After strong criticism by an obscene Video of the street carnival in the Twitter account of Brazil’s right-populist President Jair Bolsonaro has sought to clarify.

With the recording, he did not want to criticise the carnival itself, but merely a distortion of this Fixed typical spirit, quoted by the news portal Uol from a message, his press office from Wednesday evening (local time).

Many users have reacted with incomprehension to the fact that a President with a three and a half million followers is a such a porn Video in the network, and thus widely used. Some called for even for this reason, an impeachment effort. Others, including members of his party, the PSL, defended his Actions. The third referred to the fact that it was an isolated case during the otherwise quite critical, but the cheerful carnival days.

On the recording, the Bolsonaro was asked on Tuesday night, in his Account, is to see a man stretching on a stage in Sao Paulo to the audience his buttocks and a Hand on the Anus. Then he bends down, while another man urinates on his head. “I don’t feel comfortable to show this. However, we need to show the population the truth so that you can know and will always have your priorities set,” wrote the since January ruling head of state and government.

Later, Bolsonaro took a Tweet with the question, what means “Golden Shower”. This term appeared in one of the Hashtags that were born out of criticism of the Video. A sexual practice in which someone urinates on another. The group that had shown this, first of all, no comment. Bolsonaro is, among other things, because of the racist and homophobic comments controversial.