The new rescue ship in the auxiliary organizations, SOS Mediterranean, and Doctors without borders has for the first time, boat refugees in the Mediterranean sea included.

The people were taken from a boat off the Libyan coast aboard the “Ocean Viking”, stated the two organizations. “All are safe on Board,” they wrote on Twitter.

The “Ocean Viking”, was stabbed on Sunday night from Marseille in the lake, to keep ahead of Libya to migrants in distress at sea on the look-out. It is the first use of the organizations with this ship, which sails under the Norwegian flag. Until last year, the NGOs of the “Aquarius” were on the way.

it is Unclear where the Rescued. Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini, a tough opponent of the inclusion of boat migrants, said immediately that the “Ocean Viking” should start no Italian ports. He spoke of 80 migrants on Board.

His Ministry had also written to the Spanish government that they should take the migrants on Board the “Open Arms,” said Salvini. This ship of the Spanish aid organisation Proactiva Open Arms endure for well over a week with 121 migrants on Board in the Mediterranean sea.

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