“Find the difference”, was in the last week, the title of Hans Rauschers “one Kastl” in the Austrian daily newspaper “der Standard”. Every day will be taken up pointedly in the popular column format of the sheet, and current events. Rauscher noted in his article, extracts from the new year’s speech of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in addition to passages of the Christchurch-Manifesto of “The great exchange”. Since then, discussions on the issue of network hot.

Rauschers food for thought is simple. On the left-hand newspaper column of the extract from Orban’s speech, on the right, the Passage from the Manifesto of the Christchurch-offender. Orban called it “population exchange”, the Christchurch-assassin speaks of an “Invasion”. The “Fidesz”-the chief speaks of speculators, who wanted to earn with immigration money, the Christchurch-offender writes of corporations that would invite people. In the new year’s speech, the speech is from “the Plan from Europe is a continent of Immigration,” in the Manifest in addition, the “crisis of mass immigration” will end up in the “racial and cultural replacement of the European people”.

Viktor Orban’s speech, and Christchurch-Manifest: comparison appropriate?


Brenton T. and “The great exchange” – this is the story of the conspiracy theory


In the Forum of the daily newspaper heated, the question of whether the comparison is at all appropriate, nor always the minds. “Spot the difference: Winston Churchill liked to drink tea. Adolf Hitler liked to drink tea. Josef Stalin liked to drink tea. Mr commentator, with all due respect and all due respect: you have to shoot over the target.“, an angry Poster writes. “And Hitler and Stalin have killed for tea to millions of people? Your comparison is not lagging for once. Your comparison is beidbeinig amputated,” replied another User. Also in the Austrian Twitter bubble, the theme creates excitement. The Austrian opposition politician, Thomas Drozda shared Rauschers article as well as in the neighbouring country a prominent Journalist Dieter Chmelar.

In the course of the discussions of the assassination had to be next to Orban also other politicians criticized. The US magazine “Politico” noted immediately after the terrorist attack on the intersection points of the Manifesto to the statements of the extreme right-wing politician Marine Le Pen from the French “Front National”. The ARD reported on the covers of the terrorist Manifesto to the Narrative of the AfD. In Austria, where the first publication was that of the Austrian “Identity” a donation from Christchurch-received assassin, suggests the government party “FPÖ” for years – most recently, in 2017 – with “Umvolkungs”-Tellers in the same notch.