With significantly less participants than in previous weeks, the “yellow West”-the protest movement in France started on Saturday in the new year. Television images showed, as the police fired during a brief confrontation in Paris tear gas at protesters.

This would have previously thrown projectiles in the direction of the police, reported the afp news Agency. In the capital, several hundred protesters on the Champs had gathered-Élysées, where it had come to the end of the previous year violent clashes with the police. The news channel France info reported from collections of a few dozen up to 1200 “yellow vests” in other cities of the Republic.

mass protests by the “yellow West” had set the French government in the past two months. In December, President Emmanuel Macron brought in haste a billion-dollar package of social measures, in order to defuse the conflict. Your name, the protesters of the yellow safety vests that they wear during their rallies and road blockades.