has made five weeks after the killing of a woman in Offenbach city centre, the alleged offender to the police. The 42-Year-old had been showed up on Monday evening at a station in the city center and immediately taken into custody, informed the police Bureau. He should have shot the beginning of may, the 44-Year-old in your roadside parked car. The background was a violent dispute, said the police. Shortly after the fact, the investigator had notified the offender and the victim had known each other.

the 42-Year-old is reported to be a man since the fact with high-pressure and abroad were sought. The public Prosecutor had declared that the man had stood before with the sister of the Slain in the relationship.

Deadly shot met the woman through the car window

The alleged perpetrator drove the previous investigations, according to the 9. May, specifically to the place in the Offenbach city center. The Frankfurt-living 44-Year-old was waiting there in your car, to your child to pick up. The fatal shot hit the woman, according to the autopsy results through the car window, passing in the neck, she died at the scene of the crime. A witness to the fact, suffered a nervous breakdown.

The alleged perpetrator fled to Belgium, as the police reported. For the fact, he had borrowed a car, that he was near the crime scene. In Belgium, had lost track of him. This Wednesday the man a judge is to be presented. His identity had been established beyond doubt, informed the officials in the morning.

editors ‘ note: This article was updated after the alleged perpetrator has with the police.

fin / DPA