Before the Brexit many Zoos in Germany and the Rest of Europe fear that it could give to the UK’s exit from the EU, problems with Transport of animals for breeding programmes. “We don’t know what is in store for us,” said Volker Homes, Director of the Association of the Zoological gardens, the German press Agency. “The British have been regulated a little.” to breed

in order To animals inside of the zoo, share your animals regularly in order to avoid inbreeding and the associated genetic defect and the gene pool to refresh. The EU also apply here-rules. Several Zoos have to hurry now, animals to share, as long as the rules for the UK apply. The Tiergarten Nürnberg sent recently Rhino Sanjay on the trip to Edinburgh in Scotland. And the Belgian Zoo Planckendael replaced in a hurry, two pygmy chimpanzees against four British fellows.

animals have to thanks to Brexit longer at the customs

the UK wait should actually leave this Friday the EU. What time is the UK outlet now in fact, or whether it emerges at all, is still unclear. The Association of the Zoological gardens, representing 71 Zoos in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain.

“animals are the last thing on decision makers think a Brexit,” said curator Sander Hofman from the Zoo of Planckendael. After a Brexit, he feared a lot of paperwork and few rules for animal transport to the UK. “The animals need to be longer at the customs and in a traffic jam. This will be a major source of Stress for you.”

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animal exchange of attack would be for Zoos harder

Volker Homes, despite the additional Stress during Transport to the zoos, British Zoos will continue to be in the breeding programs involved. Sander Hofman fears that the Brexit could bring the exchange of animals between the UK and EU countries to a Halt – if only for the time being. That would damage his opinion of several European animal breeding programmes with British participation.

Hofman coordinates the exchange of the endangered Okapis in Europe. In Europe there are currently 73 Okapis, 13 of which lived in British Zoos. “If we don’t replace the longer, reduced their gene pool,” he says.

From the Zoo in Frankfurt, it was said that the Brexit have breeding will not affect the animal in Germany, as well-known Zoos in Europe and in the world to be networked and more animals are exchanged. Speakers of the zoo of Augsburg and the Munich animal Park Hellabrunn warned, however, about big problems at the customs. In addition, the transport times could drag on the already complicated exchange of animals.

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