Oberhausen: young people throw stones at cars driving

In Oberhausen, young people have thrown repeated stones of a pedestrian bridge at cars driving by. As reported by the police, had seen a group both on Sunday and on Monday different bridges to throw from there, the stones on the roadway. A stone to have missed a car by inches. Only the besonne reaction of the car driver have prevented a terrible accident, they say. The police are now looking urgently according to witnesses and Clues to the fact.

the young people, it is a group of three young men. The stone thrower was described by witnesses as 14 to 16 years of age, male, wearing a blue jacket with a hood and a cap. Notes takes the police Oberhausen, Germany under the number 0208-8260 or at the email address [email protected] .

source: police Oberhausen

severe weather provides for a state of emergency in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz

Also on Friday, the severe weather with heavy rain on the Rhineland-Palatinate, pulled away, and for the deployment of rescue forces taken care of. In the Rhein-Lahn-Kreis has been blocked due to a landslide, a Federal road, in the Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis, and a hiker had to be rescued from distress. “There’s a slope is slid due to the weather,” said a spokesman for the police inspection Lahnstein. The B42 was locked since Friday afternoon between Braubach and Osterspai in both directions, the cleanup should be up to the evening complete.

In an emergency, a Wanderer in Boppard (Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis) came. He had in front of a storm to safety, leave the path in a steep slope in a layer of maneuvering, he could not, said a police spokeswoman. He had been saved by firefighters. “He’s fine,” said the spokeswoman. Previously, the SWR and the “Rhein-Zeitung had reported” over the incidents.

source: dpa

Bielefeld: burglar inadvertently puts the bells in motion

let There be light. Without loot, but with sounding ears, fled early Friday morning, a suspected burglar out of a Church in Bielefeld, East-Westphalia. Was startled the man but not of a watchful clergy, but from the sound of the bells, of the house of God. He had, according to the police themselves set in motion – apparently, when you try, the light in the Church to turn on. Residents wondered, as against 4.30 o’clock the Church bells rang and informed the police. “By the great Peal startled, and saw he was probably forced to leave the building as quickly as possible”, – stated in the report of the officials that no longer met the “unlucky” in the Church. What the thief had apart, is not known.

source: AFP

Marl: the son lived for a year with a dead mother under one roof

employees of the clerk’s office discovered on Wednesday in a multi-family house in Marl, the body of a woman. According to police reports, the circumstances of a possible homicide close. A short time later he was of the opinion, therefore, the son of the 85-year-old dead on a provisional basis. The gave in his hearing, to have his mother up to their death cared for. After that, he was with the whole situation overwhelmed. Therefore he lived almost a year with her in the common apartment, the 53-Year-old. A post-mortem examination of the body revealed that the old lady of natural causes had died. The clerk’s office was on the place, having Known the woman had reported, because the had appeared over a longer period of time anywhere anymore.

source: police Recklinghausen

Kriftel: 89-year-old Wheelchair user, in housing

clouds of smoke from the kitchen of an apartment in Kriftel (Main-Taunus) burns so strongly smoky that a 89-year-old man died yesterday evening. Cause a burning microwave was according to police sources, probably. Three fire trucks and the firefighters went to the house. Firefighters found the man lifeless in the apartment. According to the police, he could not save himself in time out of the house, because he was dependent on his wheelchair.


Probably burned in the house in Kriftel is a microwave. The 89-year-old tenant couldn’t make it with his wheelchair to the outside.

©Sebastian Stenzel / Wiesbaden112.de

source: “Hessenschau”

Trier: heavy rain and hail, flooding the cellar

A storm with heavy rain and hail swept on Thursday about the Region of Trier (Rheinland-Pfalz) across. Numerous cellars were full and the streets flooded ran, shared the city with. Trees were overturned and manhole cover has been lifted, traffic lights were out. Two Parking garages were blocked accordingly. Motorists were urged to drive carefully. People had not been hurt the first according to the findings. Deutsche Bahn reported of Delays and effects on the Central station in Trier.

source: dpa

news of Thursday, 11. July

Detmold: children’s slide with Blades prepared

Unknown in Detmold (North Rhine-Westphalia) two Times, sharp Blades of a knife at the outlet of a game space placed slide. The police announced on Thursday, was first discovered in the demolition blade of a so-called cutter knife. The was positioned accordingly, so that children Slip, serious injury could pull this off. As the officers reported, should employees of the city have already been found in June, during a routine check two Blades on the top platform of the slide in the same game space. Apparently, no child has been by the razor-sharp tips hurt.

source: dpa

Adendorf: wife exhibitionist hits the escape

With this response he had not expected: In lower Saxony, Aden village of an Exhibitionist from his victim is beaten in the flight. The police announced, the approximately 50-year-old man in a forest on a woman and presented her sex. The 39-Year-old did, however, calm – on the contrary: Therefore she laughed at the culprit easy. This was obviously so surprised that he took shame to be nearby bike and roared off. The 39-Year-old showthe incident of 5. July later, at the police, the determined against the Unknown.

source: police Lüneburg

Soest: man without a driver’s license to buy the car and build in test drive several accidents

In the North Rhine-Westphalian Werl a young man want to buy without a license a car for the test drive, he exposed himself with numerous accidents, however. On demand of the car dealer, the 20-Year-old meadow, according to the police in Soest on Thursday and assured that he has a driving licence. During the test drive, he drove directly after Leaving the site of the car dealer in a fence.

Even as he, after a short round with the car back in to the site arrived, he missed, therefore, the entrance is about five meters, and drove once again into a fence. The subsequent Review concluded, therefore, clear that he has no driver’s license – according to information he had stored already, however, the oral driving test. The police noted that this “was not enough, obviously”.

source: AFP

Bad schönborn: Young is 48 classmate with tuberculosis to

In baden-württemberg, Bad Schöborn a total of 48 students of a community school have a classmate with tuberculosis (TB) is shown. The cases were confirmed by the health Department of the County, as the “Bruchsaler Rundschau” reported.

Therefore, the cases were discovered after a environment, investigation of the affected student. The probability that it will come in the Wake of the contagion of a disease, lying at 15 percent, said a spokesman for the health authority of the newspaper. Appropriate investigations should clarify, whether the germ-carrying young people are also ill. Thus, there are at TBC three phases: infection, disease and open tuberculosis.

according to The report, is, as yet, ill just the a student. This was in treatment, could participate in the new school year, but again the instruction, it says.

source : Bruchsaler Rundschau

Hannover: Sensitive files from the car of LKA-official

stolen During a break-in in the car of an official of the land office of criminal investigation in lower Saxony have been stolen, files with data on trust of people to the police. The beginning of may, stolen files to make conclusions on the work of the officers and the type of information gathering. This is evident from a report of the Ministry of interior to the competent Parliament Committee is present the German press Agency. Previously, the NDR and the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung had reported” about it. According to the Ministry of the interior for an Angler to be found shortly after the fact, the briefcase with the obviously not read the documents in a pond.

source: DPA


dairy farm in Bavaria: animal rights activists reveal how to brutally cows are tortured

By Denise Snieguole Wachter Bad Grönenbach: After animal cruelty allegations: Threats against the dairy farm

After allegations of animal cruelty against a dairy farm in the Allgäu region has been threatened by a Person from the environment of the farmer with a knife and intimidated. According to a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Memmingen (Bavaria), from Thursday, a man was driving on the property, have gefuchtelt around with the knife and said: “I have something to slaughter.” In addition, a building with hate messages had been smeared. Several media reported.

Due to the incidents on Wednesday had patrol according to the Prosecutor, Police, the environment of the establishment in Bad Hindelang guarded. In the case of Facebook, several users from the language of threats against the farmer.

source: DPA

Werne: hedgehog stuck under the shelf – firefighters freed him

In the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Werne, freed the fire brigade join forces to prevent a hedgehog from a Garage. The animal remained in a late night stroll under a heavy load shelf stuck in an open Garage, as the fire and rescue services. Despite the “obvious efforts” have not been able to get rid of the hedgehogs on Wednesday night independently. The owner of the house heard, therefore, the noise of the helpless animal and alerted the fire brigade.

Then all the options had been weighed, “which is an assistance delete vehicle offers,” said the fireman. Finally, the eight forces emptied the shelf, disassembled, individual floors and raised it. The hedgehog was able to be freed, therefore, no visible injury and in the nature of released.

source: AFP

Werther: After the alleged family drama post-mortem of the bodies is planned

After the alleged family drama of Werther, near Bielefeld, are to be examined on Thursday, the three bodies. Among the dead is a 93-Year-old, an 87-Year-old and a 55-Year-old, investigators said on Wednesday night. According to the first findings of the 55 could have killed-year-old son, his parents, and then suicide have committed.

the police and the Prosecutor’s office had indicated the age of the son, first with 50 years. The bodies were discovered on Wednesday afternoon in a house in the small town of Werther. “There is currently no evidence on the scene of the crime acting Person,” said the investigator. For further details, the authorities did not initially called.

source: AFP

Kammerforst: man burning weeds, and inadvertently puts a mobile home on fire

With a gas Burner, a 76 has sparked-Year-old in Thuringia, a fire, and that his own mobile home destroyed. The man had burned down on Wednesday in the chamber of forest weeds, as the fire from spreading to a shelter, said a spokeswoman for the police on Thursday. In the shelter was parked in the mobile home of 76-Year-old. According to the police, the man tried to drive the vehicle from the stand, he can not save from the flames. Vehicle and shed were destroyed. The man suffered minor burns. It is a damage of 50.000 euros.

source: DPA

Oldenburg: man lays down to Sleep in the train tracks

In the Oldenburg main station has placed 33-Year-old on Wednesday evening to Sleep in the tracks. As the Federal police announced that it had discovered a train driver the motionless man-to-21.15 PM, and the officials informed. A Patrol car made the 33-Year-old enjoyed the best of health, ultimately, on a staircase to find – apparently, he had been previously awakened by the Martin horn. Expected him to be nun administrative proceedings, he also received a place reference.

source: Federal police Bad Bentheim


participants of a Demonstration on a street in the East of Leipzig

©Sebastian Willnow DPA Leipzig: a Renewed Protest against deportation in Leipzig

After the protests against deportation in Leipzig gathered gathered on Wednesday evening to several hundred people at a solidarity rally Unlike the night before, of the approximately two-hour Protest in the district of volkmarsdorf, however, remained peaceful as a photographer for the German press Agency observed. Also, the police held back with her powers.

late On Tuesday night and on Wednesday night were at times contrary to about 500 people, the police, and against the deportation of deportation the asylum-seeker protests. It came briefly to the riots, according to police, beer bottles and stones flew, a barricade had been erected. The fugitive was finally taken away.

The Green politician Jürgen Kasek, who was himself on the spot, attributed the “escalating the Situation” to a “push Back” of the people in the street by the police. A police spokesman said Wednesday afternoon that no injuries from the side of the protesters appear to be.

source: DPA

news from Germany, from Wednesday, 10. July


A police car in front of the house in Werther, in which the dead

©Christian Mathiesen Picture Alliance Werther: Three Dead were found in a house

police officers found in a house in Werther near Bielefeld three Dead. If it were adults, said a spokeswoman for the competent district police of Gütersloh on Wednesday. “It doesn’t look like an accident,” she said further. Members are looked after accordingly, of Emergency pastors.

Due to the auffinde situation of the suspect, a 50-Year-old committed suicide, after he had previously killed his parents, said in a joint statement from police and prosecutors insist.

There was no danger for the residents, stressed the police spokesperson. The house lies in a rural residential area. The police had been informed at noon of witnesses. Further details were not initially known.

The small town of Werther, situated in the Teutoburg forest near the border of North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony, Germany, about ten kilometers North-West of Bielefeld. It has around 11,500 residents.

sources: dpa, Polizei Bielefeld

you have suicidal thoughts? Help the phone offers pastoral care. It is anonymous, free-of-charge and round-the-clock 0 800 / 111 0 111 and 0 800 / 111 0 222 accessible. A consultation via E-Mail. A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention.

For children and young people, the number against sorrow from Monday to Saturday from 14 to 20 hours – the number of 116 11.

Xanten: 16-Year-old fiancé of the mother uses with the knife

A Teenager should have tried in Xanten on the lower Rhine, the fiancé of his mother with a knife to kill. The 16-Year-old had visited the house of his 38-year-old mother, police said on Wednesday. There he tried in the incident on Tuesday, the 36-year-old life of the mother companions “to kill from behind with a knife”.

This was not done to him. The Teens then ran to a neighbor and invited her to call the police. “The officers were able to take the 16-Year-old prisoner,” said the police.

According to the police, the youth said that he was doing the fiance for the failed marriage of his parents responsible. The 16-year-old German living with his father in the neighboring Wesel.

The fiancee was in the hospital. Danger to life is not, there is it was called by the police. A homicide identified; a warrant for attempted murder has been requested.

Dresden: man attacks child on the open road to

A man was arrested in Dresden on the open road, a seven-year-old child in a headlock and threatened with a knife. The 50-Year-old was arrested, the police announced on Wednesday. The girl and seven other children suffered a state of shock.

27 children with a Dresden elementary school were waiting on Wednesday morning with five Tutors at a stop, when the man harassed the group. He took the seven-year-old girl in a headlock and threatened it with a knife. As the maintainer intervention, he escaped. Police officers found the suspect shortly afterwards, and overwhelmed him, together with the supervisors. The 50-Year-old came first in police custody and was medically supervised. The shock of the children were treated on an outpatient basis. The police set up a crisis intervention team. According to previous investigations, the 50-Year-old knife stolen shortly before the fact in a bakery. The criminal investigation against the man for assault, threats and theft.

source: AFP

Marth: COP tank defence cannon in hall

During his Patrol, a police officer made in March in the Thuringian Landkreis Eichsfeld is a unusual Fund. In an open warehouse, he discovered an anti-tank cannon. This is the police reported Tuesday. The old war belonged to a vintage car collector. Since summoned specialists were not able to determine for sure whether the cannon is demilitarized, has ensured the 7.5-Meter-long and two-ton weapon.


This anti-tank gun was to ensure

©police Thüringen

source: Thuringian police

Würzburg: Young female tourist jumps from bridge to save backpack

A young woman afterwards, jumped in Würzburg of a main bridge in the river, fallen backpack. The water, the 20-year-old Frenchwoman, who had saved the Foundation of a Bridge pier mounted controls, on Tuesday evening with a boat back to shore, the police announced.

Worried passers-by had alerted the police and fire Department after they saw the woman jump into the river. About 40 minutes later, the task forces picked up the rain-soaked but uninjured woman back to shore.

It was “thanks to happy circumstances” that you can save on the Foundation of the Bridge pillars have wrote to the police. In the area of dhe old main bridge it is, therefore, by a water power plant, the Weir and a sluice to life-threatening undercurrents. Her backpack was able to fish the 20-Year-old with the daring action by the way out of the water.

Remscheid: 40-Year-old steals ambulance to drive home

A particularly clever idea in the night to Wednesday a man in Remscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia). After a hospital visit home, stole car, the 40-Year-old, a rescue who waited in front of an old home in the vicinity of the hospital. According to the statement of the Suspect in the car have been standing there with the engine running. The man had been car of this rescue brought to the hospital, as a spokesman for the Cologne police said in the Morning. The Cologne motorway police arrested the man on highway 3 near the exit of the Royal forest. According to police, he was intoxicated and had no driver’s license.

source: dpa

Travemünde: investigation after fire on ferry

After a fire in the engine room of a passenger ferry on the Baltic sea, wants to get the water police in the course of the Wednesdays an Overview of the damage. The exact cause should be clarified, said a police spokesman in the Morning. “Responsible for one of the diesel was, according to initial findings, generators,” said the spokesman. Details are to be found in the course of the Wednesdays out. As soon as the police have made a better picture, could be begun to work with the repair and maintenance.

The fire was extinguished on Tuesday evening by the crew members themselves. The so-called Sweden ferry had to be pulled by two tugboats to Travemünde, because she was incapable of manoeuvring and the drive was severely damaged. At the outbreak of the fire around 280 passengers and 51 crew members were on Board the ship “Peter Pan”. Was injured in the incident, no one.

According to the shipping company designed the ship with 220 cabins for 700 passengers. The “Peter Pan” runs regularly between Travemünde and Trelleborg.

source: dpa

Federal police: large-scale crackdown on organized marriages of convenience

With raids in four of the länder is exercised by the Federal police against band moderately organised marriages of convenience. Around 550 forces searched on Wednesday for 38 objects in Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate, as a spokesman for the Federal police, hall said. The main effort was in the area of Leipzig, where only 29 apartments, Restaurants and snacks were searched. 29 Suspects were taken into custody.

Overall, the since 2017 of the office of the public Prosecutor in Leipzig led investigations against more than 60 Accused. The Indian and Pakistani nationals have been married, especially after Cyprus entered the country, and there, with women from Eastern European EU countries to note. Then, the couples traveled to Germany to obtain a residence permit. This is also a fictitious work had been submitted to the part of contracts or lease agreements.

For the mediation of the marriages of convenience are to be paid according to the figures, between 15,000 and 22,000 euros. The investigators assume that the two main accused, should have been for the organization and the authorities responsible. The Prosecutor’s office must clarify now be applied for, against how many of the arrested, the arrest warrants, as the spokesman for the Federal police said. Long-term goal is to end the illegal stay of the Indians and Pakistanis. In the investigations, Europol was involved.

source: AFP