The place chosen by the SPD East aware of. Manuela Schwesig 15, Franziska Giffey was just 11 years old – the Minister-President of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the German Federal Minister for family Affairs today-defining faces of the East German SPD – you have to manage a difficult legacy.

43 men and women founded on 7. October 1989 in Schwante, near Berlin, the social democratic party in the GDR (SDP), while Erich Honecker in East Berlin in the 40. Birthday of the GDR celebrated. At that time, there was a lot of riser for today, it’s almost to the existence now is to go out of Schwante, a restart. Almost 30 years later, the East-SPD is now out for a retreat back here, to set the course for a difficult election year. “We still have the Situation that the East Germans to work longer and for less money don’t get that the life-power of the East Germans in the pension strikes is sufficiently low,” says Schwesig in Schwante.

Similar to the CDU are due to the rise of the AfD to the citizens in the East more attention. “Too often, a Western view prevails in the Federal policy and the SPD”, shows in a paper to be self-critical.

Until today the social Democrats are proud that you went a different route than the CDU, which was in the GDR as a block party. However, the East-CDU, was able to create after the turn so fast and powerful structures. The SDP did not want SED-members – from today’s point of view, for many a mistake, so missed the Chance to win moderate SED people; the Left today is not perhaps so strong in the East.

The members are getting older and less in September and October in the state elections in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg bitter Clap threaten the SPD. In Saxony and Thuringia, it was already 2014, only 12.4 percent, in Brandenburg, 31.9 per cent – Minister-President Dietmar Woidke has to fear for his office, according to opinion polls, the SPD on par with the AfD at 20 percent. A difficult situation could also arise in Saxony, where the CDU has to fear from the Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer, a Lapping by the AfD when the Left reached almost 20 percent, could it be with the formation of the government very difficult, because the CDU does not want to previously form a coalition with the two parties.

almost 160 billion euros flowed through the solidarity Pact II in the Eastern States, but nearly 30 years after the fall of the wall not more decayed in many places, cities, buses, doctors ‘ surgeries, young people migrate, and the Internet is slow. Therefore, – and, of course, because of the AfD-ascension – discover the CDU and SPD in Berlin to the East. “The hopes, the alignment will go quickly, are in some areas scattered,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) after 13 years as head of government in the “time” is a sobering conclusion. Therefore, you find it “not so surprising, then, that there is in East Germany, frustrations”.

The CDU wants to decide this Monday a package of measures. In addition to a improvement in pensions for low earners, the CDU calls for investment in sufficient kindergartens and schools, medical and nursing services, as well as a better Eastern connectivity to the railway long-distance transport and demand-responsive public transport.

It acts as a self-criticism – after all, the CDU has ruled in many places in the time at the country level and in the Federal government, even since 2005. Also necessary is the powerful enough fiber and mobile networks in any location. The party also calls for two centers of Artificial intelligence (AI) to locate in the East.

Also for the SPD, it comes to an Operation the East of Germany. It relies on a “lead East” and wants to get more Federal agencies, research institutes or training facilities for the Federal police or customs there. The East German SPD wants wages with a higher minimum, and an approximation of the East/West-pensions well before 2025 the people show that they are second-class citizens. “A very big issue for East German citizens, it is that you finally arrive in the German unit,” says Schwesig in Schwante.

In East Germany, the future of the party may choose – and whether the rights of the AfD is to the new people’s party. You want with on-the-spot Offered to the new responsible party will feel, at the citizens with their Concerns and frustrations seriously.

While the East German SPD meets in Schwante, brings Baker Karl-Dietmar Plentz delicious things. In the case of the founding of the SDP nearly 30 years ago, he came to the train, the party ordered him to make the Stasi aware of it. No one knew at the time that the first SDP-Chairman, Ibrahim Böhme, unfortunately, was a Stasi informer. The state security was fully in the picture, but the destabilization of the GDR was so advanced that no one was arrested. Plentz now hopes that the spirit of Schwante is absorbed back into the SPD. “I would hope that a similar courage and a similar determination to see this through,” he says. “Now, we are already so felt like that before.”