Only children whose English knowledge is sufficient to understand, to be able to follow the lessons, are to be enrolled in school. The Carsten Linnemann, CDU politician calls for in the Bundestag. Great excitement everywhere: “Populist nonsense” it means, “voice catching in the right swamp” is accused the good man.

But it is not linnemann starts to Manifestation of the scandal – but the handling of it. The least likely to have read the Interview in which the politician has expressed, in its entirety. Unaware it outraged even easier. The DPA wrote the Heading: “the CDU-politician: primary school ban for children who can no German.” Here, Linnemann had called for no reason the school ban. Nevertheless, several media adopted this formulation. (Also the star in a first version of this message. The Red.)

What Carsten Linnemann said really?

What had happened? Linnemann had to run to the “Rheinische Post” the following: “If we tell the people in every Sunday speech, the importance of language for the Integration, then to bells for all of us alarm, if in the case of language tests in Duisburg, Germany, over 16 percent of the future can only English-graders no, and in the case of comparative tests, in Berlin, almost one in three primary school pupils in reading and listening, not even reach the minimum standard. The problems are getting bigger and bigger, we are witnessing new parallel societies in many areas of the country. Until deep into the middle class, I witness parents who send their children to private schools, because the level in state schools is declining.”

elementary school

back position for children without knowledge of German? The politicians and teachers

to say the elementary school Is only for children with a sufficient knowledge of German in there? For his proposal of Union group chief Carsten Linnemann reaps harsh criticism. The teachers ‘ Association agrees, however part.

By Annette Berger

On demand of the journalists, what they could do, then, is not responding Linnemann: “It is enough, language surveys in a four-year, but it must also be consequences. In order to bring it to the point: A child who barely speaks English and understands, has to search on a primary school yet. Here is a pre-primary duty must take, if necessary, his Training will need to be reset also. This costs money, but the lack of Integration and insufficient education are in the end much more expensive.”

Where, pray tell, is the Problem now? Linnemann says that children who cannot speak English would find on a German elementary school, still nothing. He suggests that these children, if necessary, be provided at the time of Enrolment, only “back”. This is quite different than a blanket “primary school ban”. Children should only be provisionally, and only as a last resort, from the primary school visit to reset, until you have the necessary language skills to be able to follow the lessons. The politician also calls for an obligatory pre-school with insufficient knowledge of German, as it is in many countries a long tradition. He does not want to shut out kids just to read as it is now, in many places, but exactly on the contrary: in the past, to the state school system.

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If parents are monitoring the running group of the elementary school

Yes, the CDU-politician speaks in the Interview also (but not only) about the train station attack in Frankfurt, and the sword attack in Stuttgart and mentioned the (undoubtedly many people existing) concern, “new parallel societies may arise”. There parallel societies especially in the case of flawed Integration and the Central condition for Integration is the knowledge of the state language, it is legitimate to raise the question of how language teaching in German primary schools. Again: Where is the Problem?

A German elementary school is not a language school

Many people are tired of that – as in this case, the media words, rightly, knead, twist, aware of their sense, distort, so that you can hurl, such as the Holy Inquisition out of their editorial offices, populism and racism – accusations in the world. Who works as, not only harms the Reputation of the media. But he also cleaves the country, because many people draw the baleful consequence of turning away from the “established”media and seek the truth in the murky Blogs and dubious Facebook pages. There, the pied Piper, the Hetzer, and a venom squirter wait – preferably the right.

thrust of the CDU-politician

Poor English skills of children: What elementary school teachers (really) to keep all useful

Florian Schillat

Regardless of Linnemann, of course, right. A German primary school is not a language school. Parents who send their children without sufficient knowledge of the language of the country, a primary school, sin on the future of their offspring and harm the General public. It is completely no matter, whether it is immigrant families or German Hartz-IV-households.

These parents need to be made clear that you … tilt

… the teachers to be an almost insoluble Problem in front of the door…. their own children harm, because they belong from the first day of school to the educational losers, and this also in a humiliating way to learn…. the Hartz-IV-recipients of tomorrow produce. … the future opportunities of children, the English and now on school, Writing, and Arithmetic, learning to read, either, because for months, maybe years, on the voice”latecomers” must be maintained in the classroom…. the nucleus for the emergence of new parallel societies place…. the already existing disadvantage of children from socially weak families worsen because their parents can not do otherwise as a Wealthy resort to expensive private schools, where (almost) all German can deepen… the social division, because all that can pull it off, their children from such schools, so that students with inadequate to remain knowledge among themselves.

These parents need to back a strong state with emphasis to the body: With the introduction of mandatory language tests in good time prior to Enrolment and in the case of demonstrated lack of knowledge – with effective language assistance. This is all there is for a long time, for example, in Berlin. But it is not enforced. It could be were: a strong and multiple – house-of-children-and youth welfare office, the collection of fines, the curtailment of social benefits, in individual cases, possibly, the withdrawal of residence rights,.

But, caution! To discuss all of this, would be really exhausting. Much harder, than to use just from the sentence construction kit of the Empörungs Routine.

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