A dispatch messenger in Brandenburg an der Havel is detained because he is alleged to have embezzled hundreds of packages and shipments. The 35-Year-old have confessed to the deeds, police said. During the search the officers also found drugs in larger quantities. Previously, a witness had reported to the police. In a side room of their apartment, she had found more than a hundred packages and shipments. According to initial investigations by the police revealed that the employer of the messenger of irregularities were noticed, and also internally, against the 35-Year-old was determined.

the damage in the amount of tens of thousands of euros?

By the confession of the man could not be found in other places of storage. A total of were seized in other searches, more than 900 packages. First estimates of damage in the amount of tens of thousands of euros. The 35-Year-old sitting in custody. According to police reports, the criminal law investigation of the Case due to the high number of packets being a “very extensive”. Should you miss a package: It could be among the 900 now found packages.

source: police Brandenburg