Only last week, a blow to an Arab Clan managed to the Berlin authorities. They arrested the head of the gang: Arafat Abou-Chaker. He is said to have concocted with his brother the Plan to kidnap the children of his former business partner Bushido. If you believe the experts in “Maybrit Illner” is Kidnapping and extortion is a typical method, in order to increase the wealth of the family.

at the beginning of the talk round to the subject of “family ties – criminal Clans out of control?”underscore the migration researcher Ralph Ghadban, that the authorities could wander the clan difficult. Because the recruit solely from Relatives. “Man is born in a Clan and has no choice. Also, the offenders are obliged to be Silent,” said Ghadban.

star talk

separation of Arafat Abou-Chaker

Bushido: “If anything happens to me, is taken care of for my family”

The criminal defense lawyer László Anisic held, however, that there is not in the legal sense, no family clans in Germany, because the word “Clan” was legally known. Instead, it would give the concept of the gang. And for a band, a relationship is not necessary. At the same time, he pointed out, however, that the law of the state close a refusal to give testimony related, of course, be right. Then, when the gang is just from family members, against the will says, then this complicates the proof. But, here, all were agreed that the rule of law is non-negotiable. The Senator of justice of Berlin was sure that he would come in the next few years also to the “bosses”.

To guest on “Maybrit Illner” were:Herbert Reul (CDU), interior Minister of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Laura Garavini, the Italian-German politician Sebastian Fiedler, Federal Chairman of the “Association of German detective”Dirk Behrendt (Alliance 90/The Greens), Senator for justice of the country BerlinLászló Anisic, StrafverteidigerDr. Ralph Ghadban, is a migration researcher integration in the clan,

Maybrit Illner failed discussed with your guests about family clans. Why the announcement is still a question mark behind “family clans out of control?” has been set, at the beginning of the broadcast unintelligible. Because until the criminal defense attorney Anisic all painted a grim picture. The Clans, in cities of lower Saxony, in the Ruhr area, Berlin and Bremen by extortion. Although in the money-laundering, they were respected by the judiciary in the last few years.

So Reul and Fiedler declared that only by the pressure of the citizens of the state active was, now, but decided against gangs approach would. The anti-mafia campaigner Laura Garavini said that it was only foreign crime, but very probably also to German. Many of the members are German citizens, their ancestors were stressed migration researchers Ghadban, in the 80s, from Lebanon, immigrated.


The brazen coin Heist from Berlin: “Big Maple Leaf” remains missing, and the defendant’s silence


The scientists stressed repeatedly how important it is that the structures of the family clans to be recognized and attempts should be recognised here. The Integration is always an individual thing, many of the members come from regions in which the group is important. That is why the Integration failed. Fiedler pointed out that the mistakes of the 80s and 90s should not be repeated now with the Refugees, to prevent new Clans to form. He pointed out that the Clans that have been active for years, would recruit any new members outside of the family.

“Abou-Chaker is a small fish”

politicians use such discussions also, of course, to show what has been achieved by their party everything. So both Herbert Reul, the CDU, as well as Dirk Behrendt of the Green for their work praised. The One that he left in the Ruhr-area, large-scale raids to perform, the Other for the detention of Arafat Abou-Chaker and the asset recovery of clan members.

brothers behind bars

By Arafat and Yasser Abou-Chaker in custody – what are the criminal plans of the clan brothers had?

Ghadban smile. The Abou-Chaker-Clan, which is known mainly through his connection with the Rapper Bushido, whether within the family clans, only a small fish. You have just recognized early on that where rappers are also the money. And money is what is driving families. Organized crime, that they operate, ranging from racketeering to money laundering. Here to, demanded Behrendt, new laws.

methods from Italy could help

The tougher laws criticized Anisic. At the time of the suspected band training allows you to Monitor telephone communications. And suddenly everything is “gang, to make more telephone and room bugging. The dissolves before the court in the air”. Reul responded to this allegation left. “Now I’m less worried that we will use any legal instrument, as long as we use it,” he explained.

It is necessary to meet the future Pension to meet the family-clans-sensitive. It looks, indeed, also in the direction of Italy. This is according to Garavini, a mixture of raids and the seizure of goods as the main instruments against the Mafia. The is now also being promoted in Germany.

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