Employed in the Old – and nursing in the future should be better paid. The Federal Cabinet wants to bring to today a corresponding law of labour and social Affairs, Hubertus Heil (SPD) on the way.

In the draft, which is present the German press Agency, it’s specifically a Change to the “posting of workers act”. This law regulates the minimum working conditions for Employees. It allows the government, under certain circumstances, a between two parties to a collective agreement negotiated collective agreement by regulation on the whole industry to expand. The Minister of labour, the healing plant is now also in the field of nursing.

in addition, a permanent Commission should be established, which in future is to define working conditions and minimum wages in the care. Also, so far, employers and workers, was formed by representatives so-called care of the commissions for the determination of minimum wages. But it was resolved after it was agreed every Time.

In care is currently in the West and Berlin, a minimum wage of 11,05 Euro per hour, in the East of 10.55 Euro. The current arrangements for the care of minimum wage run from next year, the new permanent Commission to deal permanently with the issue. It is planned that minimum wages are not set out in the care in the future as in the past, for the auxiliary forces, but also for nurses, and at the same level in the East and the West.

“for all of the patient a person to ensure disabled care, must be won over more people to the nursing profession, in particular, a substantial improvement in the working conditions of nurses”, – stated in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill. Because approximately 82 percent of the caregivers were women, was improved remuneration is also an important equality of political concern.

About 3.5 million people in Germany are dependent according to the government, on care. The number is expected to rise because of the ageing society. In the area of Old and sick to care for approximately 1.6 million people. It is almost 40 000 positions are vacant. A Central point is therefore to make the profession more attractive, including a better pay.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), working together with the labour Minister healing and family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) on the subject of improvements in care, said the editorial network Germany (RND): “The partially low wages fit at all to a profession, for we need so much more talent”. Nurses in Germany would have to earn at least 2500 euros per month. The act of laying the Foundation.

with Great approval comes from the trade unions. The Federal government has recognized that one should not leave the society as relevant to the care of the elderly the market, said Sylvia Bühler is a member of the Verdi Federal Executive, according to a message. Nurses should not be ruthlessly exploited. Similar to Annelie Buntenbach, a Board member of the German trade Union Federation (DGB) said: It was high time, “because many of the Nurses are so on the Limit that you can escape from your work and the staffing in the care tightened further and further,” she said of the dpa.

criticism comes from private nursing home operators. They oppose “the state unified wages from Flensburg to Passau”, as Rainer Brüderle, as formulated by the employers ‘ Association bpa recently. Also bear in mind the German Foundation for patient protection logs. “Without a doubt, it needs higher wages in the care of the elderly,” said management Board Eugen Brysch of the dpa. But the bill leaves open who should pay for everything.

Brysch feared that at the end of the nursing home residents cope with the additional expenditure of up to five billion Euro space have a higher copayment for your home. The government does not exclude that the contributions to the care insurance could rise. The law is expected to enter the end of the year.