Here, people usually come to the stress of everyday life disappear. One expects sun, fun, sea and sandy beaches. However, currently, vacationers should expect, as well as residents in the Canary Islands with an unsightly sight that you would certainly not expect. For a while, in fact, be purged again and again the bodies of dead cows on the beach.

The dead animals had to

be removed Last, two animal carcasses were taken to various beaches in Tenerife washed up. Another, a fisherman discovered in the sea. Employees of the local office for public order, moved the dead animal with a Jet-ski from the waves and were filmed here, that it transported and brought to a waste disposal plant.

Understandably, the authorities are not fond of this unsightly debris. And you have already done the Research, how the Kuhkadaver could come. As Spanish media reports, it is currently assumed that the dead animals may have been thrown from aboard the ship, the “Polaris 2”, which was however not confirmed yet officially. The ship sails under the flag of Panama and transported cattle from South America to Europe. It was already in the past in disrepute, as it had to create 2016 unplanned in Tenerife, because the animal feed was assumed to be on Board. The veterinary office found that the condition of 300 cattle was so bad that they had to be slaughtered on the spot in Tenerife. It is assumed that the ship’s crew could have disposed of in the current case, the animals that died during the Crossing, just in the sea.

Local politicians are suspected of transport-ship

the crew of The “Polaris 2” is currently the main suspect, but it could also be a different animal transport ship for the washed-up carcass of responsible. A other statement can not imagine the Minister of Agriculture of the Canary Islands, Narvay Quintero Castañeda,. He says the dead cows “come with great security from one of these ships, the herds of animals of the bovine species from the American continent, transporting. It is, in all probability, animals that died on Board and into the water were thrown.”

It is worldwide forbidden to throw carcasses overboard. International laws provide that the dead animal body, kept as other “trash” also, in a locked room of the ship, and the next time you Create correctly disposed of. The Investigation should reveal which of the ship’s crew has to carefully respect the laws, miss, is waiting for the guilty to a hefty penalty.

source: “Independent”