Pakistan Officially added to Amazon’s Seller Registration list 2021

Pakistan Officially added to Amazon's Seller Registration list
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash
Congratulations to whole PAKISTAN! 
Today formally Amazon has added Pakistan into their approved country list! This was the dream when we came into Pakistan almost 3 years ago to give an awareness of the multi billion dollar platform where people can be able to earn money, however this Qafla getting bigger and bigger where Amazon was forced to add Pakistan into their approved countries list and when I announced it in 2020 that Pakistan will be added into Approved country in 2021 then people called me Crazy and made jokes!
Well done to all who joined in this movement of awareness and showing to the world that this Power of eCommerce from Pakistan which is emerging cannot be ignored anymore!
As much as eCommerce have grown, we see a lot of opportunity to innovate on behalf of our followers and students, and we’ll continue to come up with strategies and solutions that enable great success stories and deliver results.
I also want to congratulate Extreme commerce, Success Pakistan and all other companies who built up the healthy environment along with all the fellows who have been involved educating the people about Amazon potential awareness and taking the pain to face criticism from the people of Pakistan.
We can imagine as it is was not an easy one to face different types of taunts which usually use to come and we faced that with challenge and kept moving without looking behind!
This is the time when we all need to be together and work closely with each other to ensure we take this opportunity for the people of Pakistan and help them grow together- This is the time to be together as end of the day we are all going to represent Pakistan not Enablers or not any other organization!

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