On the 20. April 1999, in the United States is one of the most sensational killing sprees in the history, when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in the Columbine high school 13 people and then shot himself. The “school shooting” was for US a shock. 20 years later, the school and other schools in the area of Denver fear of a renewed killing spree.

Twenty schools in the U.S. state of Colorado were closed as a precaution, after it became known that the FBI searches for a young woman. According to the authorities, she was “armed and extremely dangerous”. The 18-Year-old travelled according to local police, from Florida to Colorado, and threatened with violence. The police are looking for the high-pressure according to the woman. She was last seen in the Region of Denver. According to eyewitnesses, she was wearing boots, a camouflage jacket and combat, reports CBS. According to her father, she would have “a mental Problem”, the “Denver Post”.

schools on lockdown – Columbine

reports The young woman is said to have purchased after your arrival in Colorado, a gun and ammunition, other US media. The local police, the young woman was possessed “” by the killing spree in Columbine, writes the USA Today. Anyone who sees her should immediately call the authorities. Dean Phillips from the FBI in Denver, said at a press conference: “Because of their Statements and actions, because of their journey here in the state, and because it has directly procured after their arrival for a weapon, we consider them as a credible threat, certainly for the community and possibly schools.”

safety authorities have called on all schools in the Region of Denver to increase safety. In many places, the police guarded the building, some schools have even been sealed off and out-of-school activities and sports courses to be cancelled. The Columbine high school. The lessons took place. For the coming days, some schools decided to close it completely.

The upcoming anniversary on may 20. April is for parents and students in the Denver area because of the running amok 1999, a emotional date. Around this day, it often comes to threats of violence in schools.

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