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Oscars 2020: Regina King’s Eyelashes Need to Win an Academy Award

The Oscars 2020 was a grand affair as all the shining stars kept gathering the red carpet in style. We were so impressed with their stunning style and fashion statements that it was hard to keep our eyes away from all these dazzling stars. Although all stars were special in their own ways but we can’t help but talk about Regina Kings. You all must be aware about this popular actress as she has given fabulous performances in many popular movies like A Cinderella story and Boys in the hood. These great screen performances is one thing but this dazzling beauty turned many ahead away when she walked down the red carpet. Do you know why? If you have not guessed it yet read on below.

Regina Kings is a beauty icon and many people look up to her a fashion inspiration as well. From her costume to makeup she was decked up pretty well. The talented actress wore a pink dress which was designed by the talented bunch of designers named Versace. If we talk about her shoes that was another breathtaking addition to our list as they were designed and chosen by Stuart Weitzman. The next thing that caught our attention was her delicate jewelry designed exclusively by Harry Winston. When we investigated we got to know that they were half a million bucks. The pink colored gown looked perfect for such a special night as it looks sober and girly and a perfect combination of style and modernism. The gown was strapless from one side while from other it was full of straps. She has such a toned a well maintained figure that this gown looked perfect on her. The silver and pink decals on the gown looked very dazzling.

Wait people; now let’s talk about her makeup and the great look she achieved with it. She is wise enough to choose the one of the best makeup artist for herself that is Latrice Johnson. She gave a simple yet natural and modern look and the makeup was blended very well. It was really exciting when she showed the reporters her makeup kit when she was getting ready before the show started. Her lip gloss was classy and gave an artistic appeal while the eye makeup was simple and smoky but keeping all these things aside do you know what captured our attention the most? Those are her lashes. To get all the exciting details we got in touch with her makeup artist and asked him what lashes he applied to her. He told the reporters that he wanted to be sure that Regina is a given a perfect look for the night and apart from her makeup and hairstyle he paid attention to the eye lashes as  they enhance the beauty of eyes.

Anyways coming back to the eye lashes the ones she used were wispies which were worth $6 and yes they were quite gorgeous too. Regina wore Ardell Double Wispies at the Oscars 2020 and we were totally inspired by her look at the award ceremony. Her hairstyle was short and not very trendy and we think that is the only thing which could have been better in her perfect look and attire. She presented an important award on stage and we couldn’t help but remain attentive enough to catch another glimpse of her eye lashes on the stage as well. Many reports on the internet are now buzzing with the title that Regina’s eye lashes deserve to be awarded with an Oscar.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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