A multiple fishing hook under the eye of injured giant manta ray has asked in Australia apparently targeted two divers for help. On published on Monday, shooting a movie was the female animal with a wingspan of about three meters approached the underwater photographer Jake Wilton. This appeared several times to him and removed the hook.

“I do more snorkeling through the area and it was so, as if you know me and me would trust,” said Wilton, in a statement. “You came closer and closer and then began to unfold to show me your eye.”

Manta rays are one of the most intelligent sea creatures

After the divers had removed all of the fishing hook, it disappeared in the rays of the footage that again in the Vastness of the sea off Western Australia. “She hasn’t moved. I’m sure the Manta knew that Jake would remove the hook,” said his diving partner, the marine biologist, Monty Hall.

Manta-rays include residents of the most intelligent sea and off the West coast of Australia numerous. You can reach spans of seven metres and 50 years old. For people they are completely harmless. Unlike their Relatives, the skates and rays sting, they have no dangerous sharp sting.

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