The new week starts Sunny, warm and dry. But from Wednesday on, it can crack again, as Jacqueline Kernn stated by the German weather service in Offenbach.

“The warm sea air dries more and more, and shows so at the start of the new week the sun,” said the meteorologist. Smaller Cumulus clouds are mostly harmless, only on the mountains scattered showers or brief Thunderstorms are possible. The temperature rises up to 29 degrees on Monday, and 31 degrees on Tuesday. Only on the Islands and in the mountains it is slightly cooler.

On Wednesday approaches, according to the weather service of the West “a disorder”: In the West, the dry and Sunny weather is about to end already. “There may be strong thunderstorms with heavy rain and Gale-force winds,” said Kernn. In the night of Thursday, the “fault” pulls slowly to the East, and on Thursday there as part of strong Thunderstorms.