Despite billions of dollars of Federal funding of the social housing in Germany remains at a low level. According to a report by the Federal construction Ministry, which is present the German press Agency.

After that were built in the last year, nationwide, 27.040-funded social housing new. The only 809 homes more than in 2017. From the point of view of the tenants ‘ Association, approximately 80,000 additional social housing would be annually needed to cover the demand.

The roughly 27,000 new homes are distributed regionally very different: In Saxony-Anhalt, only 20 of them were promoted in social housing, in the Saarland, not only one. In Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia were, however, more than 6,000 new apartments. For the so-called housing support of the Federal government had provided to the countries in the past year, again around 1.5 billion euros.