With the Satire about the U.S. President Donald Trump in the TV Show Saturday Night Live (SNL) actor Alec Baldwin, possibly the role of his life. Trump-opponent, love him, Trump Fans hate him. And also with the President himself, Baldwin zofft now open to the public. The feud has reached a level of escalation, which Baldwin now. Because Trump had called on Twitter to “retaliation” and an investigation by the TV station NBC demanded that SNL is running.

Shortly thereafter, Baldwin had said that he was afraid for the safety of his family. In the Podcast “The Dworkin Report” Baldwin explained in this statement. “People have asked me before: ‘Have you no fear? Not Trump, but in front of his agitators?’ I said ‘not really’. I didn’t think that this is real, until now, where he has written something of retaliation and that there should be an investigation against NBC.” Baldwin writes, the hostile language Trumps functioning as Codes: “Trump to indicate to other people what they should do, but how they should feel. And this is the beginning: people are mad, people get upset, people exacerbate. And from their actions originate.”

Alec Baldwin argues with Trump senior and junior

President parody

Twitter beef between Alec Baldwin and the Trumps in the next round

Niels Kruse

Donald Trump junior Baldwin has, in the meantime, in dispute. Had tweeted to Baldwin’s concern for his family: “Spare us the bullshit, Alec!” Baldwin is a guy that beat people because of a Parking space in the face of Paparazzi threatening and his daughter on the phone to berate. And so someone should be worried because of a tweet, in which he was not even mentioned?

what is Clear is that A joint Party of the families, Trump and Baldwin celebrate.

sources: The Dworkin Report, The Guardian, Donald Trump on Twitter.