Whether he believes turning to the trend? The SPD climbs out of the survey hole? The ideas at the end of Hartz IV, the basic pension, or to the climate-Save captivate the voters? Olaf Scholz looks skeptical. It is Thursday afternoon, he flies in a Bombardier Global 5000, under him, in thousands of meters depth, rest of the South of Europe, Scholz traveling to Portugal, a kind of inaugural visit. His Portuguese colleague, Mário Centeno has he already met several times in Brussels before, but never in Lisbon visited. The smaller Euro countries to see that they are important.

Scholz, a white shirt, open collar, no tie, puts on his Scholz-face. The lips are pressed together, the eyes turn into slits. He doesn’t want to talk about his party. A trend he does not recognize. We are on course, he says.

He knows, as it was two years ago, when Martin Schulz drew in the election campaign. As the survey increased values, as the media of the Schulz-talking train that rolled and rolled on as if some dream already of absolute majorities for the SPD, and the SPD ended up where? At 20.5 Percent. The worst result of the post-war history. So, just no Exuberance, because the surveys do not look quite so bad.

Olaf Scholz, the Mr. Cool of the SPD

Scholz is the Mister Cool of the SPD. The comrade in the middle. The man who wants to make people policy, carry 1800 to 2000 euros gross per month home. This clientele, he does not want to bother with lengthy analysis, you should just get the feeling that there’s one for you. He has ruled in Hamburg, as mayor, took care of day-care centers, schools, universities, and apartments, which worked out well. The people voted him twice into office, once with about 48 percent, with about 45 per cent. Results for the Federal SPD so far, as the next milk street.


K-question in the SPD

“wrong time, Wrong man, wrong method” – discussion of Scholz’s Chancellor-advance

By Daniel Wüstenberg

Whether the method of Scholz works in Berlin, is unclear. Scholz is considered to be boring, as a practice, rather than on big plans for swagger wants. His party friends appreciate him, but her heart he warms up in the elections, he cuts off badly at the last party Congress, he received just over 59 percent.

The conquered Ministry of Finance Scholz in three phases. Phase one began shortly after taking office a year ago, when he played the clone of Wolfgang Schäuble. Black Zero in the budget? We do. More money for Europe and Greece? We are not doing more. To lower taxes? Just don’t. A sentence from him was to the Mantra: “A German Minister of Finance, German Minister of Finance.” Many of the Comrades asked what they had fought for in the coalition negotiations, the Ministry of Finance, began Scholz with Phase two. The reconstruction of the Ministry. He brought in a former investment banker from Goldman Sachs, and made him the Secretary of state, because the man understands the financial markets and used to Juso-in-chief, in Rhineland-Palatinate. He sent schäuble’s sharpest preacher for saving policy for the industry organization OECD countries, hired as a chief economist an unconventional thinkers from the European Parliament, repeated the long-standing financial expert Werner Whole back that feels in the Depths of the Federal budget as well as the other only in your living room. He created a new staff Department, and dozens of new jobs for the strategic planning, Scholz is the only Federal Minister of Finance, he is also the Vice-Chancellor.

In Phase three finally, Scholz of Scholz. He was not the maker, he was a Visionary. The pension he wants to stabilize well over the long term, and many billions of euros to spend, a key issue, and he wants to set up also, what other billion will come due and the minimum wage to twelve lifting, although many companies are already complaining about the current 9,19 euros.

Scholz thinks in the long term

The author, Harald Welzer, has recently written that the German ideas for the future, lost. “The American civil rights leader Martin Luther King has said: “I have to plan a time.” He said: “I have a dream”, wrote Welzer. In this sense, Scholz wants to take on more Martin Luther King.


“Five words, four of contradictions”: Olaf Scholz wants to be Chancellor – the network

respond if you talk to Scholz on the moult from the creators of the Visionary, he is uncomfortable. It is Thursday evening. Scholz is in the 9. Floor of the Hotel Tivoli in Lisbon. It is a feel-good Lounge with a Bar and comfortable armchairs. Scholz has strapped on a sweater, a glass of red wine in Hand, around him, pushing a handful of journalists. It is one of these background conversations, not to write a lot, which belongs to the arrangement of such a journey, and yet this evening, that Scholz has a very different image than the media. He’s not just a boring filmmaker, he thinks in the long term. He has not promoted in Hamburg, early social housing, as all of him laughed at? He has not abolished the nursery fees, as yet hardly a thought about it? About the future of pensions and the minimum wage, he’s talking for years, it was time to forget the Minister of labour. But the journalists would not have heard everything. As simple as that. In this Moment you think to yourself: Wow! Scholz can passion.

On Friday morning, he is sitting on a dark Sofa. Behind him, modern art hangs in front of him on the floor a thick carpet spreads, otherwise antique furniture spread throughout the room. In addition to Scholz, an older man sits with a dark-tanned cheeks, he has a warm deep voice. He asks: Are we on track? Scholz says Yes.

Prime Minister Of Portugal, António Costa, has received him. He cares about Germany – not out of charity but out of self-interest. Portugal, like Spain, have been severely affected by the Euro crisis, many people lost their Jobs just in the past few years, it runs better. However, the crisis, Daimler, BMW and VW large factories that return could be in Portugal and Spain, entertain, employ many people, and weaken the German companies feel it’s the southerners. “If Germany has a slight runny nose, get Spain and Portugal, a nasty flu,” is the rule of thumb.

What would do Scholz against a downturn?

Scholz, therefore, must take the Prime Minister. He explained that the German economy continues to grow, albeit at a slower pace. That the company people suwant to, and unemployment is falling. The economy had suffered in the past year, under special factors, the options would not 2019. Hopefully.

Who wants to know later on the plane from him, what do the Minister of Finance in case of emergency against an economic downturn, again, this Scholz-face. Narrow Lips. Together Gekniffene Eyes.

taxes are lower and the solos get rid of this? Bullshit. The money put only the Rich in the pocket, this does not help the economy. More public investment? Sounds good, but takes. Who renew roads, schools want to rehabilitate or bridges to repair, needs to develop projects, planner, set, apply for funding, firms hire. That takes time, especially if important people were missing. Crisis aid for companies, such as better write-off conditions? Might help, but be careful.

In a recession a government is little. Scholz know. He knows his bad cards, but in the lousy sheet he wants to leave no. At least the. Economic policy also has to do with psychology.

Olaf Scholz is different than its predecessors. A bully, such as Peer Steinbrück, the intoxicated person as a Minister of Finance in his own words, and the cavalry disengagement leave wanted to fight black money-the sinner in Switzerland. Scholz also plays the steely austerity Commissioner as Wolfgang Schäuble, who said the southerners regularly, what would you do it all wrong. Scholz-friendly.

Olaf Scholz, and the difference compared to Wolfgang Schäuble,

is Schäuble How big is the difference, shown on Friday afternoon. Scholz is in a long room, whose walls are lined with a lot of wood. Next to him, a woman. She is still a bit smaller than he, but she talks fast and loud. The Spanish economic and Finance Minister, Nadia Maria Calvino Santamaria. Scholz has made a Stop in Madrid.

A Journalist asks about the debt of Spain. Since he had to make but, the Spaniards would not take it with the Save. Scholz could now give the cool of the Treasurer, of annual state finances, casting, any basic text blocks to say, the German Economists delight. He’s not but. He talks of the Successes of Spain, the hard way, in the country. It was, nonetheless, remarkable. Scholz wants the southerners to integrate, you should feel lifted. The school-master, he leaves to others.


Unknown commit color-stop on the house of the Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz

And if the quiet style of one’s own career serves, the better. That he thought he could get the Job as Chancellor candidate in the next Federal election, he has already said publicly. That others trust the Post, he knows. But with him, it can take just a few. He sits in the Euro group, is negotiating the proposals of the French heads of state, Emmanuel Macron on the future of the Euro, he knows ESM Backstop and the rest of the Euro-Chinese. No one in the SPD-top has the international contacts and experience. The political opponent is not. The CDU leader and possible Chancellor candidate Annegret Kamp-Karrenbauer, Minister President of the Saarland and for the CDU General Secretary. The other possible candidate, Friedrich Merz, played nine years in the political pensioners, was pressed in the Supervisory Board, before he returned to the political stage.

Possible opponent Olaf Scholz, fear not. He has recently turned 60 years old, knows that the things run on him. So sometimes in politics. He just needs to make more, and hope that his social Democrats also believe a day to him. At some point. This is the most serious hurdle on the way to the Chancellery.