ARD is using the session-free time in the political Berlin traditionally, the top politicians of all parties, in a relaxed atmosphere, exchange views on current issues. On Sunday, the FDP-Chef Christian Lindner sat on the red Sofa by Tina Hassel, head of the ARD capital studios. For the past four years, the experienced journalist and runs the popular summer interviews. At Lindner, she patted my foot in a fat. With a private question, which was, apparently, been a viewer submitted.

“Have I understood this right?”

In a quick question-round Hassel introduced the 40-Year-old in front of a choice: wealth tax or the same age girlfriend? A question, which alluded obviously to the partner of the politician and one of the favorite themes of his party. Lindner’s thoughts were easy to guess: “I Got the degree right?” When he was sure to have not interrogated, played back to the party leader of the liberals, the Ball is contrite: “Tasteless.” And to see that many of the viewers who tuned in to the conversation. In the network you are making a big fuss about the Hassel and the editorial Board.

“a Clear transgression” tweeted User tobi_de in the direction of Hassel. As an experienced journalist you should not have such inappropriate and impertinent question, in his view, not make. What Mr. Lindner has a girlfriend or not is none of us first, also Jenni groehlich.

User indignant: “an expression of absolute insolence”

With a completely different aspect of User Konstantin Kuhle brought spice to the discussion. “If a man such a question to Anna Lena Baerbock or Katrin Göring-had-in type, would be the whole of the Republic to right the head, because it is an expression of absolute insolence”, he tweeted. The editors of the “report from Berlin” was in the net behind Hassel. The question was hard on the limit, admitted it via Twitter. Nevertheless, it would deal with the section #question yourself in the future, even more sensitive with user questions.

a further question, Hassel attracted to your Opposite but in the Reserve. “Prefer not to answers as bad answers?”, she asked and played with it on Lindner’s controversial statement during the negotiations for a Jamaica coalition. The amused himself in his chair, visibly – and opted for the Former, before him the question to his 29-year-old life partner, the face slipping away.

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