the A as anti-European:

the root of the insular life long before the Brexit. Britain’s accession to the EU was never a Declaration of love, but driven by costs and Benefits. The “Daily Express” quoted in the 80s: “The last really successful British trip to Europe was on 6. June 1944.” D-Day, clear. Other excursions on the continent, often ended with defeats in penalty shoot-out.

B as a Backstop:

it Is intended only as emergency insurance, but the big sticking point. In the Treaty with the EU, Northern Ireland is treated for the external border with the Republic unlike the Rest of Britain. In contrast, the members of the Northern Ireland -> DUP defend themselves, but also those, which Northern Ireland is actually completely shooting to fight back. First of all -> Johnson, Boris. Of the toured during the election campaign, the border region and stunned attack his conversation partner at the time, with space -> ignorance. Boris didn’t even know where in the worst case, could re-emerge in a limit with whipped trees. He was then foreign Minister.

C such as Cameron, David:

Former Premier, who has caused all the madness. Wanted to pacify with the Referendum, originally the Euro-sceptics in his party and split instead of the whole country. Now sits in his garden hut, writes his memoirs. And waiting with the release until the Drama is over. Possibly so, up to the day of a blue moon.

D , such as Democratic Unionist Party:

Obscure Northern Irish party, whose votes -> May, Theresa instructed. For the DUP this is the “Moment of Fame”, you savours marriage unit as soon as possible in justified oblivion. You have to know that the DUP represents less than 30 percent of the local electorate – and at home, is increasingly unpopular. The Northern Ireland voted by a majority against the Brexit, but are represented in Westminster by ten anti-European MEPs. One of many absurdities.


Many of the British still know shockingly little about the EU. Usually gegoogelte question of leaving the EU on the island: “What Brexit will mean?” According to a study by the King’s College, 42 percent still believe that the legendary lie on Boris Johnson’s campaign bus, according to the UK transfers per week, 350 million pounds to Brussels. The Pleasant thing is: The space-reaching EU-cluelessness here, hardly anyone. Except EU citizens of course.

F freedom:

Free, finally free! Finally, completely detached from the EU. Eventually, Rule Britannia again “”. So in about -> hardliners Britain’s future.

G Greenland: < / strong>

Largest island in the world and a model for the small island. In 1985 the people of Greenland left the then European economic community, the forerunner of the EU. So far, it is now with the erstwhile Empire: From Greenland to learn wins is learning.


customs controls and the stranded plane: will the EU against the great Brexit-Chaos guard

DPA H how to hard-line:

also See -> Johnson, Boris, -> Rees-Mogg, Jacob, the essential Brexit-competence consists of …

I ignorance:

ask the other day in the Parliament: The Labour MP Mike Kane, why did he agree to a Deal, the British government takes in the future, the right to work in the EU? Well, it’s called Brexit, Sir. And that’s exactly what 52% of your country voted people. Kane’s brutal stupidity, however, was. still topped by his conservative colleague Nadine Dorries, who complained that soon no British more in Europe sit in Parliament Also nice: just before his resignation as Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab wondered about the many Trucks in Dover. Him not had risen in the meantime, how many Were there landing from the continent to the island. Hats off. In the Spread of embarrassment, however, no one is gifted as …

J Johnson, Boris:

a former correspondent in Brussels, later mayor of London, member of Parliament and Supreme Outist, then foreign Minister, after his retirement from this Post back to the top of Outist. Don’t want to be, actually, only the Prime Minister. Although he once said (and hopefully, correctly) that his chances of getting the Job were so great, “how to find Elvis Presley on Mars, or to be as the Olive born again”.

K costs:

The EU-exit, the British initially costs 39 billion pounds. So let’s go already. Because of the Brexit makes the British, in any case, the poorer: Among all the possible scenarios, the economy shrinks over the next 15 years, to 4 per cent (realistic) and up to 10.7% – for the case that the British crash without agreement from the EU, what is not excluded after the Chaos of the last weeks beta.

L how Labour Party:

The big, old labour party, but also has no real Plan for the Brexit. The base of a wish -> the Second Referendum, the party boss, Jeremy Corbyn, new -> options. In the hope of profiting from the dismal state of Conservative. Corbyn ignores, however, is that he is on the way, in Downing Street itself is a major obstacle. Without the caveman, his party would have been according to experts ‘ estimates 15 percent better.

M how May, Theresa:

the Prime Minister, who spent the Mantra “Brexit means Brexit”, it is extended to “No deal is better than a bad deal”, then with a “So-So”Deal in Brussels returned home and now through the -> the Parliament wants to whip. Promised originally to vote on the 11. December, realized that they would lose, said again, and moved on to the 15. January. Was hoping (in vain), that would get the MP over the year, somehow, to his Senses, and the fact that the fear is nothing more than…

N how No Deal:

a nightmare for the EU as the British. Everything to zero. Jams from Dover to London, possible Chaos in the flight traffic, shortages in food and medicine, pounds in a nosedive, Inflation is soaring, house prices are down by 30 percent. Worst recession in almost a hundred years. Predicts the Bank of England for the Worst Case. No one wants to, of course. But it can happen.

O as grandma Brenda Bristol :

The Pensioner, summed up in front of one and a half years, the lifestyle of the British, very accurate, as the May elections in the Philippines. By a TV-Team on the street addressed, not shouted Brenda: “Oh not again! I no longer can.”

tug of war for EU exit

How the Brexit now the economy

DPA P Parliament:

harm of 650 members of Parliament sit in the house of Commons, of which 317 of the Conservative, 257 Labour, 35 Scots, 10 Northern Ireland, 11 Liberal, 4 Welsh, a Green and an independent. The government needed a simple majority, the Deal to get you through this. This is the light Version. The complicated: These deputies are fragmented beyond the party boundaries in such, which the Brexit may not be hard and fast enough; in such, the Brexit is not soft enough for those that don’t want a Deal> No Deal can want to have be;; in such, the May only way -> hard-liners; those that would like to have new -> options. And in such, the call a -> second Referendum. To filter out of this situation, a majority, would be, even for the geniuses too much. In the spring of deceased Stephen Hawking said May at an award ceremony: “I can do a whole lot. But this Brexit overwhelmed me.” According to the state of things, so much clarity there is, after all, is the failure of the government in the first attempt with a crash. The question is not whether, but how. May then has a few days to repair. Must then again in front of the Parliament. And again: the Groundhog greets.

Q Queen:

The Queen are officially out. A few weeks after the Referendum, she wore a blue hat with yellow flowers, what EU friends suggested bluntly as a hidden message. Mischief, of course.

R , such as Rees-Mogg, Jacob:

spokesman and face of the European Research Group (ERG) with a penchant for scented English. What sounds like an academic circle for the exploration of European characteristics, is nothing more than a squad of a few dozen explicit -> anti-Europeans. These gentlemen initiated after weeks of wrangling, the party’s internal vote of censure against May, that you won with 200 to 117 votes. His greatest achievement so far: He set a record for the longest ever in the Parliament used the word, “Floccinaucinihilipilification”, which means as much as the low estimate. The record he is now.

S such as Sterling:

Pride of the British, their once-wonderful pound Sterling. However, since two years is weakening, and in the case of a -> No Deal… But that we already had.

T such as hullabaloo, English, Tohobohu:

the General condition of the country, to visit exemplary in -> Parliament. Shortly before Christmas, where Jeremy Corbyn is said to have called the Prime Minister “stupid woman”. Alleged Lip-Reader. Corbyn denied and said that he had said “stupid people”. So what has the British, not even 80 days before the EU goodbye. Poor Britannia.

U , such as Unicorn, unicorn:

right common metaphor for all the fairy tales that have been dished out to the people before the Referendum two years ago. But also for the Faith, after Brexit, everything will be great, great, great. The most famous hunter of the unicorn> Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

V United Kingdom:

But for how long? The stubborn and European Scots view the spectacle in the South of the island with a mixture of glee and horror. Bring it up gently in position for a -> Second Referendum on Scottish independence. However, this is still snow tomorrow.

W elections:

another scenario, in the mainly -> Johnson, Boris and Jeremy Corbyn hope. Much to the resentment of the -> grandma Brenda.

X xenophobia

xenophobia, which has increased significantly. The Referendum was the can opener for the can of worms. It is now very nearly everything that was earlier unthinkable. In front of the Westminster noise the rights of a Spinner, dam members to vaccinate as Nazis and are even. This hysteria comes from. At the beginning of January set a little more than a hundred refugees in inflatable boats across the channel. Interior Minister Sajid Javid broke specially his vacation.As meant a hundred poor souls in rubber, a state boot crisis. Javid, just on the edge, descended from Pakistani immigrants.

Y YouGov:

the best-Known opinion research Institute in the UK. Most of the surveys see the Land as before, about half divided on Leave, and Remain, the is days the form. Nevertheless, the voices are louder for a …

Z as for the Second Referendum:

Powered by the non-partisan grass-roots movement “People’s Vote”. Gaining unquestionable Momentum. This speaks, that the people might the rules and what not get baked by the representatives of the people, obviously. By contrast, speaks, that a repetition would extend the Drama until at least may. And Leave-voters are not wrongly betrayed might feel of an Elite, the validity of the people decide on the bunch of throws, and so long to vote, until the result fits. Whether a new vote would be different than the first fail, is, moreover, questionable. Because the root note is and remains yet -> A as anti-European.

* This is an updated version of the Glossary, which appeared in issue 51 of the star.

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