In one of the deadliest house fires in the last years in Paris, the investigators of arson. A resident of the house had been arrested and finally came to a psychiatric institution of the Prefecture of police, the Paris Prosecutor’s office said.

at Least ten people were killed and more than 30 people were in the fire in the 16. District (district) violated. People tried to save themselves in a panic in front of the blazing flames.

The fire broke out in the night to Tuesday. Up in the morning hours, the firemen fought against the flames, about 200 emergency workers were on the site. Because the fire broke out in a building in the courtyard, came the fire brigade with their cars in the yard. “When we arrived, blazed in the fire already, on several floors,” said fire Department spokesman Valérian Fuet of the German press Agency. “The residents were at the Windows and on the roof.” The use is particularly dangerous, because in the courtyard just hand ladders could be used.

In the vicinity of the house, the police arrested in the early hours of the morning a woman who lived in the house. She was in police custody, Prosecutor Heitz. It will be determined due to arson. The woman should have had, therefore, mental problems. Neighbors spoke of “la folle” (dt. of the Crazy). In addition, it was said that the fire was a quarrel. The 40-Year-old is said to have been under the influence of alcohol, and I want to drive away with the car, as the police have you arrested, reported several media.

More than 30 people suffered minor injuries, including eight firefighters, one person was seriously injured. The exact cause of the fire, there was initially no information. By about 7.00 p.m. the fire was under control – the Work stopped throughout the day. “There is a danger of collapse between the seventh and eighth floor,” said fire Department spokesman is Fuet.

“We don’t know if we can still find victims in the destroyed apartments,” said Fuet in the Morning. Shortly thereafter, more bodies have been recovered. The fire guards had to evacuate the eight-storey residential building completely. Also, several buildings in the neighborhood of the Rue Erlanger in the West of the city were evacuated.

firefighters were in the Morning in front of number 17, where the fire had broken out. A neighbor told a Reuters Reporter that she had next door heard heart-wrenching screams from the house. Neighbors had called with a view to the alerted fire brigade: “you come, you come.” The use lasted the whole night, again and again, the woman named Bita broke out in tears. “I’m shocked.” One of the firefighters held a small white dog in her arms: “someone Knows the owner?”

“In the night, about 60 residents of the house number 17 have been with us in the entrance hall is temporarily housed. They had nothing, no Jackets, no telephone,” said Christine, a janitor from next door.

The French President Emmanuel Macron thanked the firemen for use. “Thoughts of the victims. Many thanks to the firefighters whose courage has saved many lives,” he wrote on Twitter.

the mayor of the French capital, Anne Hidalgo, spoke to the relatives their condolences. “I would like to Express my deep sadness and my full support,” she wrote. Hidalgo thanked him also for the forces that would have once risked their lives.

in January, two firefighters came in a gas explosion in a house in the middle of the centre of Paris, four people were killed – including. To came the Explosion, then in a bakery, dozens of people suffered injuries. Adjacent houses were evacuated, some were about to collapse.