers of the Funke media group by Friday.

rye is because of possibly illegal party donations in six figures under pressure. The Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz, is investigating the case. Her Co-Chairman Alexander Gauland had last declared that to decide in the summer about his future political career. The 78-year-old Gauland referred to his age.

+++ 9.34 PM: Düsseldorf airport again +++

At the düsseldorf Airport opened, the operation after the evacuation of Parts of the security area to all flight rise again. As the last was shortly before 9 p.m., the Gate B is opened, said an airport spokesman on Friday morning. Of the eviction, according to initial estimates, about 6,500 passengers were affected.

As the reason for the evacuation of the Airport was notified in the Morning that there had been a mixing of controlled and uncontrolled travelers. The passengers would have to now control it again through the security.

+++ 9.23 PM: Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is up for sale +++

The legendary Neverland Ranch of the late singer Michael Jackson price comes on the market – at a bargain. A broker in California offers the 1100-acre property for $ 31 million (27 million Euro) for sale. Four years ago, the Ranch had stood still for 100 million dollars for sale. Broker Kyle Forsyth established the price decline with the year-long drought in the Region, the impact on the real estate market.

the buyer of a main house with six bedrooms, three guest houses, a 1.6-acre lake with a waterfall, tennis courts, and several barns. Offers the property under the name of Sycamore Valley Ranch.

+++ 9.02 PM: DOSB chief to Doping: No evidence that Germans are affected +++

DOSB-President Alfons Hörmann also provides for two days after the Doping raids in Erfurt, Germany, and Seefeld is no evidence for the involvement of German athletes. “To our knowledge, neither the Junior team athletes are Top athletes in Germany from any sports with the physician in contact,” said Hörmann in the ZDF.

In a RAID of the Austrian Federal office of criminal investigation at the Nordic world Ski Championships in Seefeld were on Wednesday arrested seven Suspects. In Erfurt parallel to this, the doctor Mark S. and a suspected accomplice was arrested.

+++ 8.36 PM: parts of the security sector at düsseldorf airport evacuated +++

At the düsseldorf airport have to be cleared, parts of the security sector. There had been a mixing of controlled and uncontrolled passengers, said the airport. The passengers would have to now control it again through the security. How many travelers are affected by it, was initially unclear.

+++ 8.05 PM: the United States put a Million dollars on the capture of Osama bin Laden’s son +++

The U.S. government has suspended a Million dollars (880,000 euros) on the capture of the son of Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden. Hamsa bin Laden had “become a leader” of the terror network, said the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Washington. The suspended amount would be paid for information leading to his capture.

U.S. intelligence services see the 30-year-old Hamza bin Laden as an ascending size in the global Jihadism. He had already threatened attacks on the United States, to avenge the death of his father. Osama bin Laden was tracked down in 2011 by U.S. special forces in his hideout in Pakistan and killed. Hamsa bin Laden also called for the overthrow of the monarchy in Saudi Arabia, the homeland of his family.

+++ 7.34 PM: Texas is 70-year-old triple killer +++

In Texas, is a 70-year-old convicted murderer hung by the oldest been executed in the US state executed a prisoner since the re-introduction of the death penalty in the United States. The death sentence against Billie Wayne Coble was executed in the evening in the prison of Huntsville with a poison-filled syringe is full, officials said. He had been found guilty, in 1989, the parents and the brother of his wife killed, the wanted to divorce him.

+++ 5.23 PM: police Trainee shoots probably-and inadvertently-With-trainees +++

A police Trainee in Würzburg apparently inadvertently-Traineesdenden shot. The young police candidates was reported to be shot in the head and died shortly afterwards of his injuries in hospital, such as the police and Prosecutor’s office early in the Morning together. The authorities go after first knowledge that the boy’s willingness COP triggered the shot on Thursday evening by mistake. He talked with his colleagues shortly before the commencement of the evening service on a Guard in one of the rooms of the associated accommodation of the police Bureau. Both trainees are, according to the police around 20 years old – exact age not wanted to call the police first. The Prosecutor’s office took over together with the criminal investigation Department in the investigation. Is determined on suspicion of negligent homicide.

+++ 4.16 PM: Greta Thunberg: German school strikes me full of hope +++

The climate activist Greta Thunberg is impressed with how many German school children have joined their protest action. “What happened in Germany, makes me incredibly hopeful,” said the 16-year-old Swede, prior to their participation in the school strike in Hamburg, the German press Agency. It was a great honor for you, for the first time in Germany at a climate protest. You consider Germany as one of the most important countries in the fight against climate change. “What Germany is doing has a huge influence on the entire world. That’s why I think you should look at this as a great opportunity,” she said.

+++ 2.53 PM: 20 years in prison for magician Jan Rouven in child pornography-process +++

The German magician Jan Rouven (41) has been convicted in the United States for possession and distribution of child pornography to 20 years in prison. In addition, the court in Las Vegas has imposed a monetary penalty in the amount of $ 500,000 (approximately 440,000 euros), a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office of the German press told the Agency.

methods in Las Vegas

German magician Jan Rouven is committed in the child pornography process guilty


The mage, the celebrated success with his Show “The New Illusions” in Las Vegas, was arrested in March 2016. According to the indictment, discovered by investigators on Laptops and other devices in Rouvens Villa thousands of Videos and photos, which showed, among other things, the abuse of children.

+++ 2:34 am to: Amazon takes on “the Dash”- “Order” button sets in the world from the offer +++

Amazon selling his “Dash”- “Order” button for a quick Reorder of everyday items in the world. Instead of the Hardware buttons of the Online wants to focus merchants in the future on related digital services. Virtual “Dash”button that you can set up on the Amazon Website or in the App. In the U.S., manufacturers of household appliances can integrate these buttons in the display of your technique. “If you now have a Dash Button to the home, he remains, of course, capable of functioning”, – said the Amazon Manager Tim Freystedt.

For Germany, the decision is of special importance. Amazon had lost in January in the second instance before the higher regional court of Munich in a legal dispute with the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia to the buttons. The judge held that Amazon was in breach of laws relating to Online trading, because when shopping clear information about contents, price and of the note on a payment, subject to order were missing.

+++ 2.04 PM: report: defense Ministry admits grave errors in the “Gorch Fock” a +++

In the affair to the Navy sailing school ship “Gorch Fock” has given the Federal Ministry of defence, a media report says a serious error. The “world” reported, the Ministry had confirmed after an extensive examination of the internal audit, the serious allegations of the Federal court of auditors, to a large extent.

chronicle of the inconsistencies

Jenny boken was ten years ago, on the Gorch Fock murdered?

Kyra radio

In a statement, which was submitted to the Bundestag on Thursday, it is said, therefore, although the tests have not yet been processed finally, allow the current state of knowledge “, already observed, that we share the vast majority of the representations of the Federal court of auditors as well as the recommendations follow the summary remarks”.

The court had found the beginning of January, according to media reports, in a report of serious lapses in the rehabilitation of the 1958-built sailing ship. So by the end of 2015 had been earmarked for the renovation of the three masters just under ten million euros. Meanwhile, the cost increased to 135 million euros. The court referred to, among other things, before the restoration, there had been no comprehensive Damage assessment is still an adequate investigation of the cost-effectiveness.

+++ 1.43 PM: a man more than two-metre-long dead snake in the compost +++

the fright in the evening hours: a place for compost, a man in Friedland in Mecklenburg-has a more than two meters long, motionless fallen snake-Vorpommern discovered. He reported his find, and the veterinary office picked up the animal, the police announced. It turned out that the snake, which is believed to belong to the family of Boaz, was at the time of their discovery already dead. Where the animal came from and if it was one of the poisonous species, is now to be determined.

+++ 0.00 hours: Maas due to plane breakdown in Mali +++

stranded on The roadside series at the flight readiness gap: Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) is stranded due to a technical defect of his government plane in the West African state of Mali. His return to Berlin move, therefore, on Friday, said a spokeswoman for the foreign office.

breakdown of government Aviator

What happens in case of an accident? Who would take over for Merkel?

On the way to the G20 summit in Argentina, the German Delegation included the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, an emergency landing had to. Who would regulate the duties in a case of an accident?

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