According to research by the party in government in NRW, die worldwide each year, and over 166,000 children to the effects of passive Smoking. At least in a closed, confined space of the car the demand for a Smoking ban in NRW strengthened. As the WDR reported, calling on the government and opposition parties in the Berlin state government, a draft law to the Bundestag. The prohibition, however, should only apply when minors and Pregnant women the front passenger.

survey to ban advertising

majority of the German population for total ban of tobacco advertising


Dennis / LM of the NRW-SPD had to be protected initiated in the past year, the question of why children in public spaces such as pubs, but not in the car. His Initiative for a Smoking ban have now joined the CDU, FDP and the Greens. The consent of the population it is likely to have anyway for sure. According to the German press Agency (DPA) support, 71 percent of the German a ban on Smoking in the car.

you have good reasons. With about two to five cubic meters of the interior of a car is only a fractional part of a medium-sized living-room, exposure to tobacco smoke is increased by a multiple. “To make matters worse, is that especially children have the opportunity to drive a car, smoke will leave without further ADO. They are also delivered with regard to the assessment of risk the assessment of the adult.”, the German cancer research centre writes in a publication.

a ban on Smoking in the car in violation of a fundamental right,

The health consequences for the still-developing lungs of children can be considerable. Asthma-diseases can worsen, blood pressure may increase. Furthermore, to diagnose doctors to an increased risk for attention disorders, Obesity, and Diabetes II, the request of the parties. In infants, the risk of sudden death increases.

An implementation of the prohibition is, however, complicated by the fact that in this conflict of two fundamental rights. The General freedom of action protects to smoke the right, while the right to integrity to ensure the health of the children. Because the Latter is likely to be in any doubt important, has the law a good chance. However, the draft has also come out against the tobacco Lobby’s claim that the will not see the enforcement of the ban on safe wordlessly.

sources: WDR, German cancer research center



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