In France have been initiated investigations against a doctor who is supposed to have poisoned in a private clinic in the city of Besançon at least 24 patients. The public Prosecutor’s office accuses the anesthesiologist Frédéric Péchier to have the anesthesia Equipment of his colleagues deliberately manipulated in order to provoke an emergency, then, his Talent demonstrate. As the British “Independent” reported to have injected in the 47-Year-old patients lethal doses of potassium chloride, a heart-standstill trigger on the operating table.

The Affected are, according to the Prosecutor’s office between four and 80 years old. Nine people died in consequence of his manipulations. Other locations for days in a coma. The cases date back to the years 2008 to 2016.

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As reported by the BBC, have being investigated by the police, a total of 66 suspicious cases in which unexpected complications were encountered, although the operations were classified in advance as non-risky. Colleagues of Péchier had become suspicious because he was able to amazingly quickly diagnose an Overdose of the Anesthetic as the cause of the complications.

Prosecutor Etienne Manteaux, said, according to local media, that Péchier was, in all cases, “the common denominator”. “He was often found in the vicinity of the corresponding operating room”, and I immediately knew what actions he should take, “even if no one could suspect an Overdose” of anesthetics.

Life imprisonment

Péchier but it rejects all the accusations. “What will be the result of the investigation, my career is over,” he told reporters at a press conference. “Who can trust a doctor, the poison is called a mixer … My family is broken and I fear for my children.”

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Péchiers lawyer Jean-Yves Le Borgne, dismissed the allegations against his client. There is the possibility that the doctor was responsible for those deaths, there is although he said, according to the AFP news Agency. It was so far, but only a hypothesis. In the case of the two-year investigation had come out of “nothing”.

Against the doctor will have already determined since 2017. Should he be convicted, he faces life imprisonment. The practice of a profession is forbidden him already. He also has the support of the city of Besançon to stay away from.

source: “The Independent”, BBC