The speaker of the house was, of course, clear that he would trigger a small or a rather large political earthquake. Now a political earthquake in Westminster are not peculiar. For months, the Palace trembles, Yes, under noisy, and sometimes undignified, debates in which the speaker, John Bercow, the colleagues, with its ritual of the “Order”Call regularly to her senses. This earthquake, however, the political turns reached yesterday on the open-ended Richter scale, a maximum value. Bercow spoke of the “Order”, getting only air, and then brought the house to Marvel. Then, shock waves from London to Brussels.

The government in May, that was the bottom line of his remarks, should not be allowed to bring their Deal, as announced, for the third Time in front of the Parliament – if there is no substantial were the changes in it. Oomph.

Who is John Bercow, the speaker of the British Parliament, you will learn in this Video.

“Could it be that Bercow burst simply the collar”

Bercow called on an age-old political rule, from the year 1604, in the 19th century. Century Erskine May lashed out in a manual which bears the name of its authors:. What is a columnist for the “Times” tags compressed it to an appropriate sports metaphor. Erskine May 1, Theresa May 0. In the same sheet, however, a colleague foamed, that Bercow had distributed in the house of the Aura “of a hyped up vandal”. The insulted Daily Mail went further, and showed the grinning Bercow on the title with the line: “A Smile that says: with the Brexit, it is nothing”.

so What is wrong – how much of what is written in the “Daily Mail”.

The truth is that The government can no longer hide behind the same sleeves and are playing for time, hoping that the sound of the mercilessly ticking clock would scare the doubters in his own party. It May had set, obviously. Then Bercow came. Oomph.

It could be that John Bercow burst finishing the collar. He caught the government in any case, completely on the wrong foot, because it took hours to Downing Street was a minimal Statement of the minimal content is spread – “This is something that now needs to be thorough consideration”.

Brexit-opponents and proponents speak of success

but One could also say: Bercow has finally tough movement in this distressing and increasingly unsavory chamber. May had tried in recent days to draw the members of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) on your page and apparently, progress is being made. The cross drivers from within its own ranks, gathering under the Heading of the European Research Group (ERG), recently signalled tentative approval. Jacob Rees-Mogg, the face of the Hardliner, seemed to be ready to support on the final meters of the unpopular Deal.

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“Would be May and colleagues, the lawyers in my law firm, I’d fire you”

this is Exactly the Rees-Mogg had set in December, the party’s internal vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister in the track, and for months the agreements negotiated Exit is not a good hair left. Now his chatter no longer took care of him from yesterday. He, and large parts of its ERG-cronies see their skins swim and run counter to, ergo your attitude. Now all of a sudden, a bad Deal is still better than in the EU. You can also have earlier.

in this respect, Yes: motion. And, ironically, interpret Hardline Brexiter as well as convinced Remainer of the Bercow verdict for each case as a success. The Outisten, because they believe that a disorderly departure of the British on 29. March is more likely. And the other group, because they believes that May have no other left than on Thursday and Friday at the EU Meeting in Brussels to ask for a longer postponement that might prepare the field for a relatively velvet-soft Brexit. Longer than the original three months to the end of June thought. If the EU gets involved it will be to be seen. The French Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau, said snippy, an extension without good reason is pointless.

This sensible reason must submit to May in Brussels. And maybe it really was at the time in chaotic time someone appeals to reason.

Bercows Intervention was not a total surprise

Those, according to the painter, such as the Tory MP and legal expert Robert Buckland, the accused Bercow, to have the Land “in a massive constitutional crisis” maneuvering, in the process, overlooked the fact that the country has been stuck for years in a massive parliamentary crisis. Bercows fire speech on Monday that could help in the best case, to solve the tedious stalemate. And completely out of nowhere, his Intervention came too. Already in December, and in February, it had been speculated that he would dig up those 415-year-old rule, which provided for so much attention. He did not do it. On Monday, when it became evident that the stubborn May would take your Deal for the third Time, more or less unchanged in front of the house, he pulled the plug.


President of Parliament, Bercow power of government by


The man is certainly courageous, multifaceted, and at least as colorful as the garish tie that he is wearing preferably. He is a brilliant speaker, which may lead to the fact that he hears himself talk like that. He is a member of the Conservative party, by virtue of their office, but on the neutrality obligation, in the past few years in his positions but to the left drifted. This made him the object of hatred of the Tories, the 2015 saw off wanted to him in the spring – unsuccessfully, of course.

Bercow vain and in dealing with its own staff to irascibility, and a default tipping, knows exactly how the light and headlines with impact. He knows that, and they are generated in regularity. A few years ago he went through a public Marital crisis, lived in separation from his wife, Sally, who lived in turn with his Cousin, the affair and a bit more: “I’m a terrible wife. I’ve always been.” Sally Bercow is, shall we say, similar to the dazzling and eccentric as her husband – a Power Couple. makes Sometimes for political vortex. On your car, a bright yellow Anti-Brexit-labels (“Bollocks to Brexit sticks”), and for this not a neutral Statement of the spokesman had to defend himself before the house of Commons. He is the fact quite casually,” Stickers belongs to my wife”. He made, on the other hand no secret of the fact that to have the Referendum to Remain voted, as he ausplauderte in front of students two years ago. Also at that time, hue and Cry.

Now and again. He can live with that. He wanted it so. On Tuesday, the situation had calmed down somewhat. The parliamentarians debated the new situation. Under the eyes and the line of the obviously (self -) satisfied speaker.