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After the refusal of the Turkish authorities, a number of German correspondents, the work permits, warns former Federal Chairman of the Green party, Cem Özdemir, a trip to the country.

“No one in Turkey is safe, neither Germans nor German. This is an arbitrary state,” said the member of the Bundestag (Bündnis 90/die Grünen) in Germany radio. The approach of Ankara criticized Özdemir sharp. “Erdogan has turned the Turkish media is largely the same. And now the international media market is obvious.”

ZDF correspondent Joerg Brase and “daily mirror”Reporter Thomas Seibert had to leave on Sunday afternoon, the Turkey, and to Germany to fly. The press office in Ankara had communicated to you, as well as a non-constantly living in Turkey NDR Reporter in front of around a week, your request for a new press card had not been approved.

Özdemir senses behind it a political decision: “journalism is for Erdogan, that you are allowed to worship him. This is not that you provide it with critical questions,” said the 53-Year-old.

Also, the Federal government Özdemir sees the responsibility, finally, the Turkey’s partners in Nato and a member state in the Euro was ready. “Maybe Berlin should take time to slowly understand that the real Turkey, with the Turkey, you could wish for in Berlin, a lot in common.”