The most important messages in the Short Overview:

Pollesch is) the artistic Director of the Berliner Volksbühne (12.16 PM)

a child at Play on the schoolyard with a knitted injured (10.18 PM)

investment Fund KKR is increasing at Axel Springer (9.33 PM)

Safari Park-giraffes die due to lightning (5.11 PM

In Tualatin, or kidnapped Polish nurse exempt (0.13 PM)

the news of The day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 12.58 PM: In Ghana, a canadian kidnapped inside again +++

About a week after her abduction in Ghana, two young women from Canada are free again. As information Minister, Kojo Oppong told Nkrumah, was liberated by the security forces, the two women in the Region Ashanti. The 19 and 20-year-old student made in Ghana volunteering. They had been taken from a Golf course in the city of Kumasi. According to security sources, the Canadians were kidnapped inside, probably for ransom.

+++ 12.53 PM: 800 flashes per Minute – Thunderstorm is moving from Bavaria to the Baltic sea +++

Up to 800 Times per Minute it flashed in the night in Germany. Around ten percent of them met on the earth, such as Stephan Thern from the lightning information service of the Siemens group said. On Tuesday evening, the storm front had started in Bavaria and in the North-East of Germany is drawn. Have intensified the Storm. The most fierce it flashed, therefore, against 22.30 clock over East Germany, before the Storm moved further in the direction of the Baltic sea. Up this Morning around 8: 00 it got jerked in the sky over Germany and thundered.

+++ 12.42 PM: A Injured after being shot police are searching for perpetrators +++

The police in Dortmund are searching for an armed man who shot a Person shot and injured. After the dangerous Unknown to find with numerous forces under high pressure, said a police spokesman. The offender had given a shot and then fled the scene. About the victim, and the state of health, you could say nothing. The police urged the population to exercise caution.

+++ 12.36 PM: car-top meeting with Merkel on may 24. June +++

The Grand coalition wants to be on 24. June in a top of the automotive industry meeting at the Chancellery over the future in Germany is available with advice. In the conversation with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to participate in several Federal Ministers, the peaks of Union and SPD, as well as representatives of car industry and unions, such as the German press Agency in coalition circles was confirmed. Earlier, mirror had reported about it.

The coalition had already announced in the March regular tip with the auto industry to meet to make the important industry fit for the future. The aim of this “concerted action mobility” should be to determine, in view of profound changes in the industry’s political needs for action and to develop a strategy for it.