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Step By Step Guide To Check The Number Of SIMs Under Your CNIC

Cellular phones have become a necessity for all the citizens in Pakistan and they cannot seem to survive without them. There has been a major drop in the prices of cell phones and now the general public has easy access to them. Due to this, some people have been using this technology in the wrong way. The terrorist groups are conducting illegal activities and take unregistered SIMs.

The Government of Pakistan wanted to overcome this issue. PTA has introduced an advanced SIM Information System for some time now. The system is designed to keep a digital record of all the people who are subscribed for the SIM. It has given users the chance to check the active number of SIMS that is issued according to the CNIC. Here is how you can check the number of Sims issued for your number.

How many SIMs can you register at one CNIC?

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It is important for the citizens to understand that there is a limit to register SIMS at one CNIC. You have to follow the rules and regulations set by PTA as going against it can cause trouble. One person can keep only five SIM cards at the maximum on their CNIC. As the CNIC is issued on their name it will be easy for PTI to keep track. If you want more than five you will have to get the first SIM blocked.

How to check active SIMs under your name?

If you want to check the number of active SIMs issued under your name here is what you will have to do:


You can check the active number of SIMs by doing the following steps:

  • To start with you can simply visit the official website PTA.
  • You will get to see the link on the webpage where you have to put in your details.
  • Enter your CNIC number and after verifying submit it using the button
  • There will be a list of registered SIMs for your CNIC
  • The number of SIMs are classified operator-wise so you can get a clear idea


You can also find the number of SIMS registered under your name with the help of SMS. Here is how you can do it:

  • Open the text message application on your mobile phone
  • Simply type in your CNIC number without leaving any space
  • You can send this message to 668
  • It will be easy to get a reply via text message that displays the total number of SIMs under your name
  • Please keep in mind that you will be charged PKR 2 + tax for each SMS
  • If you are exceeding the limit of SIMs that you can keep you need to call the Customer Service Centre for more details

What is SIM Cloning and why a person should be careful about it?

SIM cloning refers to the process where a SIM card is duplicated. It is done by transferring the cloned SIM’s information to another SIM card of your choice. When a SIM card will be used by another person your personal details will also go to them. The charges of the SIM card will go to the real owner while the person who has cloned it will not face anything.SIM cloning is done by most criminals so they can do all the illegal activities. However, they are doing it all with the identity of another person. If someone is making or receiving calls from your number that you haven’t done it is a dangerous sign. You need to get the SIM blocked at the right time.

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