Due to the attachment of a pug, the Westphalian city of Ahlen is becoming stronger under pressure. A spokeswoman for the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the interior, said the “Rheinische Post”: “money to collect the receivables, can not be distrained animals, Pets.” Only in exceptional cases, the enforcement court may allow on application by the enforcement creditor is a garnishment of the pet.

insane dog Posse

town of Ahlen seizes pug lady Edda and sold it for 750 € on Ebay

pug “Edda” had been seized, because the affected family according to the city, in the municipality of a high level of debt. A municipal employee had sold the dog on his private Ebay Account and this as healthy and “with pedigree” for 750 Euro advertised. The theme cares for days – even international – headlines.

Apparently, the dog should not have been offered on the private Ebay Account. “After things are up for auction on written order of the local enforcement authority to the public,” said the spokeswoman for the newspaper. There are certain formalities, such as time limits, public notice and minimum bids. The Offer of a seized animal to a private Ebay Account does not meet these requirements.

vit / DPA