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Baby abused and beaten to death: the verdict against 19-Year-olds (10.51 PM)Kim-lookalike from Hanoi deported (7.21 PM) – Green record-breaking growth in membership (6.50 PM), capturing American is after 39 years of innocent imprisonment compensation (5.09 PM

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+++ 11.05 PM: United States and North Korea could declare, when the summit officially the end of the war +++

US President Donald Trump, and North Korea’s leader Kim Kong-Un could meet after the assessment of the government in South Korea, at their summit in Hanoi officially the end of the Korean war to explain. “I think that is a possibility,” said a spokesman of President Moon Jae-In on Monday in Seoul. It was completely open, what is the “type of Declaration” was expected, “but I think that the United States and North Korea could reach an agreement,” added the spokesman.

+++ 10.51 PM: Baby killed – psychiatry and youth-penalty for 19-Year-old +++

manslaughter and serious sexual abuse of his four-week-old daughter, has condemned the Kiel district court a 19-Year-old to eight and a half years youth custody. In addition, the court ordered the lodging of the accused in psychiatry. The young man had abused the Baby in April 2018 in a Kiel roof apartment first of all sexually hard to miss, and then with powerful blows to the head killed. The fact happened according to the prosecution in alcohol and drug intoxication.

+++ 10.23 PM: warning Strikes in the public service in several countries +++

The collective bargaining conflict in the public service started coming to a head. With Strikes in several countries, trade unions have increased the mounting pressure on the employers ‘ side, as several trade Union spokesman of the German press Agency confirmed. In the North of Germany, all-day country began in the Morning-wide warning Strikes, in which Employees of numerous Hamburg authorities, as well as all the country administrations in Schleswig-Holstein are involved. In several cities demonstrations were planned. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Employees of the clinics in Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Essen and Cologne, laid down their work. In Thuringia, among others, teachers, and staff of the University hospital Jena were called for Strikes.

+++ 9.02 PM: CDU Internal Affairs, as the city does not want to bring back the IS-fighters +++

The CDU interior politician Patrick Sensburg sees no need in Syria, prisoners of a German IS-fighter with dual citizenship in the Federal Republic of back. Although there was a young women with a German passport, and had committed no atrocities, and sometimes even victims. “The retrieve for humanitarian reasons,” he said on Monday in the ZDF-“morning magazine”. “But there are also people who have had a German passport, they have fought, they said, we want to be citizens of the IS, the are now in the Kurdish areas. Since you do not need to bring back: Because the nationality is to be omitted.”

+++ 8.16 PM: Barley wants to broker a fee for house and apartment buying new rules +++

Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) wants to ensure that the purchase and sale of apartments and houses in the future, the one who pays the broker who hires him – as is already the case with rentals. “A private home is just Finance for young people and families increasingly difficult. Often buyers have to bear enormous brokerage costs, although the seller has instructed the broker,” said the SPD politician of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. With the new regulation, buyers should be the ancillary costs of real estate acquisition relieved.

+++ 8.11 PM: Pro-Russian Socialist party after parliamentary elections in Moldova in front +++

After the allegations of fraud overshadowed parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova, the Pro-Russian Socialist party is in the lead. After counting of almost all votes the President’s party, Igor Dodon came to more than 31 percent of the vote, as the election Commission announced on Monday in the capital, Chisinau. The Pro-European party the Alliance Acum came with 26 percent and the ruling democratic party (PDM) of the oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc came up with 24 percent.

+++ 7.34 PM: Merkel hits May – EU-Arab summit consults on crises and terrorist +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of the summit of EU and Arab League in the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. Both politicians wanted to advise the Assembly on the state of the muddled discussion of the modalities of the exit of Britain from the EU. Details were not initially known. However, it was not expected that Merkel May would make new proposals for resolving the situation.

+++ 7.21 PM: the Kim look-alike will be deported before the summit with Trump from Vietnam +++

Two days before the summit is to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump in Vietnam, a lookalike of North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un leave the country. Howard X was picked up by three men in his Hotel in Hanoi, and in a car to the airport. After a police interrogation he was informed that his visa is “invalid”, said the man from Hong Kong prior to his deportation. The “real reason” was “that I was born with a face that makes me like Kim Jong-Un appearance,” said the Kim look-alike. “This is the real crime.” The real Kim have “no sense of humour”. Satire is “a powerful weapon against any dictatorship”.

+++ 6.50 PM: Green recorded a record membership growth +++

The height of the flight of the Greens is also reflected in the number of party members: The party lists for the past year, the best members of the development since its start-up phase and an all-time high in the number of members. The national Director of the Michael Kellner told the newspaper “The world” from the Monday, his party had entered 10.246 new entries and counting now 75.311 members. “We are younger, female and East German.”

with a Particularly strong increase was, therefore, in the former East Germany, where the Greens have so far had great difficulties. So have located in Brandenburg, the growth rate at 26 per cent, in Saxony, at 23 per cent and in the East overall, excluding Berlin, at around 19 percent, said the national Director of the waiters. Nationally, the number rose to 15,75%. The proportion of women had increased in the case of the Green is traditionally higher than in the case of the other parties, “even slightly, from 39.8 to 40.5 percent,” said the waiter. In addition, the average age had dropped by the many entries from 49.5 years to smooth 49 years.

+++ 6.09 PM: Germany na gave 437 refugees money to return to Syria +++

the German authorities have in the past year ch to preliminary Figures, the supports 437 refugees returning to Syria financially. This is clear from the response of the Federal government on a question of domestic policy spokeswoman for the left party, Ulla Jelpke, which is present the German press Agency. The government emphasizes that, in accordance with the decision of the conference of interior Ministers from the 30. November of 2018 will continue to be sent no one against his will to Syria. “Syrian nationals are also encouraged by the Federal authorities in any way for voluntary departure. The funding of voluntary departure are made,” it says. In this practice, the government wanted to hold on to.

+++ 5.59 PM: Croatian peasant party occurs because of Orban out of the EPP +++

The tradition of rich Croatian peasant party (HSS) occurs in part due to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban of the conservative European people’s party (EPP). “The time has changed this grouping,” it said in an opinion from the HSS by the Bureau on Sunday evening. Orban had started in the previous week in Hungary, a poster campaign attacking the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker as the alleged promoter of illegal Migration. The posters, which show Juncker and the liberal U.S. billionaire George Soros in an unfavorable Pose, had caused in the ranks of the EPP outrage, and Call to the exclusion of the right-wing nationalist Hungarian government party Fidesz.

+++ 5.49 PM: Trump extended in the trade dispute with China deadline for tariff increases +++

US President Donald Trump has extended the trade dispute with China to the next Friday deadline. In the short message service Twitter Trump spoke on Sunday of “significant progress” in trade talks with Beijing. In view of the “very productive discussions” and move the period after the expiry of punitive tariffs on Chinese Goods dramatically increased. A new time-limit Trump not called.

+++ 5.38 PM: Director Spike Lee considers political Oscar acceptance speech +++

The Oscar-winning Director Spike Lee, his has used the acceptance speech to make a political Statement. “In front of the whole world, I give our ancestors who built this country, my honor,” said the U.S. Director, who was excellent in the night to Monday in Hollywood for his adapted screenplay for the political Satire “BlacKkKlansman”. 400 years ago, their ancestors from Africa had been robbed, and enslaved. It is important to learn from the ancestors, he said. “Then we will gain our humanity back.

+++ 5.14 PM: Union Kramp warns-Karrenbauer in front of black-and-green thoughts play in the Federal +++

The value of the Union, a coalition of the conservative CDU and CSU members, rejects a black – and-green fantasies at the Federal level. Chairman Alexander Mitsch said the German press Agency: “In major policy fields such as immigration policy, as well as the economic and energy policy miles are the Greens with their ideological positions far from the reason.” The party track “naive and therefore dangerous approaches” in the migration policy. She was pursuing a de-industrialisation in Germany and is threatening the energy security.

+++ 5.09 p.m.: 39-year-innocent in detention – US-American receives $ 21 million compensation +++

A wrongly convicted man who was sitting in California for 39 years in jail, gets a compensation in the millions. The city of Simi Valley agreed with Craig Coley on a compensation payment in the amount of $ 21 million, such as from a communication from the authorities. The city has avoided so that it comes to the process. Coley was convicted of a double homicide in his 24-year-old Ex-girlfriend and their four-year-old son in 1978 to life imprisonment. He assured always to be innocent. A DNA Test finally revealed that he could not have committed the deed.

+++ 4.49 PM: Turkey imposed less Entry bans against German +++

The Turkish border authorities have refused to 2018 less German entry than in the previous year. The Federal foreign office, 78 cases were reported and 17 less than in 2017. The answer from Minister of state Michael Roth on the request of the left party, which is present the German press Agency. The number is still large enough, the Foreign office notes in its Travel to Turkey is still a rejection of travelers at airports or border crossings, warns. “Affected persons had to compete after a waiting period in detention from several hours to a few days of their journey back to Germany”, – stated in it. “You have been removed, their mobile phones and stored content, as well as contacts searches.”

+++ 2.54 PM: armed US base: Tokyo does not want to bend to the will of the people +++

In the fierce dispute over the relocation of U.S. Troops to bases on Japan’s southern island of Okinawa wants to stay in the right-wing conservative government in Tokyo, despite a local referendum hard. Although more than 70 percent of the voters voted on Okinawa the day before, against the construction of the base, and made Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday in front of reporters, that this will change in the planning, nothing. The relocation of the in a residential area of the city of Ginowan to the nearby marine corps base Futenma to the less populated coastal area Haneko could not be more moved, Abe cited. The local Referendum on Okinawa from Sunday, was not legally binding.

+++ 0.06 watch: police attacks on a monthly basis 100 Deportees, with the entry lock +++

The Federal government’s tightening up of the rules, the rejection of deported refugees, which, despite entry ban to Germany, show, according to a report in the newspaper, so far no effect. In the past year, the police had registered in the month, on average, 100 people who had been occupied with a ban on entry, writes the “world” with reference to the Figures of the Federal police. The police should reject such refugees since June of last year, even if you specify to seek protection. The number of Apprehended have not changed since then. About 43 percent of them were found to be border controls at the border to Austria and at air – and seaports, about 57 per cent in the domestic market.

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