The former US-President Barack Obama is “confident and cautiously optimistic” that the United States will be in climate protection will soon return to lead them.

of Course, many are frustrated because of the attitude of the current US government, but one should not forget that, for example, the state of California to implement all the targets of the Paris climate agreement. In the Other he set on the youth, Obama said on Thursday evening with a performance in front of 14,000 listeners in the Cologne Lanxess-Arena.

When all the young people went to the polling stations and for climate-friendly parties voted, you could very quickly change. He say to young people: “you would have your grandfather never decide what you wear or what music listens to you. But you let him decide what happens with the environment in which you will live?”

In Obama’s term of office had been negotiated by 2015, the Paris climate agreement. His Republican successor, Donald Trump has initiated the withdrawal of the USA from the agreement.

Obama stressed that decisions and discussions have to take place on the basis of facts. “I’m a big believer in enlightenment values, such as facts, reason, logic,” Obama said. One of the biggest dangers for democracy if there is not a consensus did not exist on the most basic facts.

“A democracy is defined that it allows for different opinions, but you can’t work if the basic facts are challenged,” Obama said. One could discuss, for example, about whether or not the standing in front of him the table was too high or too low. But “if you say to me,’ no, this is not a tree, then I know what to say.”

Obama compared the office of the US President with the of a captain of a very large ship. They need to learn quickly is patience, he said on Thursday evening with an appearance in the Lanxess-Arena in Cologne, Germany. “You can’t turn it, and suddenly it goes in the opposite direction,” he explained. There is a “large Wheel”, and many people were on Board. Hopefully you have taken at the end of a term, a better direction.

After his retirement from the presidency in 2017, he rested, in his own words, Obama. “Michelle and I have first very long sleep,” said the 57-Year-old.

He had to learn after that, also certain things first again. “I had to make myself coffee. I didn’t know how the machine works.” His first self-made coffee that had tasted very bad. He also had to conquer in the new home of the family in Washington a little court, because the other family members had everywhere spread.

On Friday, wants to travel the Ex-President to Berlin to continue – among other things, in order to meet with “his girlfriend” Angela Merkel, he said.