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Olly Murs Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Career & Personal Relationships

Olly Murs is a popular British singer, songwriter, musician and a TV presenter. He has got a huge fan following, thanks to his talent and wise choices in career. His fans are aware that he was a runner up at the X Factor series in the sixth season. Soon after he signed up with Epic Records and Syco Music. He is a multi -talented artist and entertainer. If you want to know more about Olly keep reading the post below:

Bio & Early Life

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Oliver Stanley Murs was born on 14th May 1984 in Essex, England. During his childhood he wanted to become a footballer. He supported Manchester United and even played for the local teams. Unfortunately he got injured and was forced to give up his dream. All his friend encouraged him to sing at local pubs. His karaoke was quiet popular among his friends. As he got the confidence to try out music Olly auditioned for X factor. The first two times he failed to make it to the singing show.

X Factor

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After failing the audition two times, Olly tried to take a part at X factor again. This time luck also favored him and he even performed his favorite song ‘Superstition’. Simon Cowell was impressed with his performance and gave him a thumbs up. Another judge Louis Walsh also gave him the title of Black horse in the competition. Even though he lost to another contestant in the finale every judge was impressed with him.

Record Contract and Career

Olly Murs signed up with Epic Records and Syco Music in 2010. You will be surprised to know that a wide range of producers and songwriters worked on this album. His first single ‘Please let me go’ became an instant hit. This song debuted at number one on the UK pop singles chart. The sales were also high and touch 90,000 mark in the first week itself. It also became his fastest selling album and certified double platinum. His music and singing is greatly inspired by Micheal Jackson and Justin Timberlake. The best thing is that his music style is loved by people of all ages.

Dating Life and Relationships

Olly is currently in a relationship with Amelia Tank. She is a body builder and fitness freak. He fell in love with her after checking out some pictures on Instagram. They started to exchange few messages and finally met in Essex Gym. The couple announced their relationship on Instagram to all the fans.

Judging at the Voice

In 2018 Olly stepped in as a judge at the Voice. He also got the chance to win 8th and 9th series in a row. After this show he announced his sixth album. The first song Move from the album also featured Snoop Dogg.

Net Worth

Olly is a popular musician, song writer and television presenter. He has got a huge net worth of $ 6 million. The best thing is that he is actively supporting many charity organizations. Due to some controversies he has been under fire. However fans love him for what he is.

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